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Tips For Landlords

85. Dec 1 02. Humour, odour & ethics at Horizon Towers

84. Nov 4 02. No long bath tubs in master bedroom 

Hard to rent faster to Caucasians if you retain wall paper and grilles

83. Aug 12 02. Wall paper & grilles do not thrill

82. Jul 13 02. Will the Tenant grant a final favour to the Landlord?
Oral promises are not legally binding in real estate law.

81. Jul 7 02  What does the Singapore and Californian Landlord deduct from the security deposit? $300 fee to take digital pictures of your unit prior to commencement of tenancy.

80. jun 7 02. How To Rent Slower? Construction next door. The Huntington v. Dunearn Gardens

78.  Apr 19 02: A bunk bed for the giant Australian Tenant. Misrepresentation by Landlord's agent.

77. Mar 2 2002. An air well makes your shophome easier to rent. Pictures of Blair Road shophomes.

76. Jan 5 2002. Multi-coloured bath tubs will not help you get tenants faster. (Pebble Bay's competitors)

75. Aug 20 01. The maid's room and the squatting toilet bowl while renovating your old condo

Dalkeith bungalow.  A most beautiful landscaped inground pool
74: Aug 1 01. Tips for  investors of  bungalows.

73:  Jul 25 01. Over 30-year old downtown apartments can rent easily if you know how. (Cavenagh Court case study). 

72: Jun 20 01. Caucasians appreciate balconies & bright kitchens.  Highpoint condos renovation ideas.

71: Jun 6 01. 
Case study 1: Tenants to return pro-rated commission. 
Case study 2:  Misreprentations. The Landlord who advertises as "owner" and sends the agent to open house to co-broke.
  Kew townhouses

70: Jun 4 01.
How to compete against new condos?
a) $100,000 was needed to renovate a Futura condo.
b) No cable in Kew Green townhouses adversely affects rentability.

69: May 23 01. What do Caucasian Americans look for in a modern penthouse?

68:  Apr 30 01. Will you be staying forever in your remodeled luxury house or condo? Why do you need to install a long bath tub? Features of a modern luxury townhouse

67: Apr 10 01.  Renovation is very expensive.  Get a white enamel coating spray for your old bath tub and wall tiles to save money. Use light brown homogeneous tiles which look like marble to make your  living area look good. Sommerville Park condos.

66:  Dec 19 00:  How to compete with the big corporate Landlords?

65:  Dec 18 00:   Indian Tenants and personal leases.

64:  Dec 12 00: The sunlight is what the Englishman wants in this UE Square condo.
Edited 1998 tips for landlord.

63:  How to compete with newer condos for tenants if you own an old bomb?

62:  Sep 23 00: How did the  Costa Rhu Landlord built an excellent rapport with the realtor and tenant?

61:  Sep 3 00: How to rent faster and save a few thousand dollars on renovation of your old bathroom? Case study on Horizon Towers and Lucky Towers.  Creative juices of renovation may adversely affect rentability.

60:  Aug 26 00:  How to rent faster?  A decisive owner.

59:  Aug 26 00:   How to rent faster? Offer to pay the realtor the trunk calls?

"You got tenant?" photo ad.

58:  Aug 23 00:  Did the Aussie toddler fall off Melrose Park's living room?
"You got tenant?" photo ad.

57: Aug 22 00:
1.  Great views but sore on Caucasian eyes.
2.  Hard "renting" the Costa Rhu condo in 1998
. Sommerville Park maisonettes for $8,500.

56:  Aug 21 00:  The internet cracks the rice bowls of many rental realtors. Hume Park I

55. Aug 15 00: How much should I ask for rent?
Holland Peak condos.

54.   Aug 11 00:  You have a good condo, but can you rent it faster? The Anderson Green success story.

53.  Aug 8 00: How to rent faster?  Cool the Beverly Hill condo. Shangri-la Residences, $8,000, $11,000 for rent in Apr 2001.

52. Jul 30 00: Apartment rage?

51. Jul 29 00:   How to rent slower? Entrusting your property to a Developer who is renting his own unsold units. 

50:  Jul 28 00: Money-saving tips: Do not install heavy wooden sliding doors. Do not super glue your dressing mirror and headboards of bed to the wall!  The Claymore for rent.

49: How to rent faster if the Owner's representative is sour-faced?

48:  The most successful corporate residential landlord in Singapore.  How does he achieve success? The Bayron floor plans.

47:  Will good house numbers make you successful in life? Premier condos in Singapore and numerology.

46: Jul 17 00:   Can a leaking dish washer cause electrical shut down?

45: Jul 13 00: How to assess the quality of The Tenant?
Is "open house" a waste of time and money for the Realtor?

44: Jul 10 00:   Dressed to Kill the New Zealander. pathologist. One smart landlady.

43:  Jul 8 00:  A sentimental landlady. Lady, your love is the new tenant. 

42:   Jul 8 00: How to rent faster? The Anderson Green success story

41:  Jun 20 00:   Renting $2,000 less than your neighbours.  How do you feel?

40:  Jun 17 00:   Do new prettier condos make your brown eyes blue?  Be flexible if your condo is past 5 years old as expats prefer new ones.  Dunearn Gardens report.

39:  How to rent faster? Know who are your competitors.
What is market rent?

38:  Jun 5 00: For $500 more. Suburban condo owners need to be investment-minded.

37:  Renting apartments with a $4000 rental budget.

36. A British-French taste in apartment furnishing.  The Clayton.

35.  Two tips for renovation:   Location of air-con compressors & frame-less shower cubicles

34.  How to be a successful corporate Landlord

33.   How to rent faster?  The Lotus Sanctuary success story

32.   Cash compensation of  $200,000 rejected by the Landlord

31.   Excellent landlord-tenant relationship. The Parisian

30.  Divine guidance for the Landlord as tenant offers to pay the $6,000 agency fee?

29.   Cockroaches in the toilet bowl and kitchen in vacant apartments.

28.  The decisive Englishman hunting on a public holiday.

27.  The impact of the internet for realtors

26.   Gaudy bathroom colours discourage rental prospects. Leonie Gardens condo

25.   Retaining squatting toilet bowls & old front doors in a $100,000 renovation.   Nassim Jade condo

14.   Trends in leasing in 2000. First-time landlords will be happy to know that rents have gone up since January 1999.  But they still need to be pro-active in marketing their own properties as competition is extremely stiff.  List your properties with,  a reference site for expats relocating to Singapore. 

23.   Old appliances in brand new condos put the landlord at a disadvantage
Pebble Bay Condos - floor layout plans and areas of all apartments.

22.  How to furnish a small 2-bedroom condo for rent.

21.  Shit brown-coloured Roman blinds and curtains are an eyesore to Caucasians. 

20.  Why pay more? Pay agency commission on renewal. This strategy may help the Landlord to retain the tenant. It stops the realtor who had introduced the tenant from offering the existing tenant other condos when the lease is about to expire.

19.  Internet Ads give you world wide exposure if put in the targeted website Besides the newspaper advertisements, do consider other means of advertisement and promotion of your condo. 

For example, the Internet advertisements in or other web sites. has over 3,000 photos and layouts of Singapore housing and is referenced  by expats relocating to Singapore.

18.  Cheap stuff is obvious to the expatriate who has seen variety of condos. Cheap quality furnishing is rejected as the prospective expatriate tenant as he or she has seen as many as 50 - 100 furnished apartments. This may be a reason why you can't rent out your place.

17.  Think long term.   Dealing direct with the corporate tenant or occupant is not as important as building up a good landlord-realtor relationship in the long term if you are an investment property owner.

16.  Multiple property owners need to build up an excellent landlord-realtor relationships, otherwise the properties will not be given any attention as the market is flushed with properties for rent.

15.  Foreign investment property owners wonder why their properties do not get tenants may need to review the need to pay prompt agency commission to get priority attention to their properties for rent.

14.  The doctor all realtors love and will refer tenants to. Prompt agency commission payment puts your condo on the top of the list of "must-view".

13.  Be investment-minded if you have a prospect interested in your condo facing a construction site.

12.  Arrive before the appointment time Best to be early in your appointment with rental realtors as the tight house-hunting schedule may prohibit waiting for you. You may miss an opportunity.

11.  What makes a good letter of intent?

10.  What makes a good tenancy agreement?

9.  The quality of the tenant is important.

8.  Do you give exclusive marketing rights to realtors who position themselves in your new condo premises?  If you want to secure a tenant fast, let all realtors work for you to secure a tenant.

7.  Switching on all air conditioners if you have "open house" to show that your unit is real cool.

6.  1988 Condos and houses of interest to expats.

5. Misrepresentation by agents as owners. Please ensure your realtor or managing agent does not misrepresent as an owner of your unit, creating ill-will.

4.  Children to help downstairs. Asking children to help by being downstairs as the security access system in new condos may prohibit access for realtor and client.

3.  How to secure a tenant in 1998?   Basic principles apply in 1999 and 2000.

2.  Three-month lease if you are flexible. Flexibility to accept 3-month lease if your investment condo takes a long time to rent?

1.  What do expat wives want?
Give what the expat wives want to secure a tenant.

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