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Downtown Singapore
  Sprawling eight acres, near The American Club and a 5-minute walk to Orchard subway. Completed: Around May 2001.

4-Bedroom: 268 sq m
Penthouse: 812 sq m

Freehold. 330 units.
• Covered Car Park  but no meeting room for drivers.
• Gym. Big and well equipped.
• Jacuzzi
• Jogging Track
• Two Multi-purpose Hall on the ground floor of the clubhouse.
• Playground
• Swimming Pool
• Two Tennis Courts
• Children's Pool
• Clubhouse
• Putting Green
• 24-Hour Security 
Ardmore Park's Clubhouse and steam room

Koi ponds, water features, tight security. Audio visual intercom. No squash courts. 

Ardmore Park, Singapore. Pool and Palm tree views, low floor, no afternoon sun in Blk 15 04-04
Pool & palm tree views from living, dining and master bedrooms of Blk 15. The two tennis courts will be on the far left.

The Draycott is near the American Club
From left:
Ardmore Park, Ardmore Point and The Draycott (circular floor plan).

Ardmore Park has full condo facilities
Ardmore Park is well located near the American Club and downtown Orchard Road.

Ardmore Park's pools and sauna viewed from the Clubhouse
Sauna building (top left) to the left of the children's pool as seen from the grand clubhouse terrace. Big pool.  2 tennis court to left of Sauna Building. Children's playground to the left of club house.  Putting green to the right of clubhouse.

Ardmore Park Singapore, Blk 15 04-04. Master bedroom faces koi pond and pool. $10,000
Master bedroom's koi pond view from 4th floor unit. The children's playground, putting green, exercise area and gym are in the vicinity of the koi pond.

Ardmore Park's balcony for 2 people and barbecue set.
Balcony outside the dining area

Ardmore Park's spacious living area
Spacious living area

Ardmore Park 4-bedroom floor plan
Floor plan of a 4-bedroom

Balcony off the dining area, wine cooler and dish washer in the kitchen, each bedroom having its own bathroom, jacuzzi bath tub and shower cubicle in the master bathroom, high windows are features attracting Caucasian expats.

Ardmore Park penthouse floor plans
Floor plan of a penthouse. Rental is above $30,000 per month.

Ardmore Park penthouses rent from $30,000.

Ardmore Park penthouse

Position of the 3 blocks. "Ardmore Park" (at bottom of plan) is a road, a 1-minute walk to the American Club and Tanglin Club.

Ardmore Park - Singapore, position of the 3 blocks
This picture can be printed on A4 paper.

Ardmore Park's sprawling grounds
Larger picture of the positions of the 3 blocks.

0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)March 10, 2011    For Rent
Advert by Realtor:
1. Ardmore Park 4+1 2885 sq ft $17,000. High floor
2. Ardmore Park Penthouse 5+1 8700 sq ft
Other units available 
E-mail Tel: +65 9668 6468. 
2011 asking rentals: $14,000 - $18,000 for the 4-bedroom and $30,000 for the penthouses.


Is there an Ardmore Park unit for rent at $9,000?  23, 2001. Pictures of Ardmore Park

Other good penthouses for rent

Which is the best Ardmore Park block to invest in?

The expatriate who is an Occupant must be diligent in some cases where the Landlord by-passes the Realtor.  Before the Landlord gets a Tenant, there is great interest in seeking the help of the realtor to recommend his unit. 

However, once there is a letter of offer, some Landlords feel that the procedure is best done without an intermediary, as seen from this email.  This gives rise to unhappy situations as the Occupant who is the employee of the corporation (the Tenant) may not know what is going on. 

It is up to the Realtor to follow up closely as once the tenancy agreement is signed, the interest of the Occupant may not be included in the terms and conditions. 

The Occupant (i.e. the expatriate whose lease is signed by his or her company) must be diligent too, as the Human Resource Manager may not have time to refer matters to him, in cases where the Landlord wants to deal directly with the Human Resource Manager.

In this case study, the Occupant and the Realtor suffer a lack of communication as the Landlord liaises directly with the Human Resource Manageress.  The email below illustrated that the Landlord now had no time for the Realtor once the deal is almost closed.  There was no response to over 20 paging or messages left.  

Building up a good Landlord-Realtor relationship is important for the long-term, but each Landlord has his or her own way of handling matters and doing away with the rental realtor once a tenant has been secured!

Hi Judy,

I have not had the time to read and respond to your earlier email about the typed up Tenancy Agreement because I have been very very VERY busy these few days attending to Woodlands matters, both on-site and off-site.

I understand from other directors that you were calling them today about the Tenancy Agreement. Actually, there is no need for you to do so as I am already handling everything at my end. I thought that you should already know that since Human Resource Manageress told me that she already told you that she is liaising directly with me. Both of us feel that it is very much easier, clearer and faster this way. If I need you for anything, I will call you, but that is unlikely at the moment.

In the meantime, I hope that you will understand if I do not return your calls because I am very very VERY busy. (Writing this email to you has already taken up a lot of my precious time)---- My top priority now is to make sure that the units are fit for handing over and to settle in the Tenants. As Managing Director has no doubt told you, he is unable to attend to anything at the moment because of his personal family matter.


In the above-case, it was not known why the Landlord (a shareholder of the corporation) would want to handle the negotiations when the Realtor was paid to do so.  The Landlord pays the marketing fees in Singapore on procurement of a Tenant and may as well let the Realtor do all the leg work.

The Occupant was not informed on any negotiations.  The Realtor had to push hard to get the documents.  By-passing the realtor handling the Tenant may not be a wise idea as the realtor usually has a better relationship with the expatriate Tenant than the Landlord. 

When the tenancy agreement expires, the realtor may have other prospects for the Landlord but since if the Landlord has ignored the realtor, then, it is unlikely that the realtor will recommend other expatriate clientele. After all, there are more rental properties in Singapore in 2001 and beyond while the expatriate tenant pool shrinks! 


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Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
Townerville colonial houses for rent.  No condo facilities.

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