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Some information for tenants. The units are no longer for sale


Remodeled 2-storey conservation historical townhouses inhabited by British officers when Singapore was part of the British empire.  Built around 1924.  Also called "Colonial houses". Units were renovated in 1992 and are being upgraded regularly.  Appeals to young Caucasian romantic expatriates who want to live in unique houses.   

Located at: Towner, McNair and May Road.

2-bedroom  around $5,200 partially furnished.
3-bedroom around $5,800 - $6,600 partially furnished.
4-bedroom from $6,600 

2-bedroom land areas are:  1281 sq ft, 1367 sq ft, 2314 sq ft (No. 102 corner unit), 3983 sq ft (No. 2 corner unit). 
Built up areas  2163 sq. ft for intermediate units. 2532 sq. ft for No. 2 and No. 102.

3-bedroom  land area 1550 sq ft. Built up area 2,424 sq. ft.
4-bedroom  land area 1668 sq ft. Built up area 2,918 sq. ft.


No. of Rooms

Land Size (Sq ft) Built up Area
(Sq ft)

2- bedroom

1365 2162


1552-2233 2242-2921       


1672 2918
Singapore Townerville 3-bedroom shower unit. Singapore colonial houses built around 1924 - Townerville
No long bath tubs in all units.  Shower stalls only. 2 bedroom floor plans do not have attached bathroom.  The Courtyard (Backyard). There is no proper maid's room at the courtyard. A bamboo chick can be used to wall off an area behind the kitchen, next to the courtyard for the maid. 
Part-time maid's services are available in Singapore and are usually S$10.00 per hour. 


Bright courtyard at side and back of kitchen.Expats will experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to romance history. These unique Singapore conservation houses were lived in by British colonial masters, usually military officers.  The wooden floor boards and big balcony off the living room are great attractions seldom seen in the modern Singapore townhouses anymore.

Air conditioned bedrooms and sometimes the living and dining rooms as well in some units. Bright kitchens with natural daylight and bright tropical sunlight filtering in from the courtyard greatly appeal to Caucasian expatriates.  Modern greyish white or light brown kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and oven in various units. 

The back of the 2nd level has a sundeck or clothes drying area in the 3-bedroom townhouses. You can put potted plants for the 2-bedroom units or get a bigger sun deck in the case of the 3- or 4-bedroom units. 

There's a big balcony off the master bedroom in the 2-bedroom as well as balconies in the others.  The master bedroom in the 4-bedroom floor plan does not front the road, but the 2- and 3-bedroom floor plan fronts the road. The road is not a major road. The back courtyard on ground floor and a big dog will feel comfortable there. 

A countryside historical ambience within 5-minute drive to downtown Orchard Road.  Plenty of car parking spaces.  Provision shops  are within a 2-minute walk.  The vast majority of your neighbours will be the Chinese Singaporeans who live in the HDB (Housing & Development Board) flats and they do speak English. 

Two mini-marts or provision shops nearby and a coffee shop.  A short 2-min walk to Balestier Road to get buses/taxis to Suntec City or to Newton, Novena and Toa Payoh. The Boon Keng subway is less than 5-minute walk from Townerville. This subway will bring you direct to Suntec City and Raffles Place.

No condo facilities like pool, gym, tennis courts and squash court and the flooring is ceramic tiled, not marbled. There may or may not be air conditioning in the living and separate dining areas. You will have to pay a higher rental if you wish to have air conditioning in these areas. 

There are split unit air conditioners in the bedrooms.  The ceilings of the living and dining areas are high and the area is breezy. Usually there are ceiling fans. Your electrical bills will be much less since you don't have to air condition high ceiling areas.

Profile of Expat tenants
A large community of mainly younger Caucasians who don't need a long bath tub. Expatriates who really need a long bath and air conditioned living and dining rooms and marble-floored living and dining areas will not find these Townerville colonial houses suitable for their lifestyle. 

You may be able to rent standing bath tubs which may be installed in the courtyard. Note that the flooring is grey ceramic tiled (not marble flooring) in the living and dining areas and kitchen and wooden flooring in the bedrooms. The layout is what the British colonial officers used to live in and therefore, you as the Tenant, is living history but with modern comforts like air-conditioning. As a home office, you will need permission from the authorities to use the residence as home offices. Suits architects, business consultants and certain professions. However, no heavy traffic flow is permitted and therefore certain businesses with lots of walk-in clients will not be approved. However, the Landlord may not permit signboards outside the main door advertising your business.


15 Townerville terraces were offered for sale in 2001. The Business Times, 16 Nov 2001 reported that Far East Organization has put 15 Townerville terrace homes on the market after having leased out the estate of 84 heritage two-storey houses for the past 10 years. Average price for the homes built in the 1920s is $850,000, with sizes ranging from 2,100 to 3,000 sq ft. 

Singapore Townerville colonial houses for sale or rent in 2002The 99-year land tenure began in 1990. The Singapore government restored the houses for some $12.4 million, the 84 houses were sold to Far East bagging for $39 million.

Far East's offers were about $100,000 to $150,000 above the competition from individuals and others. In 2003, the nearby Boon Keng Subway on the North-east is completed. It is a 3-minute walk to the subway and so Townerville is in great demand by expatriates .

NO MORE UNITS ARE FOR SALE SINCE 2007. Occupancy rates are nearly 100% usually, as the units can be used for home office and are located within a 3-minute walk to the Boon Keng subway which goes to Suntec City fast.  Furthermore, the ex-British Officers' quarters are renovated and have very big bedrooms, balcony and living and dining areas.



Singapore colonial townhouses, Townerville Singapore colonial townhouses, Townerville Singapore colonial townhouses, Townerville
2-bedroom 3-bedroom 4-bedroom
Type A: 34 units Type B: 26 units Type C: 24 units

2-bedroom, big balcony off the master bedroom and an open-air courtyard.  

Grow your won hibiscus flowers to beautify the Townerville Colonial House, Singapore
Pretty 2-bedroom colonial townhouses 5-min taxi ride to Suntec City

One big L-shaped courtyard next to the kitchen. 2-bedroom colonial house from $2,200
The 2-storey townhouses with 2 bedrooms suit single or expatriate couples.

A young Caucasian expatriate strolls with his dog to go back to Townerville after buying lunch from the nearby stalls.

One corner unit has a large garden of over 1,000 sq ft and side balconies and is usually the first to rent.

Singapore Townerville 3-bedroom colonial townhouses - school boy with heavy bag
The study opens out to a roof deck which is connected to the open-air courtyard by a spiral staircase. 2 balconies.

Singapore colonial houses - 3 bedroom units restored
3-bedroom units seen from 2-bedroom units at May Road

Singapore Townerville colonial houses with spiral staircase
Corner units have bigger gardens at the side. 

This 3-bedroom corner unit (No. 59) does not have an extension balcony in the front unlike the neighbouring units.  

4-bedroom.  2 big balconies for 2 bedrooms. Note that the master bedroom is inside, away from the road. 
Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
4-bedroom houses. 

Playing with grandchild at the Townerville colonial houses, Singapore

4-bedroom colonial townhouses face  Towner Road, a quiet road. Picture shows a grandpa exercising the grand child at 9 a.m along McNair Road. 

4 bedrooms on level 2. 
2 bathrooms (shower only).

The master bedroom (with attached bathroom, no long bath tub, but shower) is inside away from the road. There are  2 bedrooms with balcony and 1 bedroom further back behind the master bedroom.

Beautifully landscaped front garden of one Tonwerville house, Singapore
Front garden of a 3-bedroom house beautifully landscaped with koi pond by the Tenant.

If you have no green fingers, you can grow some palm trees, flowers or grass.
Towerville. 2-bedroom. Ceramic tiled dining & living area(foreground).
Wooden floor boards in bedrooms and staircase.
Greyish ceramic tiled dining and living areas. 2-bedroom colonial houses back area with jagged glass pieces 
Back of 2-bedroom colonial house. In the old days, broken glass pieces were stuck onto the top of the back walls to provide security. courtyard and back gate
Spiral staircase to courtyard (spacious for a big dog), kitchen, utility area and a maid's bathroom (squatting toilet bowl) to the back gate.
Tranquil neighbourhood - Singapore colonial townhouses for rent or sale
Suits romantic expats who want a unique residence living in wooden board flooring, go down spiral staircases of an older era of colonial masters and immigrants striving to earn a livelihood to support their families in China and India, large balconies and affordability in a location close to Suntec City and downtown.  
4-bedroom units
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
4-bedroom units front McNair Road which is not a busy road.
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
One large bedroom
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
Large master bedroom with an attached bath. NO long bath tub, just shower stall. 
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
Beds can be provided by the landlord or you rent partially furnished.
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
Another bedroom with wooden floors
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
One bedroom with large balcony fronting McNair Road
  Note: The master bedroom is not facing the road in the 4-bedroom units  Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
bigger kitchen in 4-bedroom units 
3-bedroom units
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
3-bedroom units face a quiet road. Some units face the HDB apartments. The corner unit, No. 59 (extreme left) is most popular.
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
view of the HDB apartments from upstairs in some units. Some expats do not prefer HDB views.
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
view of dining area from the kitchen
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
Note: flooring in the living and dining areas is grey ceramic tiled, not marble flooring
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
courtyard of 2 units seen from bedroom upstairs
2-bedroom units
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
2-bedroom units facing a quiet May Road. Car parking lots are behind.
  Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
courtyard to the right of a bright kitchen
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
usual kitchen
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
a kitchen painted by an expat tenant. You will need to restore the paint when you leave.
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
view of the kitchen from the dining area 
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
view of bedroom 2 from the master bedroom in front
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
bathroom and terrace at the back of the house
Singapore Townerville colonial conservation houses
master bedroom with wardrobe
There was one complaint from an Asian expat about the absence of marble flooring in the house. But conservation homes are meant to reflect the past architect as accurately as possible and no marble flooring was used in the past. The flooring and walls are NOT as flashy as those in newer condos with marble clad walls.  The flooring is ceramic tiled. Light grey ones in most houses.

We provide a convenient and free services to expatriates and their office people and foreigners looking for Singapore rentals/investments or short-leases. Such people don't have time to do the negotiations and phone calls and use our services.

2-bedroom  around $5,200 partially furnished.
3-bedroom around $5,800 - $6,600 partially furnished.
4-bedroom from $6,600 

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