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semi-detached, sale. Focus: We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment
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Last updated: 19 Mar 2010
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment
YOU WANT to rent or buy Singapore homes? E-mail details of your specifications  to or Tel: +65 9668 6468, 6254 3326, 9668 6469. Fax: +65 6256 0501 for viewing or updates.  E-mail or fax house-hunting form to us at 6256-0501 and we will contact you within 24- 48 hours.
Asia USA Realty (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a licensed Singapore realty firm focused on Singapore residential rentals and sales. 

YOU WANT to rent or buy Singapore homes?
Email your specifications to or tel: +65 9668 6468, 6254 3326. Fax: +65 6256 0501 for viewing or updates.

house-hunting for expats if the monthly rental is  above S$2,501.  A fee of half a month's rent is payable if your rent is below $2,500.


Do verify whether your human resource manager permits you to use outside realtors. 

case study: An expatriate who uses multiple realtors and sources housing himself. Please let us know if you use us solely to help you find your homes as we are extra motivated to find you what you want if you don't use multiple realtors. Our realtors are not salaried and therefore, earn a livelihood only on success.
Book or hunt for Serviced apartments for busy human resource managers, secretaries or expats. A fee of US$50 (S$100) is payable for our time and paperwork in the booking of serviced apartments for expats phoning us from overseas.  Otherwise, there is usually no fee payable by the expatriate.

3.  SALES: We help foreigners and Singaporeans to invest in Singapore condos. We provide viewings and advices. Properties sold include Newton 18 penthouse and Wing On Life Gardens condos.

4. INTERNET ADVERTS FOR  OWNERS & REALTORS:  Email your adverts to for 90 days at the front page of Rates at AsiaHomes Internet

5. SPECIAL ATTENTION. Personalised house hunting for busy managers. US$100/hour. Please make appointments and confirm that your company permits you to use outside realtors. Some companies insist on controlling new expatriates and disallows outside realtors to serve them.

OUTSIDE REALTORS for newly arrived expats: If you are not satisfied with the service of your company realtors and need another opinion on Singapore housing, please confirm with your company's department in charge of expat housing that there is NO objection to using realtors. This will prevent misunderstanding with your human resource managers or general manager.  

6. RESEARCH OR VALUATION REPORTS FOR YOU. Singapore Rental Housing Research reports. 

6.1 We liaise with valuers to get a Professional Valuation Report for prospective employers, foreign lawyers who act for foreign investors or expats in divorce cases or relocations. See one example at The Draycott rentals in 1998. 

6.2  Property assessment report for expats wanting to relocate to Singapore. US$200-300 for property report on the advantages and disadvantages of the condo you want to live in. Pictures and report emailed to you or in a CD.

Rental management for absentee Landlords
S$150 - $300 per month for monthly inspections and e-mail reports.  

8. Personalised buying or renting services for foreign investors provided. Commission payable by the Landlord or Seller usually.

9.  Inventory items in CDs. Landlord & Tenant. Digital pictures of your unit before tenancy starts to avoid disputes US$200.

10. Selling prices of private & public housing (HDB)

11.  Curtains made for new tenants. 

12. Sofa sets custom made by manufacturer for new tenants who want their own design. Some Landlords give you a budget and if you want your own style, contact  

13. Furniture leasing.

14.  Car leasing.

15. Air conditioning, plumbing, floor waxing maintenance.

16. Open up cable, telephone or utility accounts.


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