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LORONG CHUAN HOUSES ARE NOW IN GREAT DEMAND AS MANY ARE WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OR 2-MIN DRIVE TO THE AUSTRALIAN SCHOOL. The following are some examples of housing for rent. Bungalows rent above $10,000 generally. Pl tel 9668-6468, e-mail judy@asiahomes.com for updated info. 

1)Chuan Pl, 3 half-storey Semi-D, 6 bedrooms, 5000sq ft
2) Chuan Villa, 3 storey Terrace, 5 bedrooms, 4500sq ft
3) Dunsfold Dr, Bungalow, 7+1 bedrooms, 6600sq ft, pool
4) Jalan Ria, Semi-D, 5 bedrooms, 3700sq ft
5) Dunsfold Dr, bungalow, 4+1 bedrooms, 4000sq ft
6) Cotswold Cl, bungalow, 5 bedrooms, 4000sq ft, pool
7) Cotswold Cl, Bungalow, 5 bedrooms, 5000sq ft, pool
8) Chuan Dr, Semi-D, 4 bedrooms, 4650sq ft
9) Muswell Hill, Terrace, 4 bedrooms, 3500sq ft
10) Tai Yuan Height, 2 storey bungalow, 7 bedrooms, 5500sq ft, pool
HOUSE HUNTING report - Oct 13 2002
For record purposes only

4+1, Around $7,000

Expat No. 1 Exploratory tour. Prefers pool for children.

Expat No. 2
Wants house near Australian School (Lorong Chuan /Braddell Road) with good-sized garden.

11.45 am
Meet Expat No. 1 at Shangri-la

12 noon
Meet Expat No. 2 at:
Malcolm Park black & white semi-detached. $8,000 excluding pool to be purchased from existing tenant. Large garden.
Singapore bungalow. Black & White colonial bungalow

Gentle Road 2-storey bungalow 7+1 4000/3000 sq ft $8,000. Narrow thin house as land area of 3000 sq ft is small for a bungalow. Less than 5 years old. NOgarden.

Singapore bungalow. Narrow living and dining areas
Glistead Road, 2-storey bungalow 5+1 8000/4000 sq ft $8,500. House looks dated.

Singapore bungalow. Family area upstairs

Gentle Villa 3-storey semi-detached 5+1 2200/2600 sq ft $6,000. Small garden.

1.30 pm
Barker Road 3-storey semi-detached with extra large living area, dining areas and bedrooms. See to believe. 4+1 6000/5000 sq ft $8,500

Singapore large semi-detached at Barker Road.

Li Hwan View 2.5 storey bungalow 5+1 20000/3500 $8,000. Large tiled patio. Banana and mango trees.
Singapore Bungalow in Serangoon Gardens neighbourhood

2.30pm Serangoon Garden Bungalow 2.5 storey 6+1 4200/6800 sq ft $7,800. New bungalow. All ground tiled. No garden. Wooden floor boards in living and dining, kitchen and all rooms. Overhead bridge across Lor Chuan nearby and a 10-15 min walk to the Australian School.

Windsor Road, Windsor Park 5+1 20000/3500 sq ft $8,500. Hill top but dated with mosaic tiles. For expats who love large land area.

Singapore Bungalow in Upper Thomson Road area

Sundridge Park Road 6+1 10000/7000 sq. ft $8,500. Large bungalow. Quiet bungalow residential enclave. 5-min drive or you can walk to the Australian School.
Singapore Bungalow - Near new Australian School

CONCLUSION. The Australian family rented the Malcolm Park house which includes cash to buy over the pool from the incumbent expatriate tenant. Such houses are rarely available.

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