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Houses & Condos near the Singapore American School. Page 1



0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)Woodgrove Bungalow with pool. 6-bedrooms. 8148 sq ft built in, 8073 sq ft land. $13,850 partially furnished

Ideal for the expats who wants to be near American school. Rarely at such price. Tel: David +65 9668-6468   e-mail now
Overview of rental houses near the American School as at Jan 25, 2005

The residential enclaves in the neighbourhood of the American School grouped as "Woodgrove Estate" are the subdivisions of Ashwood Grove, Beechwood Grove, Cedarwood Grove, Pinewood Grove, Woodgrove Avenue, Oakwood Grove, Woodlands St 41,   Century Woods (construction in progress, next to the American School).

No. of units: Over 300 houses but occupancy level is over 90% as many American and other nationalities  prefer proximity to school resulting in a higher rent asked for houses.

Around 5 years old.  4-8 bedrooms for houses less than a 15-minute walk to the American School.  The living & dining area is usually marble or granite flooring.   Some houses have balconies in all rooms, some in master bedroom.

2 or 3-storey.  High ceilings. Some have basement for storage.

Some have no maid's room outside the living area but just a study or guest room with or without attached bathroom inside the living area. Some families don't like the idea of the guest room being used as a maid's room as it is inside the house proper.  Some families don't like basement.  Some prefer the guest room to have its attached bathroom, some don't.  There are houses with a powder room and there are those without.  Units are owned by several owners.


Detached houses may have a small swimming pool (above ground or inground), long driveway to park 2 or 3 cars.  Semi-detached and terraces generally have a small car porch sufficient to park one car and a similar small plot of garden to the side.  Some houses have a big basement which can be used as a storage or games room.


1.   Walking distance to the American School.  There is a greater demand for detached houses with pool. There are more than 3,000 students in the Singapore American School in 2005.

Assuming 2 children/family, it is estimated that there are 1,500 American families with children studying at the American School.  This was the estimated enrolment in 2003.

Therefore, the supply of houses will need to exceed 1,000 units to reduce the rent asked.   At the same time, corporations have had slashed housing allowance for expatriates, even in 2005.

2.   Cycling to the American School.   Since the School has storage for the children's books, there is no need for the student to carry a heavy school bag. They can cycle to school and the mother has no need to drive them and their heavy school bags to school.  Photo of 8 a.m students
cycling to the American School via Woodgrove Avenue.

3.   School buses to ferry the children to the American School are available.
Photo of a modern school bus.

4.   Woodlands is a self-contained new town with supermarkets, shopping malls and all the amenities for the family.

5.   The Marsiling subway is a 10-minute walk from the American School but it takes around 30 minutes to reach downtown Suntec City.  Driving takes around 20 minutes.

6.   A big Caucasian enclave.  On Halloween Day, there are around 500 children in this enclave and it is fun.


1.   Dust and noises inevitable if you live next to a construction site. Be aware of renting next to a vacant plot of land. 

2.   Burglars will be always around whenever there is an on-going construction project.  On February 27, 2000, an American lady reported that the teenagers from the neighbourhood were bold enough as to enter the houses to steal bicycles.  One had many inside his apartment.  An attempt was made to grab an 11-year old into a car.  Some Americans report no crime.   

3.   Units facing the construction are not popular but are rented due to demand being greater than supply.  There will be construction workers monitoring your movements if they want to.  In 2005, the area is almost fully developed. No more construction seen as at Jan 22, 2005.

4.   Higher air conditioning bills of above S$500/month if you want the whole house with high ceilings air conditioned 24 hours a day.   Many families have quality wooden ornaments or paintings to be protected from the hot and humid climate.  It will be good to get the Company to pay the bills during your negotiations.  As a guide, an American bank pays $500 per month for utilities for a top banker.

5.   Some working spouses dislike the at 30-minute subway or more than 30-min car ride (traffic jams) to the downtown office in Orchard Road or Suntec City, but those working in Jurong will have shorter travelling times. 

6.   Higher rent asked for terraces and semi-detached and fewer bungalows with pool are available. 

7.   Characteristic huge houses but small garden.  You may need a full-time domestic helper to keep the house clean.

8.   Safety of children.  Generally safe but there is a reported case of 2 unsuccessful attempts to abduct children in the Woodgrove Estate in the first half of 2000. 

What type of houses do American families like?

A detached house (bungalow) with big living and dining areas and big garden.

Expatriate community, brand new, spacious living areas, many closets or wardrobe spaces, big store room, modern air-conditioning, big balconies, big gardens.  Bright rooms and kitchens.  Air-conditioned kitchen with central table.

A big patio to appreciate the sunset.

A big inground swimming pool. An above-ground pool is better than nothing if you have small kids.

Rent to be less than $10,000 since housing allowances have been slashed.

Information for surfers: 

1.  It is NOT possible to provide the latest update or photos of all houses in the Woodgrove Estate area, a neighbourhood of houses comprising Ashwood Grove, Beechwood Grove, Cedarwood Grove, Woodgrove Ave, Woodlands Ave 1, all within a 5-15 minute walk to the American School. Photos in the articles below will give you a representative idea of the kind of houses expected. As at May 2001, the Century Woods are completed. Most are terraces renting around $7,000 For details:

2.  As buses from downtown Orchard Road take around 30 minutes one way to reach the American School, many expats do not feel the need to  live next to the school where the rentals for terrace houses are usually higher and the location is relatively isolated from the expatriate community.   Some indications of rentals in other parts of Singapore, are presented for you at:
House-hunting rentals to give you other options.

Large family area in a Woodgrove Ave bungalow with pool3.  Bungalows with pool rent from $10,000 - $16,000 and at any one time, there may be one or none available, due to short supply and high demand.  The pool is usually a small inground pool of 10 x 16 feet approximately, similar to the ones seen at Orlando, Florida, USA houses, but without the net screening.  Some are above ground, some are inground pools.  Are bungalows with pool renting lower in Woodlands?  Yes, compared to newer bungalows in the expat-favoured districts 9, 10 and 11.  

WOODLANDS HOUSES.  Bungalows with pool from $10,000-$16,000.  Semi-detached $7,000. Terraces $4,000 - $8,000. Apartments from $3,000.  Units available at different times. 

0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)It is NOT possible to e-mail images to individual surfers. However, a fee of US$100 is payable if surfers want specific photos of houses e-mailed to them to show to their company to negotiate for a decent housing allowances. E-mail your query to



Singapore is very small. Cars are very expensive to buy and therefore, it may be better to live in other suburbs and the money saved from expensive housing rentals near the American School, goes to the purchase of a car.

Singapore houses for rent/sale - The Inglewood in district 20. asiahomes.comAn example of housing in another suburb is The Inglewood.

It is near the Seletar Reservoir and a 7-minute drive to the Singapore American School. This estate is a 5-minute drive to downtown Orchard Road.  


Singapore American School entrance, next to Century Woods house construction.
Entrance to the Singapore American School (SAS) in 2001. On the left are the new Century Woods houses completed in 2002.
Ashwood Grove houses are seldom vacant. Very near SAS.
The Ashwood Grove houses are a 2-minute walk to the SAS, passing the Century Woods houses (completed in 2002) to the entrance of the SAS.
Woodgrove Ave detached, no pool and small garden only asking rent of $11,500/month.
A Woodgrove Avenue detached with a basement, without a pool.

5 bedrooms plus a maid's room. 6200 sq. ft of land and 4,800 sq. ft built up area.

Woodgrove Avenue is a 5-10 minute walk. To the right of the photo, the road goes to the Ashwood Grove and Century Grove houses.

Woodgrove detached with small above-ground shallow pool, good for small kids only.
A Woodgrove Avenue detached with a above-ground pool, driveway to park 3 cars. Garden not big. $14,000.

All houses in this neighbourhood  are 3-storeys and have bigger built-in areas but smaller bedrooms.

Woodgrove detached with no pool, but has basement for storage/as a games room
Gigantic 3-storey Woodgrove Avenue detached with 6 bedrooms & basement. No pool as the land is too small  No maid's room outside the living area.
There is a guest or computer room inside the house. The maid is best accommodated on 3rd level.

A beautiful pale 3-month old Golden Labrador puppy is enjoying the sun.
Beechwood detached with no pool asking $13,500 rent/month
A Beechwood Grove detached with no pool asking for around $13,500.

6 bedrooms plus a maid's room. Land area is 7,000 sq. ft. Built up area 5,000 sq. ft.

Around 5-minute walk to the SAS.

Bungalows with pool, 6000-9000 sq.ft, from $12,000 rent.  
Semi-detached Cedarwood Grove house, 3-min walk to the Singapore American School.
The Cedarwood Grove
semi-detached is also around a 3-minute walk to the SAS. It has black granite marble flooring.  A narrow 6-10-foot wide side garden for plants or the dog to run around is found in semi-detached houses.
Woodgrove Ave terraces have smaller gardens & living areas.
Woodgrove Ave Terrace houses or townhouses have very small parking lots and garden. The living areas and bedrooms are reduced in area.
Large detached houses (bungalows) for rent near the American School.


Semi-detached Cedarwood Grove house, 3-min walk to the Singapore American School.
More info:
Houses & Condos near the Singapore American School. Page 1

It is NOT possible to provide the latest update or photos of all houses and condos in Woodlands.  For details: +65 9668-6468

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Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
S$4,500 - $5,800 for Townerville colonial houses for rent.  No condo facilities.

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