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Last updated: 21 Jan 2003

A review of the rentals of Singapore  penthouses & condos popular with Caucasian Expatriates.  Research supported by
Asiahomes Internet.  It is practically impossible to list all penthouses in Singapore. Email judy@asiahomes.com to get more info. 
  Ardmore Park
House hunting - Jan 16, 2003.

4 bedrooms 2885 sq ft. Budget $12,000.

The following units are for rent as at Jan 20,2003

Blk 9, 2nd floor. $12,000. Gym view.  

Blk 11,  10th - 15th floor. FF-02. $14,000. Corner unit. Facing unbocked space to the right of Raffles Girl's School.  Best view.

Blk 11, 15th - 20th floor. FF-04  $12,500

Blk 11,  02-02  $12,000

Singapore Ardmore Park Blk 9 facing Heritage Apartments & Ardmore Park (road)Blk 9, Above 10th-15th floor ...-03. Facing Heritage Apartments, Juniper At Ardmore and Ardmore Park Road.

Blk 15, 4th floor
facing the roof of Raffles Girls' School. Low floor no view. Not easy to rent this unit. 

*Blk 9, 28th floor. $15,000. One day's notice.
Viewing on weekdays only.

*3rd floor facing pool $12,000

*2nd floor facing Ardmore Park Road, $12,000

*2nd floor facing gym $12,000

*Blk 11, 5th - 10th floor. $14,000. Tenant does not permit viewing on weekdays.

*Blk 15, 15th floor.  $15,000. Pool view & green. Owner insists on $15,000. 

*Blk 11, 21st floor. Owner wants only couple or single with no children.

The complaint about 2nd floor is the lack of privacy in that passers-by can see you.  Rentals will have to be lower to attract tenants. 

More info on Ardmore Park
judy@asiahomes.com or tel: +65 9668 6468 for rentals and sales.
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Anderson Green penthouse $15,000
4+1 $10,000,
3+1 $8,000.

Ardmore View
penthouse $20,000 but this will suit a  Northern European type of tenant who will appreciate the decor.
4+1 $10,000,
3+1 $10,000. Ceramic tiled living areas. 

Burlington Square Residence
penthouse $8,000. 2,3,4 bedrooms from $3,000-$6,000.

Grange 70 & Grange 80 upscale condos. 
Grange 70 3+2 asking from $8,000-$11,000.

Grange 80
3+1 1350sq. ft $8,000, 4+1 2300sq. ft $15,600. 10 units.

Leonie Condotel
penthouse 3+1 $15,600,
4+1 2700sq. ft $11,500.

Pine Springs 
Singapore's Pine Springs penthouse has a very long rectangular floor plan
Pine Springs
penthouse 5+1 $13,000. Large living area. Rectangular floor plan stretching from left to right (see top floor, picture below).

5+1 penthouse 3300sq. ft $10,000. 
Singapore Pine Springs low rise with balcony in great demand
Completed: July 1999

2+1  850 sq. ft
2+1 loft with wooden beams  850 sq. ft
3+1  1500 - 1600 sq. ft
3+1 loft with wooden beams
4+1  2100 sq. ft 
4+1 loft with wooden beams  2100 sq. ft  

Penthouse 5+1 with wooden beams 3300 sq. ft. No balcony.

Singapore Pine Springs condos

All units, except the penthouse has a balcony or a garden.
Pool, children's pool, circular barbecue pits, gym, underground car park, CCTV, security guard.  4-seater jacuzzi bath inside the male and female changing rooms. 

Singapore Pine Springs pools

No tennis court. Balmoral Rd/Stevens Rd vicinity.

20 units.  Low density in quiet location. 5-min walk to Orchard Road.  Great demand. Rentals from $2,000

Scotts 28
penthouse $18,000,  $20,000 2+1 $5-6,000, 3+2 $9,000.

The Bayron

1 bedroom $2,700, 2 bedroom $4,000, 3 bedroom 1819sq. ft $7,000.  No penthouse, but 3-min walk to Somerset subway.

The Colonnade
The biggest penthouse is said to have rented out at $30,000 in 2000.

The Paterson Edge
2 bedroom $6500, 3 bedroom top floor $7,000.

UE Square & Aspen Heights penthousesnew.gif (116 bytes)
of around 3,000 sq. ft 4 or 5-bedroom, rent from $8,000 - $12,000. Great demand.
Anderson Green upscale.
Penthouse 5000sq. ft
with roof terrace $15K.
3+1 1679sq. ft $7.5K,
4+1 1916sq. ft $9K.
Has balcony.
15-min walk Orchard subway. Near Shangri-la Hotel.
Pool & gym. Tennis court.  Impressive visitor's atrium
leading to landscaped pool gives resort-like

Kitchen air conditioned.  European-sized
washer & dryer inside kitchen.  Bright, white cabinets. 34 units.

Ardmore View
Penthouse 9000sq. ft $20,000. 
Ardmore View's penthouse with terrace pool, Singapore. D'Grove Villas condo on left side.
Penthouse pool.
Click thumbnail to see other units and D'Grove Villas to the left of Ardmore View.

4+1 3000sq. ft $9,500, 10,000, 3+1 3000sq. ft $10,000. 
8-minute walk Orchard subway/Am. Club.
5 years old. Pool and gym. Kitchen air conditioned.
Big white glossy ceramic tiles, not the
marble flooring of the new condos in
the living/dining areas may not appeal to
some Caucasian wives. But the Disneyworld castle-type facade, exclusive, low density 3,000 sq. ft of living space downtown,  proximity to the American Club & downtown means that vacancy is almost 100%.  30 units.

Ardmore View pool - Singapore's downtown condos
Ardmore pool & apartments with no balcony.

Ardmore View, photo of penthouse and apartments. Ardmore View was sold in January 1999 and will be re-developed. Ardmore View: Floor plan

Burlington Square Residence 
20th floor 4+1 2206 sq. ft + 1100sq. ft
of big terraces and roof terrace $8K are extremely popular with Caucasians and rented very fast.

1,2 and 3 bedroom units rent from $3K - $8K.
No real balcony.
10-min walk Dhoby Ghaut or Bugis subways.
Pool & gym, tennis court on 5th level.
Olympic-length pool.
Mixed development with clinic, banks,
hair-dresser on level 1, Car park on levels 2-4
residences from level 5. Attracts busy single and couples as food joints are just downstairs and it costs around $5.00 taxi fare to go to Suntec City or Raffles Place. 179 units.

Grange 70 & Grange 80 upscale condos. 

Grange 80
3+1 1356sq. ft $8K ground floor,
4+1 2314sq. ft $15.6K (top floor, 10th level).
7-min walk Orchard subway.
Pool & gym. Pool small. No tennis court.
Kitchen air conditioned and the
black marble counter top, wine rack
& bright windows attract Caucasian wives.
Unique layout. Curved living & dining area.
Exclusive 10 units only.

Leonie Condotel
Penthouse 3+1 2931 sq. ft $15.6K,
4+1 2700sq. ft $11.5K. Has balcony.
10-min walk Somerset or Orchard subways.
Over 5 years old. Pool & gym.
Almost 90% occupancy. Attractive to many Americans as floor plan is spacious and there is a big balcony.
Air-conditioned kitchen.
128 units.

Nassim Woods upscale condos
Penthouse 6000sq. ft $20K
3+1 $8,000, 4+1 units $10,000. Has balcony.
Pool & gym.
Great location and near Caucasian supermarket, Tanglin Mall.  20-min walk Orchard subway.
Opposite the American Embassy, Tanglin Mall.
35 units. 3 Penthouses
are 2 or 3-levels.

Shangri-La Residences upscale condos
2 to 4+1 $8,000 - $11,000. 
Opposite Shangri-la Hotel. Pool & gym. Extremely popular with Caucasian expatriates as rental may include maid's services.

The Bayron
1 bedroom 900sq. ft $3,000, 2 bedroom $4,000,
3 bedroom 1819sq. ft $8,000. 2-min walk Somerset subway.
Pool, gym and security.
Extremely popular with busy singles/couples.
Open-kitchen layout permits air conditioning into the kitchen.  The utility area very small & hot owing to the presence of the air conditioner compressor. No maid's room.  Some units are individually owned.  96 units.


1.  8 Orange Grove penthouse $15,000. Near Orchard Road. Big living cum dining areas. 

2.  1 Holt Road penthouse with 2 terraces, 4+1 3000 sq. ft $10,000. Brand new.

3.  Avalon penthouse from $15,000.

4.  Chelsea Gardens penthouse.

5.  Pine Springs penthouse $10,000

6.  The Colonnade penthouse $30,000

Tel: +65 9668 6468 for information.

  Scotts 28 upscale condos.
Penthouse 3466sq. ft $18K, 4600sq. ft $20K,
7000sq. ft penthouse may be for rent.
1-bedroom 1100sq. ft $5-6K
3-bedroom 1600 - 2300sq. ft
3+1 2034sq. ft $9.5K (unblocked views).
3+1 1636sq. ft $8K 3 units.
4-bedroom 3500 sq. ft $18K.
3-minute walk Newton subway and American Club.
Pool & gym, tennis (indoor, wire-mesh roofing)
Unique designed pool and
Stainless steel Gaggenau kitchen appliances.
Penthouse's kitchen is bright and spacious. Caucasian wives fall in love with this type of kitchen. Am. Club tennis court is within 3-minute walk across Scotts Rd.
136 units.

The Colonnade
penthouse with pool and deck rents for $30,000.

Smaller ones at $20,000.   3-bedroom rent from $11,000. 2-bedroom maisonette from $9,000. Pool, basement car park & security.  10-min walk to Orchard subway.  Great demand from senior expatriate executives.

The Paterson Edge
2 bedroom 900sq. ft $6.5K, 3+1 1281 sq. ft $7K.
5-min walk Orchard subway,
Borders bookstore.
Pool on roof top. Gym & putting green.
Flooring is light brown
wooden strips instead of marble.
Suits bachelors & couples with no kids.
No maid's room.
116 units.

UE Square & Aspen Heights penthouses
of around 3,000 sq. ft 4 or 5-bedroom, rent from $8,000 - $12,000. Great demand.

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The following penthouses are available for rent

Four Seasons Park 6+1  $18,000 - $20,000
Ardmore park  $35,000
Nassim Woods $20,000
Regency Park $22,000
Avalon $18,000
Aspen Heights $12,000
Costa Rhu $10,000 with bay views
Sarkies Mansion $12,000
Thomson 800 $11,000
Wing On Life penthouse
Chelsea Gardens $18,000
8 Orange Grove $15,000
Shaw Plaza-Twin Heights 4+1 4000 sq. ft $7,000. 
1 Holt Road 4+1 3000 sq. ft $10,000 


April 17, 2001 house hunting
for $15,000 - $20,000 downtown condos including Chelsea Gardens penthouse at $19,000.

Suburban penthouses: Fontana Heights

For the latest update on penthouses or rentals or FREE house-hunting for expats relocating to Singapore, email
Judy Quek, tel: +65 9668 6468.  

Rentals have fallen in 2003, but do not procrastinate if you find a good NEW penthouse with big bedrooms as many new ones have small bedrooms.  Be decisive as the demand is great for penthouses. There have been bidding wars for good penthouses. 
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