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near downtown.

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Last updated: 20 Apr 2001


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Specifications:  4+1 Condo must be near downtown and safe for the 4-year old.

Tuesday April 17, 2001

Meet at The Fullerton Hotel

Habitat I 4+1 3600 sq. ft $12,000. Fully renovated.
Near American Club.

Chelsea Gardens
Brand new penthouses
4+1 3800 sq.ft (includes roof terrace, indoor is 2800 sq. ft) $19,000.  Husband considered the living area too small.  Wife's top favourite.  Permitted  to install safety perpex fencing. 

4+1 2800 sq. ft $15,000
Near Shangri-la Hotel.

The Draycott
4+1 2650 sq. ft $12,000.
No balconies.  4th bedroom is too small.

Draycott Park penthouse 6+1 5600 sq. ft $20,000 not available for viewing today. 

Four Seasons Park 4+1 2874 sq. ft $15,500.  Meet at Spring block lobby
Existing tenant said that the pool will be upgraded for 3 months w.e.f. April 2001 and the big vacant Cuscaden Tower next door will be demolished sometime.

Four Seasons Park 6+1 3821 sq. ft $18,000. Meet at Autumn block lobby. 5-min walk to Orchard subway. Upscale.  View of demolition of the Boulevard Hotel in progress.   Construction of Cuscaden Residence almost completed.

Beverly Hill 4+1 3800 sq. ft $17,000. Fully renovated. Owner willing to install safety grills at balconies.  Caucasian enclave. 3-min drive to Orchard subway. Many taxis.  Not one long bath although the whole apartment has been renovated. All wooden flooring and good greenery views. 

Emerald Hill conservation shophome 4+1 5000 sq. ft $15,000. Caucasian enclave. Unique home for romantics.  Simply breath-taking and bright.  Top quality finishes. High roof. Fully air condition.  Shallow jacuzzi pool in air well with alfresco dining area going into kitchen. Raised wooden living area.  2 bedrooms behind and 2 in front.  Huge master bedroom and loft above.  Good teak wood and high ceilings.  One of its kind. 

Emerald Hill conservation shophome 4+1 8000 sq. ft $17,000. Big garden and huge backyard. 2 terrace houses combined.  Not so exciting as the other Emerald Hill house.

Leonie Condotel 4+1 2890 sq. ft $13,500.  3 units. Penthouse not available.   Large community.


Subdivision Rentals (major developments of condos/houses) will have more details of condos.

Duchess Crest Townhouse 5+1 4209 sq. ft $12,500. Not near downtown but lots of Caucasian children.

Juniper At Ardmore 4+1 3200 sq. ft  $12,000. Good child safety as there is no balcony but the couple was not terribly excited about the interior condition when they saw the brand new Ardmore Park Condos opposite.

Melrose Park
5+1 3300 sq. ft $14,000 - under negotiation. Not a "penthouse" the owner said.  Next to Great World Shopping Mall. Almost 100% occupancy. New.

Regency Park penthouse.  6383 sq.ft. with panoramic view. 5+1 $22,000. Full facilities & Designer Decor.  Not brand new. Balconies said to be not safe for kids.  Must lock up the sliding doors.

The Quayside Penthouse 3500 sq.ft. 4+1 $11,000. Huge terrace. Full
river view!  Agent did not want to show as budget of expat may be higher. 

Avalon penthouse4+1 4200 sq. ft.  One favoured unit under negotiation. Another unit available June 2001 but the Tenant does not permit showing.

Nassim Woods penthouse 6,000 sq. ft $20,000. Available in August 2001.

Ardmore Park
penthouse $35,000.
4+1 2900 sq. ft $14,000 - $20,000. Brand new. Near American Club.

Subdivision Rentals (major developments of condos/houses)
will have more details of condos mentioned.


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