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Rent or Investment
In 2002, there is a great pressure on Landlords of older investment condos to attract the Caucasian expatriates with higher rental budgets.  It will be much easier to get a Tenant if the Landlord replaces all multi-coloured bathtubs and sinks with plain white ones and install a simple one-coloured, possibly beige kitchen cabinets.  These pastel colours suit the Caucasian lifestyle.

Benjamin Sheares Bridge facing Ancilla blockA picturesque Costa Rhu condo to retire and smell the roses.

Ancilla block units, less than 6 levels high in the     #...-06 series , have a fantastic Kallang River mouth and sea views just under the Benjamin Sheares bridge. Note the "horizontal bar" on top of window. This is the longest bridge in Singapore, the Benjamin Sheares bridge,  with busy traffic to and fro Suntec City and the Changi Airport.

Traffic noise is audible if you invest in units above the sixth floor in Ancilla #...-06 series. The master bedroom has a crystal clear view of the clean Kallang River. No problem getting a tenant if the Landlord is not asking a high rent as the unit is 990 sq. ft and will suit expats with less than $3,000 rental budget. It has no balcony and no private lift lobby but who cares when one sees tranquil nature daily?  


January 4, 2002 house hunting report
Viewing with English couple with a dog.
3 or 4 bedrooms. Over 2000 sq. ft. Rental budget from $6,000.
A balcony and bright kitchen. Above ground floor.
ground floor with big patio
2 units. Blk 110.
Brand new. Light brown marble flooring. Liked the higher floors.  Pool views. Bright kitchens. Worry about security for the wife.  
Pebble Bay
Lobby J
Above 12 floors
3+1 1894 sq. ft $7,500. Available in March 2002.  

Small study area adjoining the dining area has been cabled. 2 bedrooms have city views and Benjamin Sheares bridge views. Pool facing. Living and master bedroom has unblocked views of the Kallang River when you sit on your sofa. Above roof top of other building 
Pebble Bay
Lobby M
Above 10 floors
3+1 2359 sq. ft Kitchen is rectangular and has a small window. Complaint of dark kitchen.  Living area has unblocked river views. Master bedroom & 2 bedrooms  front Sanctuary Green condo construction. and sea views.
Pebble Bay
Lobby G
Above 8 floors
3+1 2359 sq. ft
Kitchen is rectangular and has a small window. Complaint of dark kitchen.  Living area faces roof top of another block, river view obstructed.  
Pebble Bay
Lobby N
Above 13 floors
3+1 2359 sq. ft Living area fronts beautiful bay views and Casuarina Cove condo in the distance.  Master bedroom & 2 bedrooms face River Place condo construction and sea views.  
Pebble Bay
Lobby H
Above 9 floors
3+1 2359 sq. ft Kitchen is rectangular and has a small window. Complaint of dark kitchen.  Living area has a  Indoor Stadium by the river view that is sandwiched between two buildings of Pebble Bay. River view is around 20%.
Pebble Bay
Lobby P
Above 2 floors
5+1 2800 sq. ft $9,000 A 5th room with folding doors can be used as a formal dining area as it fronts the river too. Bright kitchen which has big windows. No complaint of dark kitchens. Living area and one bedroom have fantastic unblocked river views of police patrol boats.  Fell in love with this unit. 
The Sovereign
4+1 2367 sq. ft $8000.  Complaint of the 4 beige (master bathroom), blue, maroon and white long bath tubs.  No balcony in the living and dining area which had been enlarged.  
The Sovereign
4+1 3305 sq. ft

Breezy. One floor below the penthouse, without the heat of the sun. 

3 big balconies - living, dining and master bedroom. 
Bright renovated kitchen with Corrine marble counter tops and ship views.

Complaint of the 4 beige (master bathroom), blue, maroon and white long bath tubs. 
Living, dining, master bedroom have clear ship and sea views. 

Fell in love with this unit but dislike the multi-coloured bath tubs and the expressway traffic noises from the balconies.
The Sovereign
4+1 2637 sq. ft  Complaint of the 4 beige (master bathroom), blue, maroon and white long bath tubs.  A peek of the sea views. Living area has a canvas of tall green tree views. Sea views usually above 11th floor. 
Costa Rhu
Above 9 floor. 
4+1 2217 sq. ft $6,200. Available beginning of Feb 2002.  Living area and master bedroom fronts unblocked river views of police patrol boats. 
0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)March 23, 2011    For Rent
Cote D'Azur 3-bedroom 1300 sq ft $4,300
Cote D'Azur penthouse 2800 sq ft $7,300 
Other units are available.  
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