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East Singapore
Tanjong Rhu Road. Land tenure : 99 years leasehold with effect from June 1996. Completed: mid 2000. 99 units.

3 and 4 bedrooms. 
Penthouses have 4 bedrooms on level one and a bedroom with an attached bath on level two. A roof top terrace with jacuzzi extends from the upper level of the Penthouse. There are only 9 units of 3-bedroom condos.

Penthouse with roof terrace & jacuzzi are in great demand.  Penthouse rentals of 4+1 3035 sq. ft were from $10,000 - $13,000 in 2002. Rentals are closer to $16,000 for the 5000 sq ft penthouses in 2011. 

Most Caucasians just love these penthouses or the spacious balconies, usually swept by fresh river breezes and seeing clear and green river ripples make them closer to nature. Most units have no problem finding tenants. 

Marble flooring in the living and dining areas and wood in the bedrooms.  Walk in wardrobe for master bedroom and wardrobe for all bedrooms. Big balconies from living and dining rooms capture the sea and river breezes.

Private lift. CCTV provided to basement service lift lobbies. The Powder room has no shower. Audio-visual intercom. Proximity card access for vehicles to car park, lift lobbies at basement and pedestrian entrance gates. 

The kitchen has a central island counter complete with cooking hob and hood. Yard area has kitchen cabinet with cooking hob and hood. Upper penthouse family area has kitchenette cabinets.
Stainless steel Elba hob, hood, cooker, oven.  Stainless steel sink.
Smeg dishwasher.  Hot water supply to all bathrooms and kitchens except powder room, kitchenette and wet kitchen and maid's bathroom.

Leisure pool 240 sq. m.  Wading pool 30 sq. m.  Lap pool 180 sq. m (narrow rectangular pool). A large jacuzzi pool under a roof, 5 sq. m, near the lap pool.

One tennis court. Children's playground near the main pool.
Gym & BBQ area at one end of the lap pool. Steam baths in male and female changing room.
Function room. Landscaped garden with water features.

Waterfront bedrooms and living rooms in some  units. Spa pool at roof terrace area for penthouses. High quality interior finishes. Big sundeck beside main pool favoured by Caucasian sun lovers. Within a 10-min drive to Suntec City or the East Coast Recreation Park and beaches. 

Upscale Singapore condos - Camelot by Kallang River Camelot buildings by the Kallang River and off Rhu Cross Road
Singapore Camelot condos  - big balconies Camelot's big balconies attract most Caucasians to rent
Singapore Camelot condos, river fronting master bedroom
Camelot's lap pool. Gym, management office, barbecue pits on left side. Tennis court right of barbecue pits. Camelot kitchen with sea views on 18th floor.
Construction affects investment returns for Camelot landlords Camelot with sea breezes, clean & green Kallang River frontage and shops at the Indoor Stadium
Facing construction on 18th floor. Camelot, Singapore Breezes and river views from 18th floor Camelot, Singapore upscale condo
River Views from the master bedroom of the 4+1 fronting Kallang River. Camelot's bay view units are in great demand. Rentals from $8,000 - $10,000 in  2002. Rentals have increased in 2011.
Type Sq. ft
A1G 3240
A1 2820
A1P (4th & 5th floor) 5360
A2G, A3G 2723
A2,A3 2433
B1G 3218
B1P (2nd & 3rd floor) 5490
B2G 3186
B2 2842
B2P (3rd & 4th floor) 5500
B3G 3294
B3 2874
B3P (6th & 7th floor) 5500
B4G 3186
B4 2745
B4P (7th & 8th floor) 5113
B5 (4th-10th floor) 2637
B5P (11th & 12th floor) 5048
B6 (4th-13th floor) 2648
B6P (14th &15th floor) no figures given in brochure
B7G 3025
B7 2626
B7P (14th & 15th floor) no figures given in brochure
B8G 3531
B8 3035
B8P (19th & 20th floor) 5834
G: refers to ground floor with patio or private enclosed space.
P: penthouse with two floors and rooftop jacuzzi.


Camelot penthouse floor plan Camelot 4-bedroom floor plan Camelot 3-bedroom floor plan Camelot: floor plan 4+1
Camelot Penthouse Camelot
Camelot.  Another
0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)March 19, 2011    For Rent
Advert by Realtor:
1.  Mar 9, 2011.  Camelot 4+1 3025 sq. ft $13,000 
Upscale, waterfront condos - Camelot penthouses Singapore2.  Mar 19, 2011.  Camelot Penthouse 5+1 5048 sq ft $16,800
New renovation. 2-levels. Rooftop jacuzzi.
Other units available 
E-mail Tel: +65 9668 6468. 
Case written in 2002.
The corporate landlord will test your patience to the limit.

1.  "Our lawyer will have to engross the tenancy agreement, not your client's lawyer." said an angry executive of a rental property for the corporate landlord.

2.  "He has not replied in writing to our counter proposals to his amendments dated earlier."

3.  "He gives us a tenancy agreement printed out in his Europe's office, stamped and signed by his Company.  This tenancy agreement has not been engrossed by our lawyers yet."  The  prospective tenant had downloaded via email the tenancy agreement and to expedite matters, had signed and engrossed it first before sending it to Singapore's corporate landlord.  

4. "Tell your client that nothing has been confirmed till we give him the tenancy agreement."  

5.  "If you don't know our procedures, let us deal direct with your client."

"You don't expect us to give you our lawyer's tenancy agreement within 2 days just because your client wants it."

For most expatriates not experienced in the laws of tenancy agreement, "engross" means "to prepare the final hand written or printed text of (an official document).

In this case, the prospective tenant managed to get the tenancy agreement in an email file attachment and had his lawyer in Europe to read through and download the Landlord's counter proposals.  He brought the agreement which had been signed and stamped by his company. 

However, the Singapore corporate Landlord was not interested in this efficient action.   His lawyer would have to engross the tenancy agreement first, then courier it to Europe and then courier it back to meet the deadline.

Nothing is finalized till the tenancy agreement has been signed. Expatriate tenants are often left to wait as long as 8-12 weeks for the corporate Landlord's lawyers and the administrators to produce the final agreement. The bigger the corporate landlord, the more levels of decision makers  that the tenancy agreement with its amendments will need to pass through.

If the prospective tenant email or pressurize the administrator in charge via email or telephone calls, they may get an antagonistic reaction and this may be detrimental to the closure of the case.

The Singapore corporate landlord with one or two exceptions are not nimble (in 2002).

In 2011, many corporate landlords employ more supporting staff and they work hard, sending e-mails, doing open houses and interact with realtors.

The individual landlord can get a tenancy agreement signed within 24 hours and get the tenant, but the corporate landlord has "procedures" and many bureaucratic layers of busy officials who have to approve the lease terms and the lawyers to vet through. 

Letter of Offer. There is firstly, the Letter of Offer from the Landlord.  The "Letter of Intent" submitted by the Realtor is usually ignored but used as a basis by the corporate Landlord to produce the Letter of Offer. This may take a few days.  The private individual landlord may take a few minutes.

Forfeiture of good faith deposit.  One corporate Landlord wants to forfeit the good faith deposit (of one month's rent) if the prospective Tenant disagrees with the term and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement, after signing the Letter of Offer.   No Tenant is going to agree to this when he has not even read the tenancy agreement.  It is a win-lose situation.

The only solution is to submit both together once the terms and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement have been agreed by both parties.  

Bureaucracy.  Whether it is the corporate landlord's lawyers or the executives, but you will need several weeks to finalize a tenancy agreement.  

Usually the "decision maker"  is busy or has gone overseas and therefore is not available to sign the documents.

This delay is a common in most of the Singapore's corporate landlord, disrupting furniture shipping plans. 

It causes so much worries that the apartment may not be leased to the expatriate as the offer to lease from the Landlord is "subject to contract". 

Take it or leave it attitude.  Of course, the process will be faster if the prospective tenant has no objection to any clause in the Landlord's tenancy agreement, but then, the Tenant's lawyers must have their say and amendments too, contributing to the delays.  

In conclusion, it is best for the first-time expatriate tenant to be patient and not to contact the Landlord's administrator direct.  

Work with your realtor.  In most cases, the tenancy agreement will be engrossed by the Landlord's lawyer and the tenant gets his apartment if your human resource manager or lawyer does not throw obstacles or objections in the tenancy agreement.

However, if you really like the unit, be prepared to accept the demand of a 3-months' security deposit instead of 2 months as some corporate landlords will not negotiate on this aspect.  Some corporate landlords even want you to pay their legal fees for the preparation of the tenancy agreement!

I can only recommend that expats have a sense of humour to cope with such a stressful situation or look for other units to rent.

For first-time individual Landlords, it is good news that the corporate Landlord is as slow as the bigger dinosaurs. However, many of his executive officers are very good as some do get a small compensation to close the case in addition to their regular salary.  

One of two corporate landlords are really prompt and therefore, you still have to be nimble and quick to compete with the big boys!  

0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)Caucasian couple cycling towards the East Coast Park and beach. CAMELOT & PEBBLE BAY CONDOS
Caucasian expats who love cycling by the river and to the East Coast Park and beaches will enjoy this breezy upscale residential enclave.
A 5-minute walk to  the Indoor Stadium's supermarkets and entertainment (using a suspension bridge across the Kallang River).

Subdivisions (condo & house details) has some of the details of the advertised condos.
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Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
Townerville colonial houses for rent.  No condo facilities.

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