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UE Square Condos

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Case Study:  Some Englishmen love the afternoon sun.
Client: English couple over 30, no children. A small breed dog.
Budget: S$4,000 - $6,000.
Husband’s office: Raffles Place.
Apartment wanted: UE Square Condo which is a S$4 taxi fare to Raffles Place.
2-bedroom initially but wife loved the 3-bedroom of similar layout that was bathed in sunlight during the January 1998 visit.

February 11, 1998

"Not much sunshine here; this apartment faces East and you don’t get the afternoon sun!" said Mrs Y, 50 plus, first-time Landlord and co-owner of a UE Square Condo apartment at Parkwing. 10.30 a.m sun rays were streaming in through the windows into the living cum dining room and they were a selling point for the Englishman who smiled respectfully, without comments.

1. She did not know the cultural differences and would have adversely damaged her prospect of getting a tenant! In the UK, especially Scotland in which I stayed for 5 years, bright sunny days may be <4 weeks in a year. Similar situation applies to Europe and New Zealand.

(Best to leave sales talk to the realtor unless the realtor is ignorant. I had already told Mrs Y that her apartment was appropriate for the English couple who had liked an almost identical one at the Riverwing Block on the 14th floor, asking S$6,000 rental.)

2. She was late for the viewing appointment today. I had moved to the lift to go to another unit as I had a tight schedule of over 10 3-bedroom units in UE Square, with 2 similar facing units on high floor when Mrs Y burst out from the elevator with the maid and baby.

3. Viewing were scheduled every 15 minutes as I had only 9 a.m – noon. Although my client wanted a specific type of 3-bedroom approved by his wife one month ago, I had to show him other layouts to provide an overview.

Advices to New Housing Agent - In this case, it was not necessary to show other layouts as the client was very specific as to the layout wanted (see "wife’s likes" below).

4. One owner came at the wrong time and waited one hour; should have phoned me as my mobile phone was on). Her unit, being a corner one, had more beautiful views of Fort Canning but the layout was not what the English wife wanted.

5. The other Owners were angry with me for belated cancellation when the Englishman had decided on Mrs Y unit which was a 4th unit being viewed. Owners need to be patient and understand and be aware of the system. Sometimes the Owners don’t turn up and sometimes Agents don’t turn up too because the client refuses to waste time on other units when he has made his choice. Some clients will see hundreds of units.

I did not expect the Englishman to be decisive and the Landlord to be happy with the $5,500 rental partially furnished, offered. (3-bedroom in UE Square in February rents from $5,000 to over $6,000 fully furnished depending on many factors).

UE Square Condo

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UE Square Condos


English wife’s likes:
Bright kitchen and rooms with plenty of sunshine.
Conservation shophouses of Mohammed Sultan Road and historical/cultural significance of area.

Fort Canning Park – an excellent place to exercise the little dog.
3-bedroom apartment with a long wall to hang paintings (wife in the art business).

Green view of Fort Canning Park from living and dining rooms when viewed from the left half and from the kitchen on the left. However, an obstructed building view when one looks straight. Some views of the city on the right side.

A big foyer (an entrance hall or lobby in an apartment) – in the 3-bedroom unit, it was big enough to put a dining table or a big bookcase.

Master bedroom smaller than other 3-bedroom apartments for this layout. This unit has a side glass window in the master bedroom.

All 3 bedrooms are next to one another in a row, leading to less privacy for couple and guests.

Air-conditioner compressor takes up space on floor outside utility room.

Noise and hot air from compressor can be reduced considerably if the Landlord installs a sliding door between kitchen and utility room area.

Conclusion. UE Square Condo has a varied layout. Main problem would be the lack of clear views, the air-conditioner compressors in some 2-bedroom units obstructing the placement of the washing machine or causing much noise and heat in the kitchen. Main complaint would be the dark kitchen or living rooms for some units on the low floor.

Many top managers as exemplified by this case (see correspondence below), commence house hunting around 2 months before taking up residence and if the Landlord is flexible, will take the lease so that they can focus on their work or regional travel. The Housing Agent must qualify Landlords who will be willing to wait and closing would be achieved.


-----Original Message-----

Subject: Re: Singapore UE Square Condo
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 02:39:26 +0000
To: drsing drsing@pacific.net.sg
Organization: Asia USA Realty
To: <…@mbox4.singnet.com.sg>

Jan 16

XXX wrote:

Have now received drafts. Following discussion with Accountant, target date is 19th February. I will be back in Sing in 1st week and then returning about 19th for a short stay in temp accommodation while …joins me. We are now very keen to find an apartment in UE2 and keen to ensure you are aware that we would be ready to go with everything in place to act quickly around the 19th February, at which time we would be looking for something similar to the last we saw. Please keep me informed nearer the time as to status and opportunities for viewing etc. I will call to finalise arrangements nearer the time.


Subject: More Units available than earlier, no problem getting one cheaper unit.

Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 20:43:10 +0000
From: drsing@pacific.net.sg
Organization: Asia USA Realty
To: XXX<…@mbox4.singnet.com.sg>
Feb 6

Yes, there are more units released and some landlords are more flexible as to later commencement date. I have a 3-bedroom (similar to one you saw) with similar high floor and facing at S$5,200 fully furnished. When you are here, please let me know so that we can view a few units. Some Landlords do not mind commencement date starting on March 6.

My mobile is 9668 6468 and my office is 254 2728 Best wishes.

XXX wrote:

Dr Sing
Delay in registration of company is likely to mean that we will not have residency etc before 6th March, but would be in a position to start looking again at end of February. What is the situation at UE square, are more now available for viewing? I am in Sing for next week. I am at Goodwood Park. Regards


Regional Manager, SE Asia
#NN-00 Republic Plaza
9 Raffles Place
Singapore 048619

From: drsing@pacific.net.sg
To: ….<..@….mics.com>
Date: 08 February 1998 19:40
Subject: Viewing of 3-bedroom UE Square when you are in Singapore
Feb 9

Can we make some arrangement to view 3-bedroom at UE Square since you will be in Singapore and I have cheaper units? Timing is about right as Landlord needs some time to get apartment ready. Pl let me have a fixed date so that I can schedule several units. Pl contact me at 9668 6468 or 254 2728 for appointments. Best wishes.


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