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16 Feb 2010   
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes
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This report was written in 30 January 2002 for the benefit of expatriate tenants seeking a Singapore home.

Dear readers,


Thank you, internet surfers, for your emails and business which many times do put bread on the table to support the families of my realtors.

This page, Features of a luxurious Singapore house is dedicated to all expatriate internet surfers contacting Asia USA Realty from around the world asking me for photos of Singapore housing to be emailed to them. 

It is not practical to email photos individually, hence this page is dedicated to show what an upscale house in Singapore looks like.

As at Feb 1, 2002, over 2,000 photos & floor plans and research reports and tips on Singapore housing, sponsored by AsiaHomes Internet, an advertising agency specializing in internet property ads for Owners & Realtors, are presented to help you find the best value for money home. 

Please email judy or tel: +65 9668 6468 if you need more information.

Naturally I hope you will write down the details and contact numbers of houses you wish to view,  as advertised by other agents and contacts.

All our  realtors are self employed and don't get paid by the landlord unless they find you a home. 

I hope your stay in Singapore will be a pleasant one.  Welcome to Singapore.

Dr Sing Kong Yuen,,

I have commissioned a research report with images of interiors, on what a modern upscale Singapore house will look like for the benefit of expatriates relocating to Singapore and for first-time Landlords renovating their houses.  It is practically impossible for me to email photographs to individuals.

Do email if you need more info.

For many Caucasian women who love to cook, a new modern and bright kitchen is very important.   

In Singapore, very few kitchens are air conditioned although many Landlords have started to provide such facilities.  There is a worry that the air conditioned filters may get oily and difficult to maintain.  However, an air conditioned kitchen is one up on the neighbours in attracting Caucasian tenants.

Some owners want a unique floor plan by locating the kitchen in front of the living area or at the side of the living area or up on the second level.

It is best to locate the kitchen on the first floor rather than on the 2nd floor because tenants may want to host barbecue parties and it is inconvenient to go upstairs and downstairs.

Modern kitchen with stainless steel kitchen appliances, Singapore.
A kitchen is located near and to the left the main door in Emerald Hill has an open-concept plan.  Most tenants prefer the kitchen to be at the back of the house.  Therefore, you reduce greatly your tenant pool if you decide on a 2nd storey kitchen or smack one near your main door, next to the living area.

In this new house, the kitchen has a modern stainless steel oven which has a stainless steel cover when not in use.  This is "cool" by today's standard.  

Glass blocks bar counters bring in the orange glow of bulbs during the evening. 

There is an interesting light display counter to the extreme right side of the kitchen under the staircase for you to appreciate your antiques or collections.  This makes effective use of the dead space under the staircase.

The living area is usually a pastel-coloured marble flooring but in this luxurious townhouse, you can appreciate the large squares of beautifully polished smooth texture black  granite which is very more costly to install. 

The maroon coloured strips of "chengai" wood, a tropical wood are used for the steps of the staircase and the bedrooms. 

They are rarely installed in houses, even for those conservation chophouses renovated at a cost of Singapore 2 million dollars as they are very expensive.

Ducted air conditioning is present in the living and dining areas, doing away with the distracting split-unit air conditioners hanging from the walls. 

There is therefore sufficient space to hang big paintings on the wall.

The wall above the back door is not a solid wall.  There are 2 very big windows permitting the occupants to view the green trees and get natural daylight or starlight.  

Two  white electricity powered blinds provides privacy from the passer by as the clear glass window panes

Tinting of the glass panes  will reduce the amount of daylight and makes the house dark although they do provide some privacy.  

Dark houses means you will need to switch on light and most Caucasians hate dark houses. 

Intermediate town or terrace houses inevitably are dark unless they have air wells, skylights or windows on the walls from level 2 and 3.  The problem with such high glass windows is the cost of window cleaning.  Who pays for the cost?  The Tenant or the Landlord?

A bright yellow tiled common bathroom breaks the monotony of dark colours of the black granite tiles of the

Bright yellow-tiled common bathroom attracts kids. living area and the maroon "chengai" wooden strips. 

The shower is on the left.  White under counter cabinets are provided.  The master bedroom is to the right of the common bathroom. 

In 2001, I came across 2 cases where the owners have had spent a lot of money creating a luxurious home.

As bath tubs are not part of the Singapore baby boomers' upbringing or even a part of the Singaporean culture, these successful entrepreneurs of the luxurious condos and houses have had not installed long baths during extensive remodeling of older residences.  These residences are unique and much better done than new ones.

When they want to rent the units at $10,000 - $20,000 per month, their target tenants, the Caucasian expatriates find that there are no long baths.  Finding a tenant will take a longer time.   Therefore, do plan to install a long bath tub and a shower stall, even if you don't use the long bath as you may want to rent your house in later years.

Six avant-garde Italian designer bungalows renting from $20,000 - $25,000.
The master bathroom has the   stainless steel basin which is considered "cool" by people in the forefront of the fashion industry.

A designer stainless steel basin makes a statement of art and exclusivity.Stainless steel basin in the master bathroom is "cool" in the 2001 era.

Glass blocks on walls of bathrooms or simply large windows with or without skylight bring in natural daylight and make the bathrooms  bright.

A shower cubicle will be good to give the tenant a choice of not having to shower in the long bath.

The white long bath is nowadays the standard in all new houses and condos in 2001.  Multi-coloured long baths are out of fashion.  Marble walled bathrooms are a feature of luxurious houses and some new condos too.  Ceramic tiles make the house look ordinary.

The family area is on the left of the image on the 2nd level, next to the common bathroom.  It overhangs the living area and is like a loft looking down a void space.

In some gigantic 3-storey houses in Woodlands, near the American School, there is a blank wall in front Family area to see the girls go by from the front windows, Singaporeso that you can project your movies. Note the railings which are deemed not child safe for toddlers who tend to climb.   This townhouse will be appreciated by expat singles or couples without young children. 

From the family area, the tenant can see the green trees from the 2 windows above the back door.  

A private assigned covered car park is important as the car is a very expensive asset in Singapore.   Cars cost 2 times more than those in the USA or Australia.  This is one main reason why expats prefer to live near the subway or bus-routes to  their office as they adjust to a different life style in Singapore.

Reserved car park lot for your Bentley? Inside the house, a depressed area or an air well, said to be a light well or atrium in American housing terms, can be part of bringing Nature indoors if the occupant keeps koi fishes or an indoor garden with bonzai plants.  The house must be longer to permit such luxuries.

However, the tenant must be keen on keeping fishes or willing to spend money to contract out the services.

The roof above this area may be an enclosed by a glass-paned skylight to bring in daylight. 

Another part of the house near the kitchen may be an air well open to the sky.  In this case, the kitchen will be at the back of the house.  Plants can be kept in this air well.  A Japanese garden with bonzai plants will bring in nature.

Such features appeal to Caucasians who love nature.

A back room, called guest room for the elderly may be important as older folks don't like to climb stairs.  It can be used for as a dog's house, strictly for your Dalmatian but not to banish your husband or mother in law ! 

There must be a good-sized maid's room with windows and ventilation. This feature tends to be overlooked by the professionals who may provide a small 50 sq. ft room.

Yet there is still a small maid's bathroom outside this utility room in addition to the powder room

Obviously, the maid can't live in this small room and the maid's bathroom takes up unnecessary space and guests feel cramped going to this small bathroom. 

The audio-visual intercom (see image) and other security features
are common in luxurious houses.  Connection to the police security forces may be another feature. 

Panic buttons
in the bedrooms and other places are selling points.

Auto-gates so that you don't have to stop the car to drive into the house are common features of many houses.    

Display counters strategically located for your porcelain antiques to impress your visitors. 

Antique wooden panels with attractive carvings.

A big balcony for 4 people, outside the 2nd level outside the master bedroom.

A big patio for al fresco dining.   

A big garden beautifully landscaped.

An attic room with its attached bathroom and with windows looking down the living area may be just great as a study room.  

Central air conditioning is too expensive to maintain nowadays and all houses have dispensed with central air conditioning.

As an alternative to houses, condos may be considered.  Some reports condos are presented below for your reference.

Other features
which make up the ideal luxurious home will be:

A beautifully landscaped swimming pool with water falling down from the platform. A children's pool.

A jacuzzi pool on the side with elevated wooden platform.

Water fountains and pond.  Balinese figurines seem to be in fashion nowadays.

A barbecue area to host parties.




Elmira Heights & Kim Yam Heights.

The Bayron (layout plans and photos).

The Paterson Edge.

The Paterson Edge (layout plans).


Pebble Bay

The Makena, Costa Rhu & The Waterside

The Quayside

Bayshore Park

More condos at:


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