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Read one research report Aug 21 2000:  Too many choices for this single expat?

Best home-buying sites USA March 2002 


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Houses & condos that take your breath away

Dressed to kill the NZ pathologist - June 1998 report for first-time Landlord.   

How to rent your suburban condo faster?

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What does the expat director expect for $12,000 rent?

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Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
2-4-bedroom colonial house $2,200 for romantic and young Caucasian expats. 5-min taxi ride & new subway to Suntec City. 

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6.1 "Be Kind to Pets" - Tips for a longer life for pets. A Community Education supported by Asiahomes Internet.

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Singapore The Colonnade has large balconies and is near downtown
Feb 29 02. 
186. The Colonnade renovated. Huge balconies & living areas from $9,000

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12 Aug 2002
Focus:  We sell you affordable internet property ads

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Pretty up your house

Singapore house with window grilles and wall paper for rent.2002 is a difficult year for Landlords with older houses as there are so many new ones from the Developers and others for rent.

You may love the floral wall paper and grilles as an owner occupier but once you decide to rent, be investment minded.

Remove wall papers. Paint the walls white. Remove the grilles. Install the snow white translucent Roman blinds (vertical blinds) if the view is not pleasant or there is no privacy. 

Paint the doors greyish white. Install modern steel door knobs. Change the bathrooms and kitchen cabinets.

Preparing the house to attract the Caucasian expatriates who are the group most favoured by Landlords will need careful thought to pastel colours and some expenses. Remember that most expatriates still like condos, but there is a select few who want decent clean newer houses. Their rental budgets range from $2,500 - $20,000.  Most likely, the reader's house will be renting from $2,500 - $5,000 as this is the group who needs to know what to do to rent faster. The others know what to do as the bank mortgages or interest of over $5,000 per month are considerably higher and make them aware of what it takes to rent faster to Caucasian expatriates.  

If you wait till you get a prospect to do up the house, you will have wasted a few months. Time is money. If you don't mind prospects who pay you much less for not doing any home upgrading, you may still have problems finding a tenant. The reason being that the Developer-Landlords are renting out too and they are really good at decorating their homes and have a large team of realtors who are kept updated of listings by emails, faxes and phone calls. 

Thankfully for the individual Landlords, the corporate Landlords are not so flexible, nimble and do not know how to harness cleverly the internet yet. If their executives are highly motivated and they make full use of information technology, you will find that they rent out fast and few good realtors will bother to show your property.

If you were the realtor who is paid on performance, will you show a house which the Caucasian expatriate will say no or show a few and close in one house-hunting visit?  

Be investment-minded. Time is money. An empty unrenovated house can be broken into by thieves.  It may be rentable with time but the quality of your tenant will not be good. Your rent will not be much too.

Only that some of us may not have the money or idea to upgrade the house to a good standard to make the prospective Tenant say, "Vow, make an offer to the Landlord now!"  I hope this tip will be useful.

To: Owners & Realtors

For a $13.50 ad, you may save over $2,000 - $10,000 in agency or co-broking commissions if you get direct response or need not co-broke, assuming your rent is $2,000 - $10,000 and your lease is 2 years.

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