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08 Feb 2009.   
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment

YOU WANT to rent or buy Singapore homes? 

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$30.00/40 words/90 days. Add $15/picture 600X600 pixels). E-mail your advert/query to or tel: +65 9668-6468.



like fighting a war against formidable enemies with huge fire power. 

They are the big guns - the Developers and sometimes Developers-cum-Landlords who have great advertising powers, supporting staff and most importantly, who pay full commission to all housing agents (no co-broking and splitting 50% of commissions necessary for all Singapore corporate landlords, except one). 

To succeed in warfare, you need to know how to get to your target with the least loss of lives. To succeed in property investment, you need to find a Tenant or Buyer much faster than your neighbour.

To rent or sell faster in the Singapore real estate, firstly, you need to advertise in the Straits Times for the most exposure. 

However, newspapers cannot be read by the  numerous surfers as their listings expire daily. There are also overseas expatriates and foreign investors who specifically go to the webpage for convenience (being free, open 24 hours at a click of a mouse!). 

This webpage is listed in the top 10 positions in the major search engines and therefore can be seen when you click
 "Singapore+condos+houses" & most other key words in real estate.  See: Latest ranking of

How affordable?

1.  Text Ads Rates
2.  Photo Ads Rates
3.  Web Page Rates
4.  How do you benefit?
5.  Money back guarantee

1. Text Ads for 90 days
Internet ads by Realtors & Owners. S$30.00/40 words. The ad is placed at the front page of and may be shifted to subsidiary pages after 30 days, at the discretion of the management.

2. Photo-Ad for 90 days
$15.00 per picture.  Pictures to be around 600 x 600 pixels when you email to 

$50 for one web page, e.g. Feb 26 00:  Agent looking for rental condos.

3.  A simple information web page with no bells and whistles under

$500/year. No changes will be made for one year.  Good for certain businesses which need not change data. Charges for each change will be $50/change.  E.g.

$150/month for one web page of your listings and 10 images, up to 2MB disk space. Suits high performance realtors who just wants a web address under and not waste too much money getting a domain name, finding a web developer and maintaining the webpage. E.g.

4.   How do you benefit?

4.1  A progressive business image if you have a URL.
But most webpage designers ask for at least $3,000 and then disappears as they resign from the company.
Asia USA Realty has been around since 1997, provides an affordable advertising to promote your business to the world, without costing you a bomb and without disappearing after a few months so that you can follow up on your internet ads.

4.2  You project an image of being modern and progressive.

4.3  It is much easier for prospective customers or clients to contact you or know about your services and products, when they have your website address (URL) shown in your business card.

4.4  Properties and pets are a favourite topic for surfers all over the world. provides more Singapore information on this topic and your advertisement will be exposed to many prospects from all over the world.

4.4   Many other benefits for you are at the FAQ (frequently asked questions). 

5.  Money Back within 24 hours Guarantee.  NO questions asked if advert not published when you change your mind.

for Property Owners & Realtors

Property Owners & Realtors:

Do you put all your eggs in one basket?

DO you need help, want to save money and time renting out your investment condos or houses by catching the right sort of expatriates, the worldwide surfers?

DO you have difficulties renting out your condos or houses?

Do you find the newspaper advertisements costing a bomb when you advertise to rent your investment property? 

The ads last one day and then you will have to pay more and more to make readers aware of your property?

Rent faster than your neighbour?

It is excruciatingly painful throwing away lots of advertisement money with little or no response.

Nobody calls most of the times when you advertise in newspapers. Why? The property rental market may be in decline owing to the vast supply of new condominiums and houses for rent.

Some Singapore realtors are so afraid of advertising on behalf of the Owners as it costs them money with nobody calling them. This happens in recessions or where there is no demand for the property, whether in the newspapers or internet advertisements.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Property Owners nowadays cannot depend on one or two realtors to quickly rent out their properties as many realtors with prospective tenants don't want to co-broke. Co-broking means sharing a hefty 50% of the commission. 

The cost of rentals and salaries and overheads seem to rise every year.  Therefore, realtors have to check out the internet to source for Owners. 

The ambitious older realtors now realise that they have to learn the new economy knowledge of the internet to survive.  

Therefore, do consider the 24-hour world-wide web exposure internet advertisements at Asiahomes Internet

A click of the mouse anytime and anywhere for $13.50/40 words for 90 days.  Is that affordable?

Sometimes, you have got to do something brand new, instead of just using the  printed media advertisements., with over 3,000 pictures and floor plans of Singapore properties, is targeted at surfers from all over the world looking for Singapore properties.  Email your advert and queries to now! Fax: 6256 0501. Tel:9668 6468.

Community Education to promote good care of companion animals via the Internet project, Be Kind to Pets" is supported by Asiahomes Internet.Rotting tail not normal in any Beagle or any dog. Check with vet.

The Beagle is popular amongst Singaporeans.  Can you spot any part of its body being abnormal? Click on dog image to view larger image. Does it need a veterinarian? Go to bottom of page for the answer.  Be Kind to Pets, a community service project using photos and real cases,
sponsored by Asiahomes Internet, provides tips & secrets to educate and save money for pet owners and lovers. 

What's wrong with the Beagle in the photo ?


The Owner believed that the Beagle biting its tail every day, leading to a rotting tip was a "normal" habit of dogs. Pricked by thorns of bougainvillea flowers & attracting flies, the Beagle had an intense itchy tail.

Seek veterinary treatment early to save the tail and money. 

A gangrenous tail will need to be operated and amputated and will cost you more money.

There is a veterinary condition called FOOT ROT in sheep and cattle but TAIL ROT in dogs is not well documented. Long tails can be injured though!

It came to the veterinary surgery because it had a watery feeling type of swelling below its neck, in front of its chest (called mediasternal edema, can you see it in the image above?). The cause could be the effect of some
rat or other poison or trauma.

The Beagle recovered after veterinary treatment. It died 14 days later after vomiting blood. The  chicken meat had been poisoned by rat poison and was thrown over by the neighbours to stop it from barking.

Be Kind to Pets - They are your best friends. More tips and secrets for pet lovers at: Tips for animal lovers.

Phone 9668-6468,


Singapore The Colonnade has large balconies and is near downtown
Feb 29 02. 
186. The Colonnade renovated. Huge balconies & living areas from $9,000
Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
Singapore Gentle Villas semi-detached, great location $6,000
Townerville colonial townhouses for rent.  6-month-leases possible. Gentle Villas with a large Caucasian community

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