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Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes
Rent or Investment
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Asia USA Realty (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Be amongst the first to know 
how to contact world-wide clients 
with your finger tips!

Are you weary of playing office politics?

Do you love fresh air & varied outdoor work
meeting interesting people from all over the world 
without having to travel overseas?

Do you want to chart your destiny?

Overflow from the reservoir of office politics To flow with the
Information Technology River 
gaining new knowledge or just 
stagnate in your office political
whirlpool waiting for the next 
promotion or retrenchment?

Do you want to be your own boss
without the overheads of an office 
and office personnel?

Be an internet realtor 
with Asia USA Realty (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

We are a licensed Singapore real estate firm focused
on finding affordable homes for expatriates and management of
properties for foreigners.

To serve the increasing number of American, Asian and European surfers contacting Asia USA, we need realtors in the residential rental and sales departments.

Bukit Panjang & Maysprings in 1999 - 2000
Numerous new apartments built recently 
present lots of opportunities for the
Singapore realtor to earn a decent livelihood. 
Singapore. Bukit Panjang's new HDB apartments & Maysprings in 2002

We offer you an exciting adventure 
of learning into the 
Internet world when you practise as an Internet Realtor, 
applying the knowledge of the internet to source and
close cases efficiently, promptly and earning a decent

There is a flood of new condos & houses in Singapore  
and more HDB apartments from 2002 onwards waiting 
for you to work.

If you have the integrity, energy and motivation, you can earn 
a decent livelihood honestly as a housing agent.

Special qualities of an Asia USA Internet Realtor

Integrity is the most important quality as you will be offered 
secret commissions by the prospective Tenant, Landlord, 
Seller or Buyer which will affect your professionalism.  

Self-motivation as you'll be self-employed and facing 
competition from the best realtors in Singapore. 

If you look forward to working each new day, you are
likely to be successful.  

If not, your savings will disappear due to 
your lack of focus on the prospect and follow up. 
You will be short of cash and your family can't rely on you for
the daily bread.  

As an internet realtor, you will be self employed.
Therefore your income depends on you alone.  

Ideally, a street fighter who lives and breathes
the Internet. 

Who wants to apply the latest
Web technologies in real estate including digital 
photography, web databases, ftp, html and
video photos.

Who likes to meet people from all over the world.

Magical disneyworld look:  Ardmore View condoWho appreciates all types of 
housing in Singapore as works of art. 

Who is keen on learning
how to promote 
properties via the Internet using the latest  digital knowledge.

Who knows when to relax and spend time with the family. 

But  who knows that 2 factors of success are honest hard work.
and a sound reputation amongst co-broking realtors & clients. 
And that means sacrificing some time with the family. 
You can't have your cake and eat it! 
What's in it for you?

*  90% of marketing fees based on cases closed by you from your sources or from Asia USA Realty.

*  Referrals from Asia USA's international Internet Clientele. There is no obligation to handle such cases, but if you do, we expect whole-heartedly support, professional report and follow-up to close the cases. It is unlikely that other agencies will give you cases to handle. In other agencies, you will have to get your own prospects generally.

*  Free first gateway web page at

*Setting up your own Internet branch and managing your own team if you wish to do so.

Expatriates and retirees who just know how to email but not the fancy web technologies are welcome too if they are approved by CEA in 2011. As most business is conducted by internet, you will need to know how to email. If you are ready to move, email your resume to:

Judy Quek, Director
Residential Rental Division
Residential Sales Division

If you want to read more as to what it takes to be a successful rental realtor, see:



Apr 2 02. 190.  Kim Yam conservation shophome $6000

Singapore Rosevale with private lift and jacuzzi, near Novena subway
187. Rosevale
5-min walk to Novena subway. Private lift. New. 3-bedroom $4,000

Singapore. Gentle Villas bungalow with no pool.  For Rent. $8,000

Feb 28 02. 184. Gentle Villas bungalow 5+1 2948 sq. ft built in, 4413 sq. ft land. $8,000

Singapore, The Makena pool and penthouse
Feb 13 02. 181. The Makena and other waterfront condos for rent.  

Singapore bungalow with privacy and big pool.
Mar 24 02. 189. Beautiful bungalows with pools $13,000


Examples of 
and houses
you will be 


Singapore's Gambier Court heritage shophome with pool sharing. $8,000
188. 2-storey shophome 3 bedrooms 2100 sq. ft $8,000

Singapore Gentle Villas semi-detached, great location $6,000
Feb 28 01. 185. Gentle Villas semi-detached $6,000. 

Nanak Mansions has a big field for children to play.
Feb 14 02. 182. Big play field? Live in Nanak Mansions

Kew Green: Roof terrace has fresh countryside air
Feb 6 02. 179.  Breezy Kew Green with roof terrace jacuzzi $4,000 - $5,000.

Feb 14 02. 183. The Quayside, waterfront for couples

Plenty of sunshine at open pool deck area for Caucasian sun lovers.
Feb 7 02. 180.  Gallop Gables for sale/rent to investors. Caucasian enclave. 

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Pte Ltd.  Website:
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Asia USA Realty (Singapore) Pte Ltd
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*Serviced apartments
* Singapore's newer condos for rent/sale
(condo & house details) 


Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
Townerville colonial houses for rent.  No condo facilities.

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Singapore The Colonnade has large balconies and is near downtown
The Colonnade renovated. Huge balconies & living areas from $9,000
Internet Realtors Wanted