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To specialise in publishing narrative picture pet stories and videos to entertain and educate the time-pressed internet generation to be kind to pets and to all creatures big and small.
Golden Retriever much loved by this talkative boy but encouraged to bite through playing. Toa Payoh Vets.Vision
1. Aims to be the leading how-to book for the first-time pet owner and the pet industry operators in Singapore.  Research on current trends and contributions from pet lovers, young people and experienced people in the pet industry. 

2.  Education features in each book. Best practices. Tips on popular practices in pet health, nutrition and care.

3. Bigger, bolder images, more dramatic layouts and an updated colour palette to make this book more modern.

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050827Singapore family parenting stories, published by internet advertising agency for owners & realtors of condo, house, apartments;   internet classified ads. Information below is taken from:  
Jan 7, 2001.  Some links may be dead ones.

Singapore Family stories sponsored by Asiahomes Internet
38:  Jan 6 00:  Not many choices of cooking for the health conscious father.

37:  Dec 25 00: Brilliant scholars do need career guidance from the parents too.

36:  Dec 16 00:   Passion in your career as a vet or doctor  cannot be defined but can felt.

35:  Dec 16 00: Hilarious army days with the "Pastor".

34:   Dec 4 00: The smoked doctor is an endangered species.

33: Nov 29 00:   How to make mortal enemies

31:  Nov 21 00:   How do we teach a pre-teen child be street wise?

30:  Nov 20 00:  Will the Elders ask the Shepherd to leave his flock?

29:  Oct 30 00: You need passion to succeed in whatever you do.

28:  Oct 26 00: The girlfriend says he will not smile if he goes to RI.

27:  Oct 24 00: Can Singapore fathers be autocractic regarding euthanasia of the child's beloved pet?  

26:  Oct 3 00: Big brother is keeping up with the Joneses

25:  Sep 13 00:  How an American affirmed his love for his fiancee.

24:  Aug 31 00: Tough being a New Economy husband?

23.  Aug 22 00:  Be patient with the zombie mummy realtor.

22.  Aug 5 00:   "Discus" love in an HDB 2-bedroom

21.  Aug 2 00: Sneaky children & the hatchet dad

20.   Jul 28 00: "You are my everything" Is it possible to stop chain smoking to treasure your everything?

19.  Can a single mother produce 3 graduate children?

18.  My unsympathetic husband

17.  Beg, con or borrow to further the son's overseas education.

16.  My "75-year-old" husband.

15.   Everybody fails Physics! Blame the relief teacher

14.  Humour to tutor your  son?

13.  Mum died when surgery was postponed after 3 months' wait.

12.  The Pesky Father: thriftiness

11.  "I want a car, dad!" said the daughter studying in Australia.

10.  Your sons are inattentive in class.

9.  Sand in the pockets.

8.  Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

7.  Are 12-year olds little women?

6.  Caucasian v. Asian culture

5.  What is honesty to an 11-year old?

4.  Change the Chinese tuition teacher?

3.  Hunger in the Belly.

2.  Punishing the legendary tardy husband.

1.  There's never enough time for you.

Useful sites for parents:

1.  http://women.com/family
Advices from the best-selling book, Doctors' Book of Home Remedies for Children and other info.

2.  http://www.parentsplace.com
Includes "Kids Only" bulletin boards and kid-friendly web sites.

3.  http://family.go.com
"365 TV-free activities",
"parent problem solver",
"parent's survival guide" for new dads and other info.

4.  http://www.bhg.com/

10 years' worth of articles from the 75-year old "Better Homes and Gardens" parenting section.   One for Singapore parents: the article on defusing tuition trauma at http://www.bhg.com/
gives good guide on good toys, computer software and CD roms.
http://www.familyvillage.wisc.edu for disabled children info.

5.  http://www.fathers.
for fathers and grandfathers.

6.  http://www.ala.org/

More than 700 sites for parents, caregivers and teachers.  Pre-school to age 14 kids. 
7. http://www.science

California-based firm produces science videos for teachers and parents - kindergarten to 12 year olds.

8.  http://www.son-rise.org/
The Autism Centre of America

Websites for secondary school students

A good place to start is:
Association for Science education at:  http://www.ase.org.uk
Physics links:  http://www.ase.org.uk/
with 5 subject areas in measurement, physics notes, oscillations, atomic & nuclear physics around the world wide web and links to website reviews.

appealing exercises for Year 11 science students.
http://pdg.lbl.gov/cpep-html high energy physics for "A" level students.
  Science Museum website.

http://www.ect.hobsons.com  Educational Computing & Technology magazine.
1.  Singapore's website for Kids
http://www.sg/kids/  has Singapore facts, national symbols, places of interest maps.  It has links to:
1.1  http://www.cyberkids.com - games and creative exercises.
1.2  A learning centre with links to 4 sites to help students with their homework.
1.3  http://infoseek.go.com/

The Go Network is a good entertaining site for children. Links to sites offering help with homework, including Ask Jeeves for Kids, a translator and a customised search engine based on various school subjects.

2.  Parenting websites.

3.  When marriage ends, start over again.   http://www.divorcedoc.com/
Perfume websites
Singapore's first online perfume store:
Useful fragrance tips:

Perfume allergies:

Collecting perfume bottles:

Links Co-operatve 

> 380 active members as at Aug 1 00 - A U.K site co-op website, where members spends about one hour per month to provide related links.  Register at: http://www.linktopics.com
. If you don't have time, your links will be dropped.

1.  Mum & Pop Businesses:  You don't need the expensive merchant account to do e-commerce and may be better off getting a third party to process credit card payments.   Compare such parties at: http://linz1.net/

2.  http://www.audioload.

Download music for a price.
3.  http://www.efusion.

Make new friends.

4.  http://www.ihive.com/
Companies that need to outsource work to meet service providers and freelancers.

5.  http://www.courses.

Courses offered anywhere in Singapore.

sinpets.com books
focus on "How To" Pet Health, Nutrition & Care Education Reference Book for children and young adults living in cities and have little contact with animals.  Graphics and pictures of case studies and research, teaching relevant information to young pet owners are the unique selling points of the books.   Details are www.sinpets.com

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