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Nov 20, 2000.
For Rent.

Faber Park is a residential enclave of mostly bungalows with pool, located in District 5, within a 5-min drive to the United World College and Tanglin Trust. Some units are close to the Clementi subway

Faber Park bungalow + pool + garden $9,000. 3 units available as at November 20, 2000.

Faber Park - Octagonal shaped 2-storey bungalows + triangular pool
4+1 4,500 sq. ft built in and 10,000 sq. ft land. Tranquil broad street. 2-storey octagonal shaped bungalow with inground pool. Extra big over 200 sq. ft family area or room facing pool  but small 4 bedrooms all with attached baths.

Faber Park's plunge pool and bigger garden
Typical triangular pool facing living area. Split level dining area. Renovated unit.   Family area will be upstairs. CLICK thumbnail to appreciate beautiful garden and pool.

Rents asked from $8,000 - $10,000. Some remodelled units have more than 10,000 sq. ft of land and have big gardens and pools.

2.  Newly married expats prefer privacy in the 10-units only,  The Clayton 3+1 1800 sq. ft $5,500 new.gif (116 bytes)

3.  American families love the modern low rise Gallop Gables 4+1 2800 sq. ft  $10,000new.gif (116 bytes)

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Should the Shepherd go or should he stay?

"The surgeon gave me a 60:40 chance of survival," said the pastor. "I could suffer a stroke and be paralyzed or dead during the operation."

"I would give you a 40% chance of survival," I replied. But he was well and his usual jovial self.  I consider it a miracle.

It had been a very long whole day operation and anything could happen. A blood clot could travel to the brain and get stuck in the capillaries causing stroke. 

The surgeon took 3 pieces of blood vessels from his leg to replace the 3 clogged heart coronary blood vessels. A 4th was done since the clergyman had such good leg vein. 

Within a month, the 55-year old shepherd recovered. 

How much worries and pain he must have endured.  He had never mentioned his fears.

I believe it is a miracle and was happy that he has survived the operation. The pastor's friend believes it is faith in God. 

Why did I say it is a miracle?  The clergyman has high blood pressure and diabetes for many years.  Recently he went on kidney dialysis.  This meant the kidneys are not functioning well.  He takes around 10 tablets daily and this is a large number.

Then, the heart disease developed and he was operated while he had kidney failure.

An ordinary man would be very very depressed and not recover from so many medical conditions, let alone a big heart operation.

Now we were having lunch.  He ordered his usual curry vegetables, sweet and sour pork and watercress soup.

This was a diet high in fat and salt, not recommended for people with heart disease. I presume Diet coke was OK for him.  Eating such food in moderate amounts and infrequently should be OK I guess.  You can't expect every heart attack patient to be herbivorous!

What is the quality of life if one can't eat what one likes?  One hears cases of cancer and catastrophes such as the recent Singapore Airlines crash into some construction equipment at  Taipei Airport killing over 80 people.    

A short but sweet life or a long boring life? Live for the day as tomorrow may never come?  

One should at least eat a healthy diet if one doesn't exercise three times a week.

What is a healthy diet?

"You can't fry chickens at home. Just buy it from the KFC.  You can't eat honey-baked ham as it contains preservatives".  My healthy mum gets very angry at being restricted by dad's instructions but will go ahead with her indulgences.  If one has two feet, one will think of getting better shoes. One doesn't think of the person without money to buy footwear or has no feet.  

For the clergyman, he is the Shepherd for his church.  Faith in God can only do that much to keep him alive. Maintaining a good health needs more than spiritual strength.  

A sick shepherd on long medical leave cannot lead the flock and the elders may have to ask him to go even though the congregation may want him to stay.      

If he has to go, it may be God's will. Or just simply not being healthy to perform his job?  I will be most sad to see this Shepherd asked to leave the Church he built up from the ground, but I feel this will be the decision of the elders.  Or God's will?

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