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Asia USA Realty (Singapore) Pte Ltd  
18 Sep 2002
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment

YOU WANT to rent or buy Singapore homes?
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for Asia USA Realty (Singapore) Pte Ltd,
FOR EXPATS WHO VALUE PRIVACY & SPACIOUS ROOMS & more closets at less than $4,500 rent.

10 units of 3 bedrooms 1800 sq. ft. 
One pool, covered car parking and 24-hour security guard.
Bedrooms are really spacious.  Suits couples who want space and privacy. 

Photo Ads

Ewe Boon Road.
10 units, 1 block of 3-bedroom 1800 sq. ft units.
Completed: Around Nov 1998. Cabled.

The Clayton. One block only. 11 storey building
Quiet street, private reserved car parking lot

3-bedroom: 1850 sq. ft renting $4,500

The Clayton. Built in microwave and oven
Microwave & oven


Living/dining - light coloured marble around 36 feet x 13 feet, more spacious as there is no balcony.

A sideboard with four door cupboard and a marble shelving to put things and admire yourself at the wall mirror is useful. It separates the living from the dining.
Bedrooms - parquet.
The master bedroom has an 8-door wardrobe,

The Clayton has 8 spacious closets in master bedroom
Bright master bedroom with 8 closets.  High windows, clothing closet.

The Clayton's master bedroom is bright.
Quality wooden floors and big windows in all rooms.

The Clayton's spacious study room
Spacious study room

The kitchen has a white dual basin sink

The Clayton: Imported branded kitchen basins

The Clayton has modern kitchen appliances
Modern kitchen appliances

Air conditioning system with concealed ducting in all rooms and cable TV points.

Built-in microwave and conventional oven. The Clayton Elba microwave oven & Technogas oven

Washing machine and dryer. Cabled points to all rooms.  Good-sized utility area and maid's room.  Private lift.

Swimming pool (deep blue tiles, about 20 m), jacuzzi, assigned (reserved) covered car park lot, 24-hour security.
Audio visual intercom, concealed air conditioning piping and vent, private lift access card. 

Competitors: Palm Springs Condo (167 units),

Wing On Life Garden & Palm Spring condos
Wing On Life Garden (left) & Palm Spring (foreground) seen from The Clayton's kitchen. 

The Princeton & Crystal Tower condos

The Princeton and Crystal Towers (right) seen from The Clayton's private lift lobby. 

Their 3-bedroom units and living area are smaller for the same rental, around 1300 - 1500 sq. ft.

Privacy  in low density.  One unit per floor. No immediate neighbours.

The Clayton: Bright living and dining areas
Bright spacious living and dining areas.

Spacious dining and
living areas, brightness.

A private lift to your apartment & assigned car parking lot.  A utility or maid's room with window.

Location near Orchard Road and Bukit Timah Road. 

10-15 min walk to Orchard Road via Stevens Road using short cuts  Many picturesque views of  apartments and trees.

You can  take buses to the American Club & Orchard Road in 3 minutes via Stevens Road. 

A 15-minute walk to the Newton subway. Many taxis ply these 2 roads.

Quality finishes.

The Clayton's luxurious master bathroom
White long bath and dual basin sink in master bathroom.

A shower stall and a big white long bath in the master bathroom and a shower stall in the common bathroom.

The Clayton has high quality finishes in bathrooms too. 
2nd bathroom is spacious. The common bathroom has a big shower stall and dual basin counter.
One corporate landlord providing excellent back up services.

See photos of
Spacious living, dining and master bedroom rarely found in new Singapore condos near downtown.
The Clayton has big dining space for 8 seaters
Dining area seen from the living area.

The Clayton: Spacious bright master bedroom
Master bedroom window

Disadvantages:  Pool only.  No gym or tennis court.  Not near to the subway. 

Case study:
   Cash is king: $200,000 compensation to break lease.

"I was offered 10.5 months' rental compensation but I wanted 12 months," said Ms Q.

At $19,000/month, 10.5 months amount to a cash income of $199,500! The Tenant (a foreign bank) broke lease after 3 months' occupancy commencing August 1998 and had another 12 months of the lease before the "diplomatic clause" allowing it to break lease kicks in.

The Landlord could just sit pretty and get $19,000/month for 12 months, totaling $228,000. How would you advise the Landlord?

Much depends on the tax situation although $200,000 cash income will be taxed at the maximum rate.

In this case, the sole owner is a housewife. Assuming no other sources of income and that the detached was not rented prior to August 1998 and has been rented for 3 months.

Scenario 1. Rent received for the 3 months totaled $57,000. Cash compensation from the Tenant of $199,500 added to gross rent income of $256,500. Tax payable in 1994 (as an example as the 1997 figures were not available) for the first $200,000 at 25% tax rate will be $40,000 and $56,500 at 28% rate will be $15,820. Total tax payable amounts to $55,820. Net income to the Landlord will be $200,680.

Scenario 2. As above, but receiving $19,000/month from August 1998 to December 1998. The gross rent income will be $95,000. In this situation, tax payable will be $15,500 (rounding the rent to $100,000 at 22% rate. Net income to Landlord will be $79,500.

Which scenario would you advise?

Even without consideration of taxation, Scenario 1 will be advisable. The Landlord could rent the detached below market rate at, say $12,000 although she wanted $15,000. This adds $24,000 to gross rent income for November and December 1998. Total gross rent for the year will be $256,500 plus $24,000 or $280,500!

WHICH SCENARIO did the Landlord take?

Scenario 2. Reasons are unknown.  The husband is a Chairman of a private business and therefore would know what to do.  If the lease were rented to his company, the taxation rate may be 26% and therefore, he gets less.   The house was later sold with tenancy. 

Therefore, would it have been more profitable to take the compensation of $200,000 from the bank first, rent and then sell the house with tenancy? 

Bungalows in the Swettenham, Pierce, Ridout Road area are usually bought for owner occupation rather than as investments as they cost over $6 million and the rental return is less than 2% of purchase price.  As at April 2, 2000, new bungalows of around 15,000 sq. ft with inground pool rent around S$20,000 - $30,000 but those without pools are not getting top rents.



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9760 6466.  email now!

Asia USA Realty (Singapore) 
Pte Ltd.  Website:
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Singapore 319074, Republic of Singapore

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The Clayton: Living area and private lift, pool on right side. The Clayton - big rectangular living and dining area THE CLAYTON
36 Ewe Boon Road, near Stevens Road, 15-min walk to Newton subway. Exclusive 10 units.
White building of 10 units, with private lift to each apartment. A public lift, one swimming pool, covered car park. Small maid's room sufficient for one person.. Big living cum dining area with marble flooring and high windows bringing in daylight.  Audio-visual intercom.  No balcony.  For expats who value   privacy and low density.

The Clayton: Entry foyer into master bedroom The Clayton: high windows in master bedroom brings in light The Clayton: Master bathroom with marble tiles, long bath, shower cubicle.
Unusually large master bedroom with lots of wardrobe space, wooden strips. Entry foyer. Master bathroom on the left of main door before the wardrobes.  Bright master bedroom. Feeling of space unlike most new 3 bedroom condos.    Dual sinks ensure that the working couple does not need to fight in the morning. white long bath and frameless shower stall. Marble tiling gives it a touch of class.
The Clayton: Really spacious study room The Clayton: Dual basins in guest bathroom too.
Big study room with computer on wall.   Most new condos have very small study room.  The 2nd bedroom can also accommodate 2 single beds with lots of space to spare. Unusual to have dual basins in the guest bathroom.  Note the spacious shower stall.  Caucasians appreciate the space to shower without feeling claustrophic as in the new condos.   
The Clayton: Stainless steel hob is modern The Clayton: Microwave & oven built in.
Stainless steel hob gives the kitchen an upmarket look. A big family sized fridge. Light-coloured yet good looking kitchen cabinets.  Microwave and oven provided. The washing machine and dryer are outside, in the utility area next to the maid's room. 3+1  1800 sq. ft  $4500.  Email or tel: +65 9668 6468.

Image on right.
Honolulu Towers (brown building) & Wing On Life Garden (white over 30-storey high building). Over 3000 sq. ft renting from $9,000.   Popular with Caucasians who need lots of living spaces.

Email judy@asia
or tel: +65 9668 6468.
Some are over 15 years old but bigger. Rents asked are much higher than $5,500.

Honolulu Towers & Wing On Life Garden condos off Bukit Timah Road

Honolulu Towers & Wing On Life Garden (white tall building) with big balconies all round,  seen from The Clayton's kitchen. Newer condos on right and Palm Spring on extreme right bottom corner. Units are available for rent. Tel: +65 9668 6468. Email
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