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Last updated: 11 May 2003

News Release

Ms Judy Quek

Blk 1002, Toa Payoh Lor 8, #01-1477, Singapore 319074.

11 May 2003

Judy Quek

9668 6468

6254 3326

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9668 6469

9760 6466 


6256 0501 (fax)

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We have only one life to live.
Is time precious to you?

Do you want to see very beautiful luxurious bungalows with large inground pools or musky apartments with cockroaches? 

Which you can't afford, hence wasting your precious time?

Which makes you want to throw out on entering? 

Asiahomes.com realtors are instructed to get you what you want at the shortest house hunting time and not show you what they have in their listings.

To close the case fast and get on with living. 

We don't earn a salary, so we don't get our commissions to support our family if we don't give you what you want. If we waste your precious time showing unqualified properties, we are spending our money without generation of revenue.

To be frank, no success in finding you your home, no bread on the table for the families of the asiahomes.com realtors.

Who:  Asiahomes.com is Asia USA Realty (Singapore) asiahomes.com Pte Ltd, a Singapore licensed housing agency focused on expatriate rentals and investments.

What:  Singapore residential condos, apartments, walk up and bungalows for expatriates. We may have the occasional Housing and Development Board (HDB) apartment for rent. Sorry, we don't do room rentals.  We do buy and sell Singapore properties on behalf of foreign investors and manage for them too.

Where: Any part of Singapore where there are residential enclaves. We do get for  expats offices and shops too.

When: When you are free. We do need to make appointments with various co-broking realtors and landlords and to save you time, we will appreciate a few days' planning and notice. Expats who give us two weeks' time will find that we can qualify the correct properties to save lots of time.  However, if you don't have time, we will go House-Hunting immediately.   

Why:  Asiahomes.com focuses on finding affordable homes for expatriates for the past 10 years and know what expatriates want.

How:  Personal contacts, internet and newspaper listings, owners call us, we call owners. We co-broke with all  realtors in Singapore to make sure you don't lose out seeing all properties available. We qualify properties that suit you. Only that sometimes you may not know what you want.

How much do you pay?  House-hunting is free if your rental budget is above S$2,500. However, we charge half a month's rent if your budget is $2,500 or below, to cover our expenses.  We charge S$100/hour for viewing serviced apartments or a booking fee of $100 for serviced apartments of less than 4 weeks booked through us.  

Note: We charge half a month's rent if we successfully find you a black and white bungalows in most cases as some Landlords do not pay us commissions.
Will the Australian expat get the house his wife loves?

Please check with your human resource department or your boss whether your company will pay for you the asiahomes.com commission (where applicabale) or permits you to use outside realtors.

If you have only one life to live to the fullest and every second counts for you .......................

All you have to do is to:   Tel:
9668 6468

6256 3326,
6254 2728, 9668 6469, 9760 6466, 9008 1908, 9664 0404.

judy@asiahomes.com your specifications including your telephone number

+65 6256 0501, 
64545 843

Email or fax to us House hunting form

Other services provided by

Picture taking to prevent security deposit loss & other services, valuation reports for divorce cases overseas, property rental research reports, rental management for absentee landlords and others.  

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Pictures of Singapore Condos - Costa Rhu, Nassim Woods & Downtown condos


Singapore Costa Rhu
Costa Rhu penthouse master bathroom
Singapore Costa Rhu
Costa Rhu penthouse master bedroom has gold-plated taps 
Singapore Costa Rhu
Costa Rhu penthouse bedroom

fronting clear Kallang River
Singapore Costa Rhu
Costa Rhu penthouse master bedroom river fronting view in Oliva block.
Views of Suntec City

Singapore Costa Rhu penthouse
Costa Rhu penthouse
a big terrace.  Picture of Realtor David Sing, the founder of asiahomes.com
Singapore Costa Rhu
Costa Rhu utility area
in a 4-bedroom unit rents around $6,000 in 2003.
Singapore Costa Rhu
Costa Rhu bay windows to appreciate the Kallang River


RENTS AROUND $8,000 - $16,000 

Nassim Woods has a sound proofed living area Nassim Wood ground floor 3-bedroom is in great demand.
Singapore Nassim Woods pool and sundeck space
Nassim Woods is an upscale condo. Its great location, high quality finishes and exclusive 35 units attract senior managers. Nassim Woods balconies are in great demand by Caucasian expatriates. 3-bedroom, ground floor For Rent  $12,000. Full condo facilities, yet located at the doorstep of  downtown and the Caucasian favoured Tanglin Mall means a high occupancy rate. 
Singapore Nassim Woods marble flooring
Nassim Woods living area
with pastel coloured marble flooring
Though located near Napier Road, the apartment is sound-proofed once you close the sliding doors of the living and dining areas. The American Embassy is across the road. The American Club is a 2-minute bus ride or a 15-minute walk along shopping malls. Singapore Nassim Woods pool
Nassim Woods pool
, tennis court & a private jacuzzi pool 
hidden at the edge of the pool.
63tn_ParcStevens_StevensRd_condos..jpg (12745 bytes)CONDOS NEAR DOWNTOWN

Fringe of downtown:  Parc Stevens, near Stevens Road are the low rise white building (right half, above green trees), above trees and the Stevens Road which goes to Orchard Road and the American Club in a 5-minute bus ride.   Advantages of low density and low rise. 

Downtown condos:  The Draycott is the circular high rise condo in the background. The American Club is next door.  The Marriott is the pagoda roofed building.  The Orchard subway is near The Marriott.

Note the 2 tall "blue roofed" buildings on top right. These are the Ardmore Park condos, completed in June 2001.  2-min walk to the American Club. Brand new.   UPSCALE Full condo facilities renting from $12,000 - $30,000 (penthouse). 
3-min bus ride to Orchard Road and a 0.5-min walk to the American Club.

Avalon condos & Balmoral condos near Orchard Road.DOWNTOWN CONDOS:  Avalon, (foreground), off Anderson Road, is near Orchard Road, is an upscale condo. Penthouse for rent at $15,000.

To the right is the Balmoral Road area (red-roof low 1  Balmoral Road condos, off Stevens Road). Balmoral Residences, brand new, are a good investment.

The tall white buildings in the background is Wing On Life Gardens which have huge bedrooms and balconies. Selling prices are around $3 million. Rentals around $8,000. 

Singapore The Colonnade has large balconies and is near downtownThe elegant and lovely The Colonnade, near downtown is not for sale. Rents from $10,000. If you like a huge 2-bedroom plus study 2800 sq. ft for around $9,000 rental per month, call +65 9668 6468, judy@asiahomes.com.  
A pleasure to live in and dine in this 3-bedroom The Colonnade condo with large balcony and high ceilings is a 10-min walk to Borders' bookstore or the Orchard Road subway. 

We find affordable homes from upscale bungalows, condos and penthouses to the smallest studio!  We charge a fee of half a month's rent if the rental budget is below $2,500, the minimum being $500.  Otherwise, house hunting is free for expatriates or investors.

Email judy@asiahomes.com or tel: +65 9668 6468 to rent any of the condos.

Judy Quek
Tel: +65 9668 6468. 
Finding affordable homes for expats.

Tel: asiahomes.com    +65 9668 6468. 9668 6469
email judy@asiahomes.com

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Singapore Condos

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Latest pictures of Singapore housing at:

The Cairnhilll condo and Emerald Hill & Cairnhill shophomes, Singapore
Photo Ads 1- 190  192: Apr 21 02. Newer Marshall Lodge townhouses 4+1 at East Coast $2,500 191:  Apr 19 02. The Cairnhill 4-bedroom near Orchard Road for rent at $3,000

YOU WANT to rent or buy Singapore homes?
We have a diverse portfolio of properties for rent or sale to expatriates:

Email your specifications & details to
judy@asiahomes.com or Tel: +65 9668 6468, 6254 3326, 6254 2728, 9668 6469;

Email or fax to us House hunting form

Fax: +65 6256 0501, 64545 843 for viewing or updates.

Tel: +65 9668 6468, 6254 3326, 6254 2728, 9668 6469, 
9760 6466, 9664 0404
email judy@asiahomes.com now!

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