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Properties for rent to expatriates.

Last updated: 06 May 2003

Condos near Orchard Road and downtown:
Leonie Towers, Leonie Gardens, Grangeford, near Orchard Road

Leonie Towers maisonettes and apartments (white building, extreme right), is a 2-min drive to Orchard Road, are favoured by Caucasian expats with large families and a lower rental budget.

Low rise white building in the foreground is the Overseas Family School, off Paterson Road.

Leonie Gardens (pink buildings), opposite Leonie Towers is newer and is extremely popular with Caucasian expats.

Grangeford Condo (brown building on left of bigger picture) is a 3-minute walk to Orchard Road and Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Details, appointments to view, email:
+65 9668 6468.

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Would the two Silkie puppies survive the Caesarian section?

"I had to pull out the puppy," the dog breeder said. "The bitch was not contracting strongly. Now, it is over two hours and she had not delivered the second puppy. The bitch needed a Caesarian section."

The breeder was experienced. He had felt the abdomen and knew that there was more than one puppy. He realised that time was of the essence. The puppies would die in utero (inside the uterus) if he did not act soon.

Containment of costs was also important and that was why he waited more than the recommended one hour. He asked: "How much do you charge for a Caesarian section and where is your surgery?"

I would rather not do a Caesarian section past midnight twice in a row. I would  become a zombie the next day due to insufficient hours of sleep.

I quoted him the fees. They were affordable to him. Then I  phoned Nurse Ann and proceeded to the Surgery to wait for him. Thirty minutes passed and no sign of him.

Did the bitch give birth in the breeder's car?  Therefore, there was no need for a Caesarian section.

The phone rang: "I can't get into the road to your Surgery," the breeder said. "It is blocked by vegetable trucks." 

This 3-lane road was used by the Malaysian vegetable distributors to display their vegetables for retailers to buy. 

On April 19, 2003, the authorities closed the Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre when there was an outbreak of Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome) amongst the workers.  70% of Singapore vegetables from Malaysia were cut off and there were panic buying.

Now, 12 days later, at midnight, there were around twenty five stalls at this secondary wholesale centre, blocking any traffic entering the road to the surgery.    
Toa Payoh wholesale vegetable market
It was now three hours after the first puppy was born. Would the remaining puppies survive?

"Take another road," I advised. 
Toa Payoh vegetable wholesale market
The breeder finally arrived. I put the Silkie on the examination table to check her rectal temperature.  Well, this was part of the examination and had nothing to do with Sars.  

Singaporeans nowadays had their ear temperature taken at public buildings to detect Sars.

"Why do you need to take the rectal temperature?" the breeder asked as I auscultated the bitch's abdomen to listen to heart beats of the puppies and pressed the abdomen with my left hand to feel for the puppies.  

He expected the bitch to go into immediate surgery to make up for lost time. This was the procedure from other veterinarians.  

"The rectal temperature of 38.5 deg Celsius is the average rectal temperature. This shows that the bitch is fit for surgery." I explained. 

"However, the heart beats are very soft indicating that the puppies are weak . There is more than one puppy, probably two." 

The breeder could estimate that too. 

Now, would the puppies survive the anaesthesia?  Nurse Ann brought her to the operation room. 

The breeder and his friend entered the room but I stopped them. It is best to keep the operation room as clean as possible from people as this operation would expose the bitch's inner organs to germs from sneezing and breathing. 

The breeder must be used to be present in the operation room of other veterinarians as he frowned on being prohibited from participation in the Caesarian section.  

"You can watch through the glass window from the consultation room," I said. 

Singapore. 2nd Silkie Terrier puppy was long-bodied and big.
This was to assure him that I was not hiding a puppy from the Caesarian from myself. No vets would do that. 

The gas from the mask put the bitch to sleep. The first puppy was large. Its tongue were a bright maroon red but it was lifeless. No signs of crying on first breath. 

I motioned to the breeder to come into the surgery room to pick up the puppy. He had prepared a towel and was most happy to assist.

Further up the uterine horn, there was another weak puppy. I milked it down to the same incision at the lower part of the uterus. 

The breeder's friend came into the room to take care of the puppy as the breeder was busy swinging the puppy in an arc downwards to dislodge the mucus in the lungs of the first puppy.

There were no other puppies in this right uterine horn. I checked the left uterine horn and there were the dark brownish tissue with several bright yellow leaf like structures of around 0.5 mm. This could be the placenta of the first puppy born naturally. 

I gave little hope for the two puppies delivered. It was over 3 hours since the first puppy was born. If you read the books, one hour was the recommended time for birth of puppies.

Any hope for the little ones? I asked Nurse Ann to check. The breeder gave his thumbs up across the glass window. 

I quickly sutured the bitch. The halothane anaesthetic gas was maintained at 1.5%. By the end of surgery, she was awake. A bit groggy but at least the puppies were actively looking for milk. 

The Sars virus was indirectly responsible for the delay. The ban on vegetable import had caused a shortfall of vegetables for the wet markets and the restaurants.
Caesarian section - 2 live puppies
To "prevent" panic buying, one co-cooperative supermarket limited purchase of vegetables to $10.00 per person.  That order which was rescinded just tonight made everyone aware of the possibility of no vegetables for the next 10 - 20 days. 

I felt great that the breeder and his friend had revived the puppies. 

The breeder had a serious face but that was his personality. He said thank you and left.
I went to the vegetable wholesalers' area. It was crowded. 

I should avoid crowds now that the Sars virus is known to persist longer than ten days.  I believed these vegetable merchants were certified free from Sars by the authorities before they were allowed into Singapore. 

It was a cool early dawn. This was no ordinary May Day  as the Sars virus had caused a global panic and fear. Many people were retrenched and this left little for workers to cheer on May 1. 

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