Duchess Crest has a big sundeck spaces. Sunbathing is popular.
Duchess Crest pool and jacuzzi bath and sun bathing decks. A alternative Caucasian family enclave away from downtown. The condo is greatly appreciated by Caucasian mothers as it has a sprawling garden. Expat mums with toddlers prefer the ground floor units which command a higher rent.

Small entrance lobby
Small entrance lobby of Duchess Crest 4+1.


May 3, 2001
Duchess Crest 4+1 $7,000. 

3+1 $4,500.
Dishwasher in a 4-bedroom kitchen
Duchess Crest 4+1's kitchen has little space for a dishwasher. Maid's bathroom near washer & dryer.  A 50 sq. ft "maid's room" on right side is too small for a maid to live in.

Ground floor units have patios
Units with balconies rent faster. Garden view, away from pool, 4+1 $6,000. May 3 2001.

Townhouse 4200 sq. ft  $12,000.

DUCHESS CREST research report.
Caucasian family enclave.

Almost full occupancy.
3-bedroom for rent.

To view,
Tel: +65 9668 6468


Not all expats want balconies.

There was a loud not so piercing scream in the still and humid air of the Singapore afternoon.  A scream all mothers are tuned to. 

Expat mummies:  Always lock the sliding doors of the living areas when you have toddlers.
Melrose Park has a small plantar box for plants (not visible in image) between the sliding doors and the railings.

The sliding doors of the brand new Melrose Park condo were open.  Did the toddler climb and fall several stories to the grounds below?

Daddy had been scouting for toddler-safe apartments in Singapore and his toddler now had caused his wife to miss several heart beats.

Mummy's attention was diverted for just a few seconds to inspect the bedroom and she feared the worst.    

The co-broking realtor was a young girl and therefore would not be aware of the dangers of high rises to toddlers and 3-year old when she opened the sliding doors to let in the afternoon breeze to counter the stuffiness of the closed apartment. 

Closure is important as most Singapore realtors don't get any income as they are self-employed.  She was doing an excellent job to convince the Australian expatriate that this was the ideal apartment. 

Daddy had been concerned about child safety. Mummy wanted a very nice condo.  Melrose Park was her dream condo.

The co-broking realtor had just opened the sliding doors of the living cum dining area to let the breezes in and was showing the mummy the guest room. 

In a split second, the toddler was sitting comfortably at the edge of the living area. Her feet were over the edge, but there was a narrow plantar box below her feet.  

The next natural stage would be to climb the railings and look down.  Toddlers have no fear of heights, I believe. 

I was keeping an eye on her as I know toddlers like to climb rails and explore every nook and corner. 

She had during the first viewing, hidden herself in the master bedroom's lower cabinet behind the door.

Daddy was not around at the second viewing as he was working. There was a loud protesting sort of  scream from her as I grabbed her arm and yanked her   off the edge. 

August 23, 2000 was therefore not just another handling over of the Melrose Park condo to the Australian expat.

It was a most memorable day in the case of a toddler who lives a life to the edge. 

All apartment viewing is best done behind closed sliding window doors when there are toddlers and kids.    


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