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11 Mar 2011   
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Upscale Singapore Condominium.
21 Anderson Road. Next to Stevens Road, 5-minute walk to Orchard Road. Between Gardenville Condo and the Avalon Condos. Near Shangri-la Hotel.
Completed in March 1999. No. of units: 34. One block of 10 stories.

To rent upscale low density Anderson Green condos, tel: +65 9668-6468  asiahomes.comVERY LOW DENSITY CONDO IN A HIGH CLASS DOWNTOWN LEAFY RESIDENTIAL ENCLAVE

5 unit types:
Type A1 3+study+utility room, 2411sf inclusive of open terrace at first storey.
Type B 3+study+utility room, 1916sf from 2nd - 8th storey.
Type C 3+utility room, 1668sf from 2nd - 8th storey.

Type D1, 4+study+utility room, 4941 sq. ft inclusive of open terrace and roof garden, on 9th & 10th storey.
Type E, 4+utility room, 4316 sq. ft  inclusive of open terrace and roof garden.

These penthouses have the following interesting features:

The one on the extreme left side of the building closer to Anderson Road (#09-04) has better unobstructed views than the right-sided penthouse (#09-01) as there are other tall buildings obstructing the views. However, the authorities do not permit access to the balcony of the master bedroom by the occupants for the #09-04 penthouse.

LEVEL 1: (9th storey). There is the private lobby from the private lift. The living area is separated from the dining area by the staircase which goes to level 2. As the wooden steps have large gaps when seen in 2000. The toddler or climber may be at risk and therefore this type of housing excludes families with young kids. The living area is not the usual rectangular shaped but is curved and opens out to a private terrace where you can put a table and 4 chairs to appreciate the sun rise. The dining area opens out into a small balcony at the side of the building.

For Type D1, the bedroom 4 (with long bath) and study room (no wardrobes) are located on level one. Type E has only bedroom 4 (no long bath but shower).

Below is a description of a penthouse #09-01. 4 penthouses (top floor) with clear full length windows & roof terrace. 

Layout plan of one penthouse - 904273anderson phseplan.

Anderson Green light brown marbled living and dining area, Singapore.Living/dining: Living/dining area - marble flooring of a light brown colour. 

Bedrooms - natural timber-strip flooring yellowish in colour. Split unit air conditioning.
Singapore, Anderson Green master bathroomHigh quality finishes in the bathrooms. White bath tubs. Wall of glass blocks bring in sunlight and brightens the bathroom.  
Kitchen - Ice-making Amara refrigerator, Bosch oven & hobs of stainless steel with ducting to the outside the kitchen (unlike most condos), kitchen has air conditioning, a favoured attraction for Caucasian wives, city gas, hot & cold water.

For Type D1, the kitchen and yard areas are not separated unlike Type E. Both have small utility rooms which may not be able to accommodate a maid.

Prospective tenants with $15,000 rental budgets usually have maids in Singapore.

Type E has a powder room and store but not in Type D1.

LEVEL 2: (10th storey). Master bedroom with walk-in closet, spacious bathroom with glass blocks to let in sunlight, dual basin, bidet, water closet and a pentagon shaped jacuzzi bath There is the shower though. The other 2 bedrooms have attached bathrooms but no long baths, just shower cubicles.

There is a family area away from the master bedroom, outside bedroom 3 and this provides some peace. However, the family area is curved in shape and looks down the living room below. Again, this design pose a risk of falling down to the living area for toddlers and climber-kids.

ROOF TERRACE. The area is relatively large and does not have so many ugly piping seen in some penthouses. The light-coloured tiles make the roof terrace look inviting to host parties. The faucet and electrical points permit barbecue and entertainment of guests.

BUILT-IN AREA. Approximately 2800 -
3000 sq. ft for those areas excluding the roof terrace, according to the Developer's representative.

Washing machine and dryer (European brands, taking 5kg loads) will be stacked up one upon the other in one area of the kitchen for smaller units. 

Singapore Anderson Green - modern kitchen and appliances
Bigger kitchen in the 4-bedroom units.

Rubbish chute outside apartment is a good idea as the smell and cockroaches will not be present inside the apartment.

Utility room - small but has attached bathroom except for Type E which has a separate W.C. A short maid may be able to sleep in this utility room.

Bathrooms - all bedrooms have attached baths, except the study room. Master bedroom's bathroom has only hair-dryer but not shaver electrical points. The 4+1 has a glass-blocks bringing in bright daylight. A vertical rectangular window permits outside views. The long bath is a triangular-sized jacuzzi and looks too short and shallow for the average Caucasian. There is the shower cubicle. Dual basin, bidet and WATER CLOSET available.

Powder room - yes in Types A1, B, C and E but not D1. Many American wives will want a powder room as this means guests do not need to use the bathrooms of the bedrooms.

Impressive entrance lobby which has granite flooring. 2 lifts.

24-hour security. Private lift lobby, audio & visual intercom systems, 24-hour security & video surveillance of lift lobby.

Swimming pool (rectangular shape) with jacuzzi at one end, wading pool & sauna.

Landscaping of garden and some plants at car parking are make it pleasant to drive into basement car park and straight to the private lift.

Singapore Cable Vision connections all rooms. Gymnasium - small one. Tennis court - one.

Car parking - basement and spacious lots. Each unit to have 2 lots.

Singapore - Anderson Green private lift lobby Private lift to entry foyer from basement car park provides class and privacy.

Lobby, audio & visual intercom systems - yes.

Closed-circuit television surveillance of lift lobby - yes.

Singapore Anderson Green. Impressive visitor's atrium beside poolAdvantages:

1.   Great location and low density.  Bright rooms. High windows. 

Impressive visitor lobby next to lap pool with water features.  Private lift area is well air conditioned.

Near Orchard Road via a 5-minute walk from Stevens Road.

This condo gives a good  impression that only high quality finishes are used, from the basement car park to the penthouse. 

Its pastel colours, beautiful but small pool and landscaping has a resort-type ambience which will attract Caucasians.

The American and Tanglin Clubs, Starbucks and Planet Hollywood cafes and the popular Orchard Road are within a 15-minute walking distance.

2.   Walking distance to Orchard Road. About 20-minute walk to Orchard subway.

3.   Many supermarkets, cafes and pubs around the downtown area.  Jasons Supermarket will be the Caucasian favourite.

4.   Many food and beverage outlets, Lido Cineplex and shopping malls in Orchard Road.

5.   Beautiful unobstructed green tree views for 4+1 units near Anderson Road.

6.   Many taxis.

7.   A prestigious address and residential area with the multi-millionaires as neighbours. 

8.   The spacious and grand looking entrance lobby atrium is one characteristic uncommon in new downtown condos and this may be an important feature for expats who feel the need to impress visitors.

9.   The glass blocks in the bathroom of the master bedroom and some gaps bring in natural tropical daylight and this feature attracts many expats.

10.   The floor to ceiling glass ceiling brings in daylight and is a favoured feature amongst Caucasians.


1.   A smaller long bath tub in the master bedroom may not suit tall Caucasians.

2.   Floor to ceiling glass windows of living/dining room means bright rooms, but some families are worried that their hyperactive child may crash into the glass windows and fall down the building.

3.   Opposite the top girls' school - the Raffles Girls' Secondary School. Generally, school noises are minimal.

Anderson Green Dec 1 2001 seen from 9 Ardmore Park 22-02 balcony
Raffles Girls' Secondary School (extreme right, bottom) to the right of Anderson Green building (pink).

Avalon condos are to the right of Anderson Green.  The balcony is the 22nd floor of Ardmore Park  - 9 Ardmore Park  22-02 which has a beautiful hill and city view.

Occupancy rate
Almost 90% usually.  Expats relocating to Singapore, email for updates or to get the best rental package or Tel: +65 668 6468.

Updates: Tel  +65 9668-6468,

Anderson Green Penthouse: one floor plan

Anderson Green on Sunday Sep 16 2001  5 p.m, last day of the Hungry Ghost Festival
Anderson Green condos are off Anderson Road.

Anderson Road is a quiet low traffic road connecting Stevens Road to Orchard Road in a 1-min drive.  To the right of the road will be Ardmore Park Road leading to the American Club in a 1-min drive.

Expats wanting the best deal, contact Asia USA Rental Realtors, or tel: +65 9668 6468, 6254 3326, fax: +65 6256 0501. 

0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)March 9, 2011    For Rent
Full occupancy in March 2011.
E-mail Tel: +65 9668 6468. 

If you want to rent your unit faster, insert "Owner" in your Straits Times Classified as realtors prefer not to co-broke (share commissions) with the other realtors advertising on behalf of the Landlords.

There are many reasons why you cannot rent out your investment condo faster than your neighbours.

One main reason in this glut of rental property market can be you.  You may be busy and need to give the exclusive marketing rights to an agent or agency. 

In this way, you can do your own things.   What are the implications?

A success story of the Anderson Green condos is illustrated.  

An effective marketing strategy to open doors to all rental realtors with real prospective tenants ensures success for this corporate landlord.

Initially, around 1999 when the condo was completed, all realtors with prospective tenants must contact two exclusive realty firms. They must split 50:50 the agent's commissions.

With the change of marketing strategy from exclusive marketing rights for 2 realty firms obliging co-broking, to the new strategy of offering full agency commission payable to realtors who close, this condominium had a full occupancy rate within 6 months in 2000.

Subsequently, Gardenville and Avalon condos were completed.  This did not pose any threat as Anderson Green was 100% leased 2 - 3 months ago. 

The  Anderson Green strategy of opening to all is a best practice for all investment property owners. 

Do not give exclusive marketing rights such that there needs to be splitting of agency commissions  if you want full exposure and early closing. 

Alternatively, you can give exclusive marketing agents a management fee but you pay the full commission and advertising fees.

To make money, you want early occupancy.  Open your units to all rental realtors and get the occupancy rate 100%.

A different strategy was used for Avalon during its early completion stage.

A realty company was appointed as managing agent and given 80%  instead of the industry's standard 100% agency commission.  On co-broking, the rental realtor with the client gets 40%. 

Another success story is The Lotus Sanctuary at Coronation Drive West.  The Developers paid full agency commission to any realtor who brings in the tenants. The employees are available for house-viewing (during office hours).  All the semi-detached were rented at rentals desired by the Landlord in less than 6 months.   

A similar successful strategy by the Developers of Nassim Woods ensured favoured recommendations and viewings from realtors with tenant clientele.

What impact has this on the individual private first-time landlord? 

Obviously, you should pay attention to marketing your own investment condo and pay full commission. 

Try not to economise by paying full commission less stamp fees and your "Straits Times Advertisement fees". You just give yourself a bad reputation and lessen your chance of being a favoured Landlord to bring properties to view.

If you don't have time, get somebody to open the unit for viewing and pay that somebody (a friend or an agent) a reasonable managing fee. 

Get all rental realtors in Singapore to want to bring their prospective tenants to view your apartment, to put you on the list of house-hunting schedule.  Bring the tenant to step into your apartment. 


This strategy applies to sales as well. There are experienced developers who still engage exclusive marketing agents for the sale of their properties. They give a very small percentage (0.3% instead of 1% industry's standard commission) to the agent who then tries not to co-broke.

For the outside co-broking agent, in one case in 2005, selling 3 roof-top penthouses facing Sentosa, worth $5 million, the commission earned was $7,900.  Obviously, this is not much of an incentive to recommend any buyer.

You still have to spend money to advertise your apartment in the newspaper or the internet, as this creates market awareness that you have a property for rent. 

n conclusion, to rent faster from 2005 onwards, owners of most Singapore properties will need to market their properties directly if they wish to secure tenants fast as there are too many competitors including developers who can't sell their properties at good prices. 

For busy or absentee owners, pay a managing fee and pay for the Straits Times advertisements and let the managing agent sell or rent for you - on the condition that full commission is payable.

Some representatives advertise pay 70 - 80% commission or "high commission payable" since they don't get any money from the owners or they get a pittance.


Photos of The Lotus Sanctuary, United Engineers Square, Orange Regency

Nassim Woods

E-mail or tel: +65 9668-6468 your property particulars to us, if you wish to rent or sell. 



The Montana's see through pool. Mutiara Crest pool. Singapore
239. Dec 10 02. Horizon Towers 4-bedroom rent $4,000 - $6,000 or sale $1.2M. The Aston, Montana, Mutiara Crest, 7 Claymore Road. 238. Dec 902. UE Square 4-bedroom 2200 sq ft with balcony
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237.  Dec 1 02. 237. CLUNY PARK BRAND NEW bungalows
5+1 6514 sq ft built in
/15150 sq ft $32,000.  

5+1 7736 sq ft built in
/16007 sq ft land $35,000
236. Pebble Bay 3-bedroom $5,000. 1-bedroom $3,000.
6 Hullet Road condos, near Somerset subway and malls. New condo, 8 Hullet Rise, near Somerset subway and malls, Singapore
235. 3-bedroom Hullet Road condo $4,000. Near Somerset subway. Pool and gym. Low rise, low density. 234. 3-bedroom Hullet Road condo $4,200. Near Somerset subway. Pool. Low rise, low density. New.
Award winning heritage bungalow, Geylang, Singapore for rent A renovated Singapore 300 sq m condo - The Palisades
233. Award winning Conservation bungalow at Geylang, modern 3-bedroom 2300 sq ft $4,000. Security guard 24 hours 232. Nov 12 02. The Palisade renovated, with large terrace and sea views, 3300 sq ft $9,500
Downtown upscale condos, Singapore, rentals and sales, +65 9668-6468

Subdivisions (condo & house details) has some of the details of the advertised condos.

Tel: +65 9668-6468, e-mail for viewings

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Feb 2011 rentals and sales

Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
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