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Last updated: 17 Jul 2002


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Definition of a Singapore Penthouse

Anderson Green

Anderson Green penthouse 10th level, floor plan, see below.

Anderson Green images of penthouses

Ardmore Point

Nassim Woods

Singapore penthouses for rent/sale
Housing Terms: What is a Singapore Penthouse?

In Singapore, penthouses are usually larger in living areas than the usual units and are located on the the topmost floor of a development. It may be:
1. one-level but a top floor apartment.
2. one-level but has a private terrace.
2. a duplex (maisonette or 2-level unit).
3. a duplex with a private private terrace and swimming pool at roof level. 
4. a duplex with a swimming pool.

The Webster's New World Dictionary definition of a penthouse as:

1. an apartment or other house-like structure built on the roof of a building.

2. a small structure, esp. one with roof, or sometimes, an awning, etc.

3. a sloping roof, or sometimes, an awning, etc. extending out from a wall or building seems to be different from that of Singaporean's?

In the UK, a penthouse is actually an apartment built on the roof of the development but in Singapore, it is usually the highest unit!

Ardmore Point Penthouse

4+1 4500 sq. ft including roof terrace $12,000. High ceiling over 30 feet and long narrow corridor between bedrooms.  Exceptionally big living and dining area in this duplex not available in brand new penthouses. Spacious roof terrace with turf.  The previous Caucasian had a lovely tropical garden.

However, the kitchen, bathrooms and the roof terrace show signs of the past 10 years of wear and tear unlike the modern Nassim Woods and Anderson Penthouses. The pagoda-shaped roof in the background is the Marriott Hotel in Scotts Road where the Orchard subway is located (around 12-minute walk via shopping malls) A 5-minute walk to the American Club, near Shangri-la Hotel and Orchard Road.  Visit: Ardmore Point.

Nassim Woods Penthouse
Maisonette 5+1 bedroom (4 upstairs, 1 downstairs)
4400 sq. ft & roof terrace of an additional 1800 sq. ft to entertain friends & associates
Rent:  $20,000.

5-minute walk to Tanglin Mall, Orchard Road and near American Embassy, Botanic Gardens. Exclusive low density condo. Beautiful. Research report at Nassim Woods.

Details of Anderson Green apartments:
Type A1 3+study+utility room, 2411 sq. ft inclusive of open terrace at lst storey.
Type B 3+study+utility room, 1916 sq. ft from 2nd - 8th storey.
Type C 3+utility room, 1668 sq. ft from 2nd - 8th storey.

Penthouses are:
Type D1, 4+study+utility room, 4941 sq. ft inclusive of open terrace and roof garden, on 9th & 10th storey.
Type E, 4+utility room, 4316 sq. ft inclusive of open terrace and roof garden.

Floor plan of one Anderson Green penthouse:

The penthouse is 2 levels.  The 10th floor has 3 bedrooms. A small narrow corridor outside the bedrooms looks into a big void space (where the living area is on level 1) at the 9th floor.  Bright natural daylight delight most Caucasian tenants. This is because the apartment has high glass windows and glass blocks at the side of the master bathroom.  Rentals around $15,000.

Anderson Green penthouse floorplan, Singapore

Anderson Green Condo is beside Anderson Road which originates from Stevens Road and will lead to Orchard Road via Orange Grove Road.

Four Penthouses on top floor, duplex with roof terrace for rent.
Email judy@asiahomes.com or tel: +65 9668 6468 to get an update.

Rent of Anderson Green apartments.

3+1 1600 sq. ft $8,000
4+1 1916 sq. ft $9,000.
4+1 2390 sq. ft $8,500.
Ground floor: $8,500.
4 Penthouses: $14,000 & $15,000.

Anderson Green penthouses with roof terrace and glass block master bathrooms.
CLICK thumbnail to see bigger image of high windows of the Anderson Green penthouses.
Competitor:  The next door Avalon, Gardenville penthouse with wood roof decks, Chelsea Gardens penthouse, Jewel of Balmoral and so many others renting from $12,000 - $16,000.


Newer penthouses near downtown Orchard Road like the Anderson Green, Avalon, Nassim Jade, 7 Nassim, 9 Nassim (to be completed in 2002), Ardmore Park (8,000 sq ft $30,000) and Nassim Woods rent from $12,000 - $20,000 depending on floor area. Older ones like 8 Orange Grove (duplex), The Vantage and The Colonnade ($20,000 for smaller ones, $30,000 with pool) still commands $15,000 rental as there are not many big ones downtown. Please email judy@asiahomes.com or tel: +65 9668 6468 to get updates on availability.

Anderson Green 4+2, 5,005 sq. ft $15,000.

Nassim Woods 5+1 6,000 sq. ft $20,000.

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