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Last updated: 11 Dec 2001

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JULY 10, 2001.

One-bedroom 1000 sq. ft for rent $3,500. Renovation 100% will be completed in AUGUST 1, 2001. Your own choice of furnishing and lighting.

Ceramic tiled flooring to be replaced by wood strips.
Living room of a typical unit before renovation.  Note high ceiling and upgraded large pool.

Bay windows from bedroom. Big pool for 47 families only.
Pool view from bedroom.  Additional storage space below bay windows.

Dated bathrooms to be remodelled completely.
Dated bathroom will be remodeled.

A spanking new kitchen and utility area to be ready in Aug 2001
Dated kitchen and utility area will be remodeled 100%. Small bathroom on left.

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Newer condos in the Ardmore Park areas but the rentals are much higher.

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1A Ardmore Point.
Completed: 1985

47 units.
82-92 sq. m
168, 191 sq. m.
281, 311 sq. m
284, 295 sq. m
417, 419, 428 sq. m. Big roof terrace. 

Around 15 studios, maximum 20th floor, one block.

Units ending in "FF-01" are 3+1 bedrooms which are of 2 sizes at 1,800 sq. ft (even-numbered floors) and 2,000 sq. ft (odd-numbered floors).

Units ending in "FF-02" are 4+1 units and are of 2 built-up areas, i.e. 3,024 sq. ft and 3,346 sq. ft. The 3,024 sq. ft types do not have the additional storage space below the bay windows in the master bedroom & 2 small balconies as the 3,346 sq. ft type.

Penthouses are of 3 floor plans. Around 4,500 sq. ft.  3 levels with bedrooms in level 1 below, immense separate living and dining room in level 2 and roof terrace of at least 1,000 sq. ft level 3 with panoramic city views on 20th floor.

Roof terrace of a large Ardmore Point penthouse
Big roof terrace for the penthouse

Ceilings are unusually high approximately 50-100 ft high.

Finishes: Living and dining - ceramic tiles unless renovated.    Bedrooms -parquet flooring. Singapore Cable Vision available. 

Swimming pool, tennis court, squash court, children's playground, covered car park, audio-intercom system only, 24-hour security. No gym. Koi pond. putting green.

A $300,000 upgrading of the common areas and the pool was done in 1999/2000.

The guard sits outside the elevators unlike most condos where guards are at the entrance.

Occupancy Rate: Estimated 90%.

Extremely popular with Caucasians owing to great location, space and high ceilings.

4+1 renting for around $8,000. 1-bedroom if renovated, rents around $3,000 partially furnished.

Investors to note: Freehold.  A one-bedroom was sold at around $900 per sq. ft in 2001.  Some investors buy this condo in the hope of large capital gains on enbloc sale.


Great location near Orchard Road. 1-minute walk to the  Shangri-la Hotel and 4-min walk along Orange Grove Road to Orchard Road. Around 10-min walk to the American Club.

Spaciousness and high ceilings. A distinctly separate family room area is present to the side of the big living room in 4+1.

Ardmore Point Singapore. 4-bedroom with high ceiling. Living area.

Extremely popular with Americans & Europeans owing to location within a short walk to the American Club and Orchard Road in a 2-min walk. Bigger areas and high ceiling compared to newer condos.

Value for money.

Building looks grey and white but clean-looking. Condo looks well-maintained.

Many buses/taxis from nearby Orchard Road.

Low density. 47 units only.
Ardmore Point's pool is seldom crowded.
Big swimming pool, no crowds

Big bright kitchens.


Not modern in that living and dining areas have only ceramic tiles and bathrooms are multi-coloured in many older units!

Some newly renovated units with white ceramic tiles look good.

No gym which means that energetic expats will not take this condo. 

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