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17 Apr 2000

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The Lego-set-like The Colonnade admist greenery yet close to Orchard Road.THE COLONNADE research report supported by


A box-like Lego-type condo (left tall building),   very popular with Caucasians.  Located at Grange Road, next to the brand new Grange 80 (20 units, green and white strips to the right of The Colonnade), it is characterised by spacious bedrooms and living areas, tall Roman columns and big balconies.

90 units. 12-13 years old.  Grange Road.
Almost 100% occupancy as at April 17, 2000.
April 17, 2000.
Available for rent:
3+maid  3950 sq. ft  $12,000.

1 super-penthouse with its own swimming pool rented. Rented asked was $30,000

1 mini-penthouse, 7000-8000 sq. ft  rented from $19,000.  There are 3 mini-penthouses altogether. 

2-bedroom duplexes, 2800 sq. ft  renting $8,500*.

3-bedroom+study+maid duplexes (called Royal II)
of around 4000 sq. ft  renting $13,000 - $14,000**

3-bedroom+maid of around 4000 sq. ft  renting from $12,000.

* 2+study+maid units are available by converting the big walk-in closet of the master bedroom to a study (3rd bedroom) with a sliding glass door to extend its area into the living area.

** 3+study+maid units are available by converting the family area into a study room (no windows, darkness is the main complaint of some caucasians).  This effectively makes the units a 4+maid when a door is installed for the study. 

Facilities:  Beautiful landscaped swimming pool away from the main road. Large field for children to play.  Playground.  Tennis court, covered car parking and 24-hour security.  NO GYM.

Units facing the Grange Road may be a bit noisy.  There is a good feeling on entering the imposing The Colonnade and most expats lose out because their budget of $9,000 just could not make the expectations of rent asked for the 3-bedroom units. 

The Colonnade is a 10-minute walk to Orchard Road and subway. There are many taxis and buses. By adapting to demands of large Caucasian families for one extra bedroom, The Colonnade has achieved almost full occupancy in 2000 without reducing its rent asked. Many units have been re-modelled.  The excellent response of the executives in scheduling appointments by all realtors who can bring in the tenants and the recent economic recovery of Singapore led to almost full occupancy.

This is an excellent case study of a smart marketing strategy by a corporate landlord who does not stinge by giving 80% agency commission to be co-broked with an appointed agent, thereby reducing the agency commission to 40% of the rent.

This Landlord gives 100% full commission and this strategy has paid off handsomely as all realtors with prospective clients will have put it on a "must-see" list for house-hunting. Some units really needed renovation during the recession of 1999  but then, its strategy of full agency commission meant that it attracted prospective clientele to put a foot at its door. Getting the prospect to see an old condo has had been difficult for most Landlords in1998-1999 recession period, but not for The Colonnade.   

Expats relocating to Singapore:

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