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Contents of this report are:
1. About James.
2. Subway Condo: Tanglin Regency.
3. How you should furnishe to attract expats to rent your small 2-bedroom condo?
4. How do you advertise and promote your investment condo?


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About James

Unlike most 60-year old Singaporeans do nothing but eat and sleep, Realtor James is full of energy and interest in learning more about Singapore Real Estate (Expatriate Rentals) and meeting expatriates from all over the world house-hunting with Asia USA Realty.

Retiree Surfers may feel comfortable working with an active "retiree" like James to find affordable Singapore housing. He has a warm, customer-oriented personality and plenty of patience. After rental service is excellent.

James enjoys "open house" selling of investment properties for foreign owners. If you like personalised services and the best possible market price, email
james@asiahomes.com your property details.

James can also converse in Malay, English, Teochew and Cantonese dialects.

Do contact James at
james@asiahomes.com if you need more information on rental or sales properties.

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james.jpgSee James
at Tanglin Regency Condo
More to see...

Subway Condo

The one-year old Tanglin Regency is a 3-minute walk to the Redhill subway.

In less than 10 minutes of ride, you will be in Raffles Place and Suntec City. Vacancy rate is low as at October 31, 1999. Many buses and taxis plying this road. 5-minute bus ride to the Tanglin Mall.

381 & 383 Tanglin Road. 2 blocks.

Total: 210 units.
Around one year old.
2-bedroom: 65-91 sq. m.
3-bedroom: 97-132 sq. m.

Marble flooring in living and dining areas. Parquet flooring in the bedrooms. Home automation system, infra-red security system, audio-visual intercom. Higher floors have small balconies. Some units have unobstructed green tree views. The master bedroom can accommodate queen-sized beds but it will be hard to get in a king-sized one. Utility room is not big enough for a maid.

Swimming pool, wading pool, gym, tennis court, small gym, 24-hour security, BBQ area, basement car park, playground.

Rent: A large expatriate community. The rent for a 2-bedroom varies from $2500 - $3500. The biggest 2-bedroom is less than 1,000sq. ft and the smallest is around 750 sq. ft.

Much depends on negotiations.

Expats interested in renting Tanglin Regency
Condominium (3+1, 1,200 sf, $3,500)
or call +65 9668 6469 or 9668 6468 now.

How should a small investment Condo be furnished to attract the Caucasian expatriate tenant?

The 2 photographs shown above may help answer the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from first-time Landlords as to how they should furnish their small condo for rental.

This Tanglin Regency condo had been rented to a Japanese despite construction work of another condo seen outside the living room. As at October 31, 1999, the construction of the neighbouring condo is almost completed.

Besides a reasonable asking rent, what helps is the quality furnishing and and pastel colours.

Here are some furnishing tips for first-time Landlords:

  • Caucasian Tenants like pastel colours in furnishing as shown by the light yellow night curtains and living set in the photographs.

    Many Owners do not provide the white (day) curtains, trying to save money but this is penny wise pound foolish. Some Tenants do not mind having night curtains only but not the flowery, multi-coloured Walt Disney types. Definitely no pink, orange, green or grey curtains even though you may want to differentiate your condo from others.
  • The night curtain in the photographs should be of a thicker material to stop any sunlight coming through or should have another backing.

    This is important in bedrooms with bright lights coming up from the tennis court (as in some UE Square Condos next to the tennis court) or facing East. Some expatriates may want to wake up later but are disturbed by the bright sunlight.
  • Mirrors make the small condo look spacious. One clever Landlord in a Fifth Avenue Condo uses a long mirror outside shoe-rack cabinet, near main door. Another one in Costa Rhu has a big mirror in the private lift lobby flanked by imported brick like tiles so that Tenants can check their appearance before going out. These are expensive ideas but they do attract tenants who feel your unit is "superior" to your competitors.
  • Furnish with smaller living and dining sets as shown in the photographs, otherwise the apartment looks cluttered. Usually the living set should be 2+2 and the dining table should have 4 chairs. Caucasians expect comfortable, not too soft or too narrow arm chairs, so do not buy those meant for Asians.
  • In this case, the Owner uses fabric covers for dining chairs with the idea they can be washed. Expatriate families with small children will find this difficult to maintain and will avoid renting such units.

    You thereby reduce your chances of getting early occupancy. It is best is to buy light brown wooden chairs with good seats rather than black chairs.

    Black sofa sets & black dining tables may not get dirty so obviously, but the black colour is not a favourite colour of Caucasians. You therefore reduce your catchment of prospects if you insist on black.
  • Wood for the dining table is good but buy light-coloured ones like pinewood.
  • Glass-top dining tables and coffee tables give a contemporary and classy look. This glass with metallic legs combination seems to be in favour, but try not to buy ornate types.
  • Ceiling lights should be one or maximum 3 electric bulbs rather than chandeliers which are suitable for bigger houses.
  • Master bed for master bedroom. The owner had bought a queen-sized bed plus 2 side tables bought as a set. One side table should be all right, if a king-sized bed is needed. The Owner is reluctant to change the size of the bed as the other 2 smaller bedrooms can't even accommodate the queen-sized bed.

    Caucasians prefer king-sized beds. Japanese do not mind queen-sized ones.
  • Decorate the whole condo like a show flat in sensible pastel colours, as in this case. There is still no guarantee but an apartment furnished with quality furniture tends to rent out faster. This is called "differentiation" or "positioning" in marketing terms.

    Japanese tenants usually want to rent fully furnished. Many caucasian singles and couples want fully furnished if the apartment is small. Caucasians tend to have their own beds and living and dining sets if they have a higher rental budget of say, $6,000 and therefore will want partially furnished apartments. .

How do you advertise and promote
your investment condo?

As a first-timer, you need to be energetic to maximise your returns on investment in your condo. You will have to look for realtors specialising in rental and be pro-active yourself in advertising and insert the wording "Owner" in the Straits Times Classifieds.

If you need to give exclusive marketing rights to a realtor, do not advertise as "Owner" as this will lead to unwanted calls.
Nor should you ask your agent to do so, unless "full commission" is advertised and is payable to the other party with the client.

Rental realtors with prospective tenants tend to contact Owners direct rather than co-broke and therefore giving exclusive marketing rights may hamper your chances of an early occupancy rate.

If you have no time to attend to the house-viewing appointments, it will be best to let a good realtor handle your unit rental but offer "full commission" to the co-broking realtor. Pay your broker a managing fee.

The October 1999 rental market has bottomed out, but there are still many new condos ready for rent. Many corporations are renovating their investment condos to attract tenants and they have much bigger advertising budgets than the average first-time individual landlord.

If you do not mind, we recommend one affordable Internet Property Advertisements of Asiahomes Internet, the advertising agency for Asia USA Realty (see Photo-Ads at

It costs S$13.50/40 words/90 days and it is worth every cent since you expose your property to a website targeted at expatriates relocating to Singapore.

Asiahomes.com is a massive Singapore website with lots of information and over 1,000 photos and layouts on Singapore housing as at October 31, 1999. It is updated continually and frequently.

Logo of Asia USA RealtyYour internet advertisement means a lot to us as we to want expatriates to visit our website frequently too and have the option of contacting the Owners or Realtors direct.

We welcome your your property particulars, please email them to
judy@asiahomes.com to expose your property for rent to our realtors and the world wide web of via http://www.asiahomes.com

Good luck.

James Ang

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