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03 Nov 2002
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment

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Wed Oct 30 2002
4+1 above 3500 sq. ft min. $10,000 - $12,000
Near the American Club.
Orchard subway is a 5-min walk from the American Club. 

10am Meet at Somerset Compass

10.15am Aspen Heights penthouse 4+1 4300 sq ft $10,000. City views from living area. Brown marbled flooring. 2 levels. 16th floor.

11.00am Scotts 28 penthouse 4+1 4650 sq ft $16,000. Roof garden of around 500 sq ft on level 2.
Singapore condos - Scotts 28 roof terrace
Master bedroom has a study room (child's room). Small storage space. Near the American Club.

11.30am Melrose Park penthouse 5+1 3080 sq ft $11,000. Near supermarket and cinema. Did not like this location. Cancelled.

12 noon Nassim Mansion 4+2 3600 sq ft $13,000. 6th floor. Blk 40B. Renovated. Big balcony facing greenery. No gym.

12.30pm The Claymore penthouse 5+1 4920 sq ft $15,000. Opposite the American Club. Cancelled. Had seen the condo. 

12.45pm Juniper At Ardmore 4+1 3600 sq ft $13,000. 13-02. Near the American Club. No tennis court.

1pm Habitat I  5+1 3650 sq ft $10,000. 4th floor. Window grilles. Near the American Club. Huge balcony. Small gym. No tennis court.

1.30pm The Draycott penthouse 4+1 5002 sq ft $17,000. 33-03. 2-levels. Near the American Club. No tennis court or gym.
Singapore condos - The Draycott (circular condo) & Tanglin Club

2pm Shangri-La Residence 4+1 2374 sq ft $11,300. Upscale. Cancelled as floor area is too small. 

2.30pm Asimont Lane cluster bungalow sharing 
pool with townhouse community of expatriate families. 5+1 3600 sq ft $10,000. 12-min walk to Newtown subway. NO worries about heights as this unit is landed. 

3pm  Hampton Court 5+1 4200 sq ft $15,000. 3rd floor. Split level living and dining areas. Big master bedroom with big balcony. Near the American Club.
Singapore condos - Hampton Court dining & living areas
Split-level living and dining area with the dining area elevated high - a safety concern for expats with toddlers.

3.30pm Claymore Point next to the American Club. 5+1+store room.  3412 sq ft $8,500. 2 levels. Huge balcony off living area. Spacious living and dining areas. 13th & 14th floor.

Singapore condos - Claymore Point, others near American Club

4pm The Parisian 4+3 4500 sq ft $10,000. 3rd floor.  Singapore condos - The Parisian living and dining areas - circular
Master bedroom does not have a long bath tub in this unit. Renovated with new bathrooms and kitchens. No balconies. The family area is as large as the living and dining area too. 
Singapore condos - The Parisian - big family area
Good for expats with >2 sofa sets. Opposite Borders bookstore.  

4.30pm 3 Cuscaden Walk 4+1 3600 sq. ft. $10,000. 6th floor. Light brown living dining areas. Big bedrooms and kitchen and master bathrooms. Private lift. Pool and security only. 
Singapore condos - 3 Cuscaden Walk master bathroom spacious

Near Borders bookstore. 2-min walk to Orchard subway. 

Construction project of demolished Cuscaden Tower next to master bedroom.

5pm  Far East Plaza penthouse with own pool and roof terrace. Breezy. City views. Great location. 2-min walk to Orchard subway. 2 levels. 

4+1 5200 sq ft. 25th floor $8,000.
Singapore condos - Far East Plaza penthouse with your own pool & serviced apartments

4+1 4800 sq. ft (no pool)
Near the American Club. 

Thursday Oct 31 2002. Seen following with another agent.

Parc Stevens
Four Seasons
The Colonnade
Melrose Park

Friday Nov 1 2002

1.45pm  Meet at Somerset Compass.

2 pm  Yong Ann Park penthouse 4+1+2nd level room with bathroom, 6800 sq. ft $10,800. Roof terrace of over 1000 sq. ft. Well renovated. City views of Leonie Condotel and others. 25th floor. Casuarina block.
Singapore condos - Yong Ann Park condos, penthouses, townhouses 

Construction project behind The Morningside condo is next to master bedroom.    

2.30 pm 72 Grange Road. 4+1 3900 sq. ft $12,000. Singapore condos - 72 Grange Road's huge living and dining areas
Extremely large living area which can accommodate 3 sofa sets. 7th floor. Pool and basement car parking only. 6-min walk to Orchard subway.

3 pm  Wing On Life Gardens. 4+1 3200 sq. ft $8,000. Facing greenery.  Big balconies. Large pools, gym, tennis court. Very impressive entrance lobby. Upgraded premises and facilities.  

Singapore condos - Wing On Life Gardens' big balconies

Singapore condos - Wing On Life Gardens' upgraded facilities

3.30 pm Honolulu Tower 4+1 5832 sq ft $12,500. Beautifully renovated. Master bedroom does not have long bath tub and shares bathroom with study room. 10th floor.  New children's playground. Pools, tennis courts. No gym. Upgraded premises and facilities. New children's playground.

Singapore condos - Honolulu Tower's upgraded facilities, as good as new. 

Gallop Green townhouse or apartments 3000 - 4000 sq ft  $10,000 - $12,000. Holland Village area. Brand new. Too far.

The Colonnade 3+ study +1 4400 sq ft $13,000. Upgraded. Big balconies and 8-min walk to Orchard Road.  

The Edge At Cairnhill penthouse  4+1 5600 sq ft $21,800. Brand new.  Not ready for occupation yet.

Details of condos mentioned above may be found at:
www.asiahomes.com, goto SUBDIVISIONS.  

Expats with large furniture sets will appreciate condos of over 3500 sq. ft. Rentals for such condos, around downtown Orchard Road will vary from $8,000 (unrenovated, blocked views) to $21,800 (The brand new The Edge At Cairnhill penthouse).

Older condos which have been upgraded, like The Parisian, Honolulu Tower and Wing On Life Gardens do attract tenants if they are fully and tastefully renovated, but their rentals will be much lower and will be around $10,000.


In 2 renovated condos visited, the Landlord has not installed a long bath tub inside the master bedroom.  This will be due to the local culture of Singaporeans not being interested in long baths.  However, the absence of such a long bath affects the rentability of the units.  It will be rented owing to its new renovations, but it may take a longer time and will not command a premium rental.


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