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Last updated: 05 May 2000

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Expats to note:   Government ruling prohibits you from renting the whole Executive Condo (EC) without approval and usually not in the first 10 years of purchase.   ECs are a hybrid between public housing and private condo.  ECs have condo facilities but they have some HDB restrictions as regards lease and sales. 

From - Fri May 05 08:05:15 2000 X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 Message-ID: <39120FD8.8B33FFCF@pacific.net.sg> Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 08:03:37 +0800 From: David Sing Reply-To: drsing@pacific.net.sg Organization: http://www.asiahomes.com. Free house-hunting services for expats. (65) 9668 6468.

Subject: Re: Need some advice References: <147BBF8976F0D211888508002BA60B66079A15C7@mail8.ntu.edu.sg>

Thank you for compliments. I believe we spoke by phone yesterday. Reply in CAPITAL LETTERS.

..  Hi David

I'm Impressed by the information available in your website, especially finding the tips very useful.  I guess you must be pretty experienced in the industry!! Well, I have an apartment for rent , and would like to seek your advice and assistance.

The apartment, located in ..... area, is a single storey Penthouse  (4bedrooms with a maid's room) with a floor area of about 2700 sq ft. (about > 900sq ft is open terrace). It has a nice unblocked view looking at a park and open space.  We intended to rent it out, but as it is an Executive Condo, we have to stay in at least a room.

We have found that the layout of the apartment was still alright for  this arrangement as we could take up the Guest room which is on the opposite side of a cluster of 3 rooms (1 master and 2 smaller rooms). The guest room is the about the same size as the masterbed room, and so its alright with us.

Being a young working couple, we are naturally new to the rental market, but would be grateful if we can get professional advice.  Our questions are as follows:

1) Do expats accept rental arrangements like staying in with landlords?  YES, BUT NOT YOUNG MARRIED COUPLES. Much depends on their budget.

2) How much can we fetch under such arrangements? AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS in HDB apartments $500 usually, but yours is a penthouse. May be able to fetch higher rentals.

3) Who are the likely tenants?
SINGLES OR 2 SINGLES SHARING A ROOM. PROFESSIONALS. Likely to be Asian technical engineering IT people working nearby. Main target will be Indian professioanl people, Burmese or Thai or local but your place must be near the  subway or their office.

4) We are looking at getting the furnitures...should we only partially  furnish the rooms?
NO. Room rental tenants don't bring their own furniture.

5) The apartment should be ready soon, so should we start looking for potential tenants? How should we go about looking for tenants? Can you > assist us in this matter?

USUAL WAY IS TO ADVERTISE IN THE STRAITS TIMES - Room for Rent. Or in the Internet or supermarkets. My website http://www.asiahomes.com   does provide internet advertising at $13.50/40words/90days.

We would appreciate if you can advice us asap.  Thanks!


John....@.com wrote: > I work for ... and am considering relocating to Singapore for 2 years. They are offering 4,000 + 1,200 Singapore dollars a month for housing. I will need a 3 bedroom unit. I live real well in California, 4,200 sq. ft home, 46 acres and am worried this offer of 4,000 is not enough. What can I expect for this amount?

Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 08:19:58 +0800 From: David Sing Reply-To: drsing@pacific.net.sg Organization: http://www.asiahomes.com. Free house-hunting services for expats. (65) 9668 6468.

To: John...
Subject: Re: Housing -

For Singapore Dollars $4,000. you cannot get a decent sized NEWER 1,500 sq. ft 3-bedroom in downtown Orchard Road. You can get one in the suburbs or around 30 minute drive to downtown. Rental prices of newer bigger condos in prime areas downtown and near downtown have shot up. It was terribly difficult to find one for your colleague when he was also given a budget of $4000. He did get one 20 year old apartment with window,not split unit air conditioners, 4+1 2900 sq. ft at $4500 in Cairnhill, near Orchard Road after over 80 units viewed with me.. Your new company will have a Relocation Consultant who will also be able to advise you. Good luck. Visit http://www.asiahomes.com/singaporerealty/expat/analysis/index.htm
for a feel of what you can get. This page is a record of actual condos/houses visited by expats with Realtor David Sing. It gives you some idea of housing costs but you may need to plough through many pages. My mobile is +65 9668 6468 if you need to talk to me directly (12 hours' time difference bet Singapore and Hongkong).


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