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Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes
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Downtown Singapore.
  3 - 15 Nathan Road. 7 blocks. Completed:  1990. 292 units.
3-bedroom: 207 - 305 sq. m
4-bedroom: 321, 339 sq. m
Penthouse: 562, 593, 596 sq. m. 2-level with bedrooms upstairs.

Singapore Regency Park has big balconies. Spring Grove is popular too.Facilities: Swimming pool, children's pool, tennis court, squash court, gym, 24-hour security system, covered car park, playground, sauna, fitness area/jogging track, BBQ area. 24-hour security service.

Interiors: Living/Dining room - marble tiles. Bedrooms: parquet. Many units have been remodeled. All rooms have big balconies.

Regency Park: High rise blockBlock 9 with big balconies, faces pool and Nathan Road going to River Valley Road, Valley Park condos and the Great World Shopping Mall.

The high floors have fantastic city views and some greenery views. Big swimming pools. 

Block 3 will be 4-storeys with lifts and usually 3-bedroom units.

Competitors for spacious 4+1 bedrooms:
Leonie Condotel. Lucky Towers (92 units, upgraded), Beverly Hill (86 units), Horizon Tower (210 units), Orchard Bel-Air (71 units). The strong competitors are the newer condos. 

Occupancy rate: Around 90%. If you visit in the evening, the swimming pool is full of Caucasian children swimming and boys cycling. Caucasians just love the green environment and big balconies. Many taxis available. A 20-min walk to Orchard Road.

Investment potential: Freehold. Many units have worn out bathrooms and kitchen cabinets/tops.  Good units are the high floors in Block 9, facing greenery and not having apartment views, but just unblocked views.  Low floors tend to be dark. 

Characterized by big balconies and spacious bedrooms targeting expats with over $7,000 rental budget for the 3-bedroom of 2260 sq. ft . Higher floors have unblocked city/green tree views.

3-minute drive to Orchard Road/Raffles Place. 5-minute bus to Overseas Family and International Singapore School schools in Paterson Road.
Spacious 3 or 4-bedroom units with big balconies and unblocked city views. Units have been in great demand and prospective tenants have put up with lower standards of finishes.

The maid's room is bigger than most new condos and houses.  Many Caucasians feel uncomfortable for the nanny to live in very small room of less than 80 sq. feet.

Expat enclave with many young Caucasian children.  Many taxis available anytime. Cycling track away from cars, big playground, decent sized pool. Big BBQ area near pool.

Large semi-circular  balcony around 200 sq. ft can accommodate private BBQ parties and the BBQ set. 

Many units have been remodeled but somehow the interior design in a few units.

The kitchen is spacious but the cabinets may be dated in some units.

Dark bedroom 2 between the master and 3rd bedroom in 3+1 3200 sq. ft units.

An expatriate from New York with a small child feels that the low walled balconies may lead to his child climbing over and falling down. See house hunting for penthouse.

The management will not permit grilles to be erected on balconies.  In any case, Caucasians dislike the 'prison image' of grilled balconies.  Sliding doors are installed with locks as a child safety factor.


Brand new 5,7,9 Holt Road 4-bedroom condosPenthouse with panoramic city views 6+1 6,000 sq. ft from $20,000.

View from 23rd floor of Regency Park penthouse. Brand new 5, 6 ,7 Holt Road brand new condos (foreground) are strong competitors. Note the greyish Fraser Suites serviced apartments (background) and numerous new River Valley Road condos as competitors for rentals.


Regency Park: Study or family area
Regency Park, Blk 11
, 3+1 around 3200 sq. ft

High floor, Apartment views from the balcony. Note family area has study table and closet on the right.  Powder room in background. 

Air conditioner compressor sited in balconies of the living area, master and two bedrooms.   Bedroom 2 is dark because the air conditioner compressor obstructs light from the balcony ledge. 

Expats who are not noise sensitive will not mind this unit as air conditioner compressors are sited outside the bedrooms and living area, at the balcony.

Owners may need to re-consider the advice of air conditioner contractors who will say that it will be cooler if the air conditioning piping is shorter by locating compressors next to the bedrooms than at the utility area. 
Regency Park: Original layout of family or study area, without cabinets
Regency Park, Blk 9
, 3+1 around 3200 sq. ft .

High floor, unobstructed green tree views.  Note bigger family area and dining table and chairs.  This family area is converted into a study area for expats who want a 4th bedroom.

Unit looks brighter and quieter as the air conditioning compressors are sited in the utility/maid's room area.
Nathan Court and an adjoining bungalow has been sold for re-development but the future construction is at the end of Nathan Road, junction with River Valley Road and   Regency Park is half way along Nathan Road.

Expected to be rented out fast as the unit has a large green "park" of mature tree view seen from the balcony.  The master bedroom is original in layout but the green tree view from the balcony with no apartments seen when waking up in the morning, makes one feel as if one is living in the suburbs or tropical rainforest with sparrows as visitors and that feeling appeals to most European expat wives.  
Regency Park: modern kitchen
Regency Park, Blk 11.
  Stainless steel cooker hob and greyish speckled counter top add a touch of class.   The light pink cabinet doors brighten the kitchen.  White doors or wooden colours may be preferred by  Caucasian expats. 
Regency Park has spacious living and dining area & big balconies.
Regency Park Blk 9
.   As the family area (study area) in the background) has not been built up with cabinets and the dining area does not have an extra sink (on right hand side, as in Blk 11), the dining area appears more spacious.  The living area of light brown marble is very spacious in both apartments.
0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)March 9, 2011    For Rent
Advert by Realtor:
Regency Park, 4+1 3650 sq. ft, Renovated, $15,000
Other units available 
E-mail Tel: +65 9668 6468. 
Tips for Landlords & realtors:

Case study:  Can $500 more win the Englishman the waterfront condo for his love?  Part 2 (below) is continued from  Part 1. 

Case study:  Can money buy love for this Englishman? Part 2 continued from Part 1.

Background. September 6, 1998. Continuing from Part 1.

After a three-month long drought of no offers as Singapore was in the midst of an economic depression, the Scotsman owner had 3 offers from Realtor within 2 days and other offers from other realtors.

The prospects from Asiahomes were a Chinese Indonesian family with 2 kids and 2 maids at $4,800, a Welsh couple with no kids and no pets at $5,500 and an Englishman with no kids and one small dog at $5,000.

All were corporate leases but the latter two had pedigree background, being located in Raffles Place and being listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange respectively while the first was a startup just registered few days ago.

"Hold on, I have a $6,500 offer for you" said a fax dated September 10, 1998 from another realtor, Patrick who had earlier offered a $5,000 rental offer within 24 hours after the Owner had rejected the $4,800 offer from the Indonesian family from the Realtor co-broking with a "lady agent" or "female caller" on September 4, 1998.

The Owner was not comfortable with the haggling and rapid changes of 3 to 1 and then 2-year lease offer from this Indonesian family and he suspected that Patrick's prospect and ours were the same.

How did Patrick know that the unit was still available?

September 5, 1998.   Patrick  contacted Realtor to co-broke, as the Indonesian was interested and offered $5,000. He was asked to provide more details. The Owner was informed.

September 6, 1998. Within 12 hours, Patrick had given a Letter of Intent and $5,000 cheque to the Owner. The Owner signed the Letter of Intent since he had a good offer.

Patrick gave some excuses to the Realtor that the Indonesian prospect had left for Hongkong.  Patrick's Letter of Intent showed the same prospect or related family members and he must have found the Owner's contact direct.

September 7, 1998 evening. Realtor informed the Owner that there were 2 quality Tenants (Englishman and Welsh) offering $5,000 and $5,500 respectively.

September 8, 1998. The "lady agent" or "female caller" phoned Realtor to enquire whether the Owner had accepted the $5,000 offer although she had been told that Realtor had no part in this offer as it was done by Patrick.  She persisted a few times.

September 9, 1998.  A third realtor phoned the Realtor saying that she had an Indonesian (but not Chinese Indonesian) interested and would offer $6,000 - $6,500. She was asked to submit the offer immediately as the Owner would be signing the tenancy agreement the next day. There was no response. The Owner was informed of this higher offer.

September 10, 1998. The Owner had a fax "hold on" $6,500 offer coming…from Patrick. No other details given.

This "Akan Datang" (Coming soon) suspense was killing because the Englishman was slow in accepting the tenancy agreement.

The prospective tenant, the Englishman was asked to bid above the $5,500 offer.  He was tardy in his reply.  The Realtor asked him whether he wanted the condo and if not, to let him know so that he could offer the apartment to the Welsh. He was not happy with the higher asking rent and the bidding war.

He said he would accept the offer but had no time to read the tenancy agreement  yesterday and today as he had to attend meetings.

His was the best offer.  But money was everything and the Englishman had the better offer. Could the  Scotsman better the $6,000 offer?

He did not. In a bidding war, it was difficult for the prospective Tenants.  It was very difficult to make a prompt decision and yet there was no or few ground floor waterfront condos and they command a premium rent if the time was right. 


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