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06 Mar 2011   
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes
Rent or Investment

235, 237, 239 Arcadia Road. 

164  units.
3-bedroom: 322 -347 sq. m
4-bedroom: 345 - 434 sq. m
Maisonette: 610 sq. m
Penthouse: 697 sq. m
Completed: 1983.

Interiors: Living area is separate from the dining area.  Light brown marble tiles depending on renovation done. Bedrooms: parquet.  The living area has a big balcony. The master bedroom has a big balcony.  The other 2 bedrooms may have balconies.  

Facilities: Swimming pool (big, upgraded), children's pool,
big BBQ area of over 3000 sq. ft on elevated ground. Tennis courts, squash courts, huge function room. 

The Arcadia "basketball court" The Arcadia basement gym is dark.
an indoor basketball court (ex-squash court) basement new gym

24-hour security system, covered car park, A good-sized playground, sauna, fitness area/jogging track, table tennis at void deck.

Green plants everywhere. Manicured lawns.

Competitors for spacious 4+1 bedrooms over 3700 sq. ft: Waterfall Gardens, Duchess Crest townhouses (new), Fontana Heights, Beverly Hill, Chatsworth Court, Regency Park, The Wilshire & Sutton Place and other penthouses  

Occupancy rate: Around 90%. If you visit in the evening, the swimming pool is full of Caucasian children swimming and boys cycling. Caucasians just love the long road (lined by tall trees) into this condo.

Full of trees, ferns and landscaped garden, as if you are living in a "jungle" said one British visitor. Lots of ground for children to cycle and run about.

Main complaint of Caucasians with over $10,000 - $15,000 rental budget.
Dated bathrooms and kitchens. Some landlords have remodeled the kitchen, see image below, unit facing greenery, renting from $11,000 - $18,000. Tel: +65 9668 6468, email 
A renovated modern Arcadia kitchen with green tree views from the windowHowever, most do not upgrade the master bathroom. The white grey marble tiles are stained by rusty streaks (due to aging). The separate shower stall looks run down when Caucasians see newer condos and penthouses with the frame-less glass shower stalls and cream brown marble tiles.

Contact for free house-hunting services or tel: +65 9668 6468.

Investment potential: 99-year lease.  Selling around S$450 per sq. ft as at March 2000.

Spacious 4-bedroom units with big balconies and unblocked city views. 

Characterized by big balconies and spacious living areas and   bedrooms. White greyish marble floor tiles and wall tiles in the kitchens. Bidet in master bathroom.

Higher floors have unblocked city or greenery views or expressway views depending on whether they face expressway.

The Arcadia condos facing inwards:Tranquil greenery facing
The Arcadia condos, showing the spacious balconies of the master bedroom and living area.  Facing BBQ area and the circular function room and gym.

The maid's room of around 100 sq. ft is bigger than new condos. This may be important for Caucasian mothers who dislike the very small maid's room of new condos.
Medium density living.

Established Condo, without construction work and foreign workers around.

Expat enclave. Many expats with rental budget over $8,000 still live in this Condo.  Mostly Americans and Europeans.

A shuttle bus to Newton Road said to be operational in the mornings.

A tree-lined boulevard drive from Adam Road gives the impression of entering a Botanic Garden. A resort-type feeling, with tall palm trees and landscaped gardens, evoking a pleasant back to nature, anti-stress feeling for expats who work in high pressure management positions.

Cycling track away from cars, big playground, decent sized pool with artificial grass. Big BBQ area near pool.

Large balcony around 200 sq. ft can accommodate private BBQ parties and the BBQ set.

10-minute drive to Orchard Road/Holland Village. 10-minute drive to Tanglin, Dover, United World College, Dutch/German Schools.

Disadvantages: Older development with wear and tear evident.  Remodeled units away from the traffic noises rent around $11,000.

The noisy blocks are as follows:

Blk 4, 5, 6
XX-01,  XX -02 faces the expressway and are very noisy.
XX-03, XX-07, XX-08 are not so noisy.  

Balcony faces the expressway.   However, when the double sliding doors are closed, there is less traffic noise. Others facing inside are quiet and have greenery or views of black and white colonial houses.  

The Arcadia (also called Arcadia Gardens) has 3 blocks. Block C is the quietest and has only 3 bedrooms. Blocks A and B have certain units facing the expressway, the  tennis court or the greenery and the black and white bungalows.

The common areas have rough slate tiles which are "non slippery" for walking during wet weather. However, a 5-year old boy walking on the wet tiles still slipped and fell on his bum on March 12, 2001 during a visit.  

tel: +65 9668-6468 
The Internet Realtors, Singapore. Educational articles for realtors.

Case study:

Is it worthwhile for the realtor do "Open house"? 

September 6, 1998 was a fine Sunday afternoon, with clear blue skies, white clouds and a
cool breeze blowing into this Costa Rhu Condo marketed as "Open House" by the associate. This Condo had many good selling points and was available to all agents in Singapore, with no exclusive marketing rights to any realtor.

The Owner did reject a rental offer of $5,000 sometime ago and had no other offers for the past 3 months. Now, an Englishman and a Welshman offered to rent the place while the Owner had a $4,800 offer from a Chinese Indonesian just one day ago.

Another realtor sent him a cheque of $5,000 and then a fax on September 10 to "hold his horses" as there will be a $6,500 offer coming in soon.

Good selling points:

1. Waterfront. Unblocked views of the green sparkling Kallang River, seeing the Kallang basin
and Merdeka bridge in the distance. Fishing is possible.

2. Anti-stress waterfront facing from the living/dining, master and one bedroom. Wake up with beautiful water views and romancing the sunset from the patio or living/dining room.
Would suit couples in love, with a dog, or with active kids.

3.  Cool breeze when windows and sliding doors of living/dining rooms are opened, saving on
air conditioning bills.

4. Spacious bedrooms. All bedrooms are of decent size unlike many other brand new condos.   Besides the typical attached master bedroom, there is the guest bedroom with attached bathroom.

5. Big garden. Around 200 - 300 sq. ft which is considered large. There is a gate in the enclosed
wooden fence and an easy access to the outside jogging track via a main gate. "Do you have a dog?" enquired Asia USA associate of the Englishman, demonstrating the freedom and
space in the garden and outside for the dog.  He did not have one.

6. Privacy. Tucked away in a far corner of Costa Rhu, with no immediate neighbours on either
side or in front. The garden in front of the living/dining room and the master bedroom has
another patch of grassland giving more privacy as passer-by are further away.

"It gives the impression that one is not living in a high density high rise Condo, which is
Costa Rhu" said the Welsh wife who was tired of the noise of barking dogs in her present house in East Coast.

"We don't have dogs or children. We'd just been shown a house with an Alsatian and the realtor assured us that the Dog is a "bark-less" one. When we were near the
house, the dog barked loudly!" laughed the Welsh husband.

Well, here you will not
get this problem, said Asia USA associate. Just then a stray mongrel loitered into
the empty grassland adjoining the garden. How would you respond? The reason
for moving is noisy dogs from neighbours and you said there were no dogs.

"This dog is a stray dog and will not bark because it does not live in this Condo and
has no need to protect his territory" explained the realtor. The explanation
was accepted. That was a close call.

7. Space for dogs and little children.

It was a recession in Singapore. The Asia USA marketed this unit appropriate for expats with dogs or active kids. Straits Times advertisement 3 times a week, Internet and other
promotions for the past month drew few response. Caucasian mothers prefer ground floors as they dislike window and door grilles to prevent children climbing and falling down from
high floors as such grilles make the apartment look like a prison.

8. Enter from the outside. "You can bring you BMW motorbike from the outside space,
enter the wooden gate and park it at the side of the garden " suggested realtor to the Englishman. The realtor was desperate to close this case which had taken so over 4 weekends of  "open house".

Now the Owner had a $5,000 rental offer from another realtor. 


1. As it is an open listing, no realtor focused on this unit; many are aware that ground floor
units are not in demand and will not waste time and efforts on disadvantaged units
when there are probably 400/737 units of waterfront/seafront 4-month old Costa Rhu
apartments which are taken up like hot cakes. However, the Owner has no time to market his unit. He had
given keys to a few realtors but there was no one realtor focusing on his unit. His asking
rental was $6,000 but other Owners including the 2nd level (rented for $4,000) have been
aggressively under-pricing.

2. Littering. Cigarette butts thrown from upper floors. Possible but rare in a good condo.

3. Construction work on the vacant piece of land few metres away from the living/dining room. "What if there is construction and we are locked in a tenancy agreement? " asked the Welshman whose wife really loved this unit.
A break-lease clause terminating the lease with 2 months' notice if development commences may be a condition of lease.

No offers for three months and now there were 4 offers to the Landlord.  Which offer did he accept?  It was the Englishman and his wife as they had to bid higher.

The recession was terrible for Landlords of Costa Rhu. As at March 2001, the rentals have gone up.  That waterfronting unit would be getting $6,500 - $7,500 instead of $5,000.

"Open house" for rental condos is a costly strategy. If you don't get exclusive marketing rights, you are taking a big gamble. 

But if you are hungry, focusing on one good condo may give you some bread provided your advertisements in the newspapers had not guzzled up all your profits. 

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