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Last updated: 01 Dec 2000

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Case study:  Shit-brown coloured Roman blinds will make it difficult to rent  out your apartment faster than your neighbours.


October 27, 1998 report. 

How should you dress up the windows of your Condo?

The thrill of getting the keys to a spanking new downtown condo nowadays is replaced by the worries of high mortgage interest rates, declining rentals and intense competition.

You want a Tenant fast. You will find interior designers recommending you fanciful (and expensive) multi-floral bright yellow cloth blinds, curvaceous French type hanging curtains or you fancy some strong bright pink colours.

Worse, you install expensive sun-blocking curtains of dark brown colour (shit colour, see email below), thinking that you will save on dry cleaning expenses.

Caucasian Tenants like pastel colours in curtains. Off-white colours for day and night curtains. Better ones are thicker and expatriates can detect the quality.

An example of a quality but inappropriate curtains is illustrated. In this real case, the 4th floor of the 2-bedroom Aspen Heights Condo was not considered because it had dark brown curtains in the master bedroom, an overlapping cloth type bright yellow blinds in the 2nd bedroom.

Most prospects of Aspen Heights Condos will be Caucasians and they dislike dark curtains and anything dark. Try to be conservative - pay for quality pastel-coloured curtains and you will be in the race as there are so many other factors to the finishing line.

There is still no guarantee but an apartment furnished with upscale quality curtains tends to rent out faster. Best not to rent fully furnished although some Singapore Owners calculate that the extra S$300 - $500 for the fully furnished condo will mean that they have more revenue. But then, they buy cheap furniture, curtains and lighting.

Net rental income and early occupancy are more important in an investment property rather than gross rental income.

You still have to look for realtors specialising in rental and be pro-active yourself in advertising as "Owner" in the Straits Times Classifieds but since there are so many Aspen Heights condos for rent, you may need to be more energetic. 

You can email your property particulars to judy@asiahomes.com to expose your property for rent to our realtors (no charge to you) or advertise in Asiahomes Internet ($13.50/40 words/3 months) to widen your catch of the type of "Caucasian tenants" you want and many of the Americans and Europeans have made use of the Internet to get what they want.

Good luck.

Some expats finalise their paperwork by email as in this case.  Realtors must learn how to use email to be efficient. 

An international investment company for To: judy@asiahomes.com
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 13:52:23 -0500
Subject: amendments to letters of intents for aspen heights
To: judy@asiahomes.com

Dear David,

Many thanks are extended to yourself and Christine for your professional assistance whilst I was in Singapore with you, this past weekend.

Further to our discussion this morning, here are the amendments to the letters of intents, that I had received from you on email.

All three offers will be requests for partly furnished apartments. The apartment should include, new washing machine, dryer, refrigerator (of a good large size), day and night curtains (off white in colour), lighting and spot lights and drying clothes line.

I will buy my own furniture.

As a result I will offer the following monthly rent for the respective apartments:
Aspen Heights, Block 263, #01-ss, Singapore, $2,800 per month p/f
Aspen Heights, Block 261, #03-tt, Singapore, $2,700 per month p/f
Aspen Heights, Block 261, #01-uu, Singapore, $2,600 per month p/f

Is the date of commencement amendable in the next week or so, for I may arrive on Nov 22nd 1998??

I am fine with your previous email of air conditioning requests. One owner wants the Tenant to pay for servicing of air-conditioners and agree to lease at $3,000 partially furnished, Aspen Heights 2+1, 1442 sq. ft, ground floor with big rectangular patio. Not much view, next to power station and entrance of car park.

A few last questions, if I may, is a question of security, especially the ease of how one can enter your ground floor apartment (as was demonstrated on Saturday), can you see how those side windows by the maid's room can be secured, also I would be interested if you could refresh my memory on how the kitchen layout was (whether cramped or squarish and open) in the Blk. 261 #03-tt apartment.

I am concerned about the security on the lower floors, so I would still be interested in you describing any other 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor apartments to me, as I am now familiar with the aspen layout, though a brief description of the kitchen layout, whether there is breeze coming through to the maid/storage room and what view it looks over to. But not that shit brown curtained apartment.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Please guide me as to how these bids are received, for as my broker, I can tell you that I do want to rent in Aspen Heights, so I don't want to lose an opportunity, but at the same time, I am looking for a reasonable price.

Please call or email any time, my work number is + 613 …

UPDATE:  As at December 1, 2000, rents for the 2-bedroom Aspen Heights Condo command more than $3,000 per month as the condo is almost 90% occupied. It will be rare if any Owner rents to you at $2,500 fully furnished. 

Email judy@asiahomes.com or 
tel: +65 9668 6468 to get you the best rental package.


1. Big red roses are just too glaring for Caucasians. Red carpeted floor becomes worn out and dirty after one tenancy term. Parquet flooring best if you wish to renovate. Bayshore Park 4+1, sea view, high floor, East Coast, $6,000 p/f.

2. Hanging wavy curtains of the right colour but not many Caucasians appreciate such wavy designs in the living room. Big red roses are just too glaring for Caucasians. Red carpeted floor becomes worn out and dirty after one tenancy term. Parquet flooring best if you wish to renovate. Leonie Towers, 4+1, high floor (22nd), panoramic city views, big balcony, 10-minute walk to Orchard subway, $5,000 p/f.

3. Small floral curtains favoured by Japanese. However, Australian wife removed this curtain as she dislikes floral curtains. Luckily the Landlord did not have to install pastel-plain curtains in this master-bedroom. Costa Rhu, 4+1, waterfront, 2200 sq. ft, $5,000 - $6,000. Few units available.

4. Accordion-type cloth blinds not appreciated most Caucasians although it is appropriate for small width windows to catch the sea views. Parkshore Condo, 3+1, sea view, high floor, $5,000.

5. Thicker beige curtains with small squares acceptable by German Tenant. Quality is felt and appreciated. Costa Rhu, 2+1, waterfront, $3,000 if the living room faces river. Lower rental is living room is blocked by roof tops or other buildings as in this photo. Investors should not to buy such units as it is very difficult to rent at high rentals as other Owners because of the lack of view from the living room.

6.  Faint-coloured pink or light brown are acceptable to Caucasian Tenants. Costa Rhu, 4+1 waterfront units have been snapped up fast by Caucasians. Photographs of Costa Rhu 4+1 condo, with living, master and 2 other bedrooms having waterfront views.
Pastel coloured curtains of Costa Rhu condo



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