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Pest control is important in vacated investment condoTIPS FOR FIRST-TIME LANDLORDS.

January 19, 1999
House-hunting with an American lady banker from Chase Manhattan bank. 

The image above showed cockroaches in the toilet bowl of an Orchard Bel-Air apartment during house-hunting.

Is a common practice for Landlord not to re-connect the water and electricity supply after the tenant has left.  The Landlord may feel that the realtor will forget to switch off the air conditioners and this does happen.  A large bill will be incurred as the vacated apartment may not be shown for several weeks.

Contractors may use the toilet and this leads to a musky odour of urine.  Poisoned cockroaches may be disposed of into the toilet bowl or left lying around the floor.

First impression counts.  Pests give the impression that the unit's landlord cannot   be bothered and therefore the prospective tenant may feel worried about after rental services. 

If you want to rent your investment condo fast, keep it tidy and do NOT disconnect the utilities.   Keep the unit clean and fresh.  Use flowers during house-viewing.  Get a good management agent if you have no time.

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