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The final favour from the Tenant?This is a strange case of an oral promise being reneged. How do you handle it?

The Landlord had agreed orally to lease the apartment without intruding into the privacy of the Tenant by not showing the unit to prospective buyers during the two-year lease.

It is a pain in the butt to open the unit for show to various strangers and no tenants will like it. Why pay rent and get harassed by the phone calls of the Landlord to show the place when there are many other apartments for lease in recession hit Singapore? 

Now, the Landlord has a keen buyer who had seen the unit  prior to the commencement of tenancy when the prospective Tenant was in the apartment.

The Tenant was most unhappy that the Landlord had not kept his promise, but he agreed to show the unit at 9 p.m. This would be the final favour. He was a busy man settling down in Singapore and in the first week of tenancy, the Landlord wanted him to show the unit.

The Landlord could not contact the agent with the keen buyer! A few days later, the Landlord found the "keen" buyer but could not contact the Tenant.

He contacted me and I told him that the Tenant would not permit any viewing and reminded him of his promise that there would be no viewing. In any case, I had given him the Tenant's office telephone number.  

The Landlord said it was the same "keen" buyer now found. I said "no", as instructed by the Tenant earlier. 

The Landlord to controlled his anger with great difficulty over the phone. I could understand the importance of selling the unit as many developers are stuck with unsold units and will encounter cash flow problems.

The Landlord reminded me of the clause in the tenancy agreement that the Tenant would permit viewing to prospective buyers at mutually agreed times. 

I could sense his controlled tension and frustration over the phone. The young executive was trying not to explode. He explained that the "keen" buyer might buy the unit on second viewing and this means there will be no further harassment of the Tenant. Sounds logical.

How do I resolve his problem? The Tenant was nowhere to be found. This Tenant was not easy to contact by phone in his office.  He had no home phone or mobile phone.

Perhaps, an email? This was a brilliant suggestion from the Landlord's executive. I would email the Tenant or I could say that the Tenant had no email since he had changed jobs. This was true. And let the Landlord's relationship with the Tenant become a smelly wound which fester. If I do not do send the email, I do not get an irritated Tenant to remind me of the broken promise.  

By ignoring the Landlord's request, will this be good for the Tenant's relationship with the Landlord?  Definitely no.

I sent an email to the old address of the Tenant copied to the Landlord. 

The email came within ten minutes. The Tenant was in Europe. He reiterated that there would be no viewing and even phoned me long distance. His voice was filled with tension as much as his email was filled with anger.  

What should I do? Forward this email to the Landlord and let the Landlord get the full blast of the Tenant's anger?  Is this the right way?

An antagonistic Tenant-Landlord relationship will be no good for both parties. This was the lost "keen" buyer and the Tenant may oblige.

"You could always be not free, for future requests from the Landlord," I said to the Tenant earlier. But that was not the point. The Landlord had promised verbally not to show to prospective buyers. In real estate, oral agreements are not tenable in the courts. Only written contracts are legally binding. 

There is no point in getting the Tenant to fight the Landlord to death. 

Rather than forwarding the angry email from the Tenant, I wrote a new email to the Landlord saying that the Tenant would be back from Europe on a certain date and asked him to make an appointment, copying the email to the Tenant.  

At least, I have not burnt the bridge over troubled waters and let the Tenant drown. The Tenant did email me in appreciation.  

It is sometimes best to express your hope to the Tenant in writing that he will maintain a cordial relationship with the Landlord in the Tenant's long term interest. For example, repairs to the apartment are promptly done if there is good relationship. Nobody knows whether there will be defects in a property. 

Sabre rattling
by both parties - the Tenant insisting that the  Landlord keep his oral promise not to show the apartment and the Landlord stating the clause in the tenancy agreement to permit viewing to prospective buyers will lead to a destructive Tenant-Landlord relationship. 

Will the Tenant do the final favour when he comes back from Europe? As a realtor, I can only hope he will maintain an excellent Tenant-Landlord relationship and now the ball is in his court.
River Place 3+1 has a living room next to river

River Place
, by Singapore River 
and near to Raffles Place and
Clarke Quay is an extremely
 popular waterfront condo with younger Caucasians. 

2.  Costa Rhu (737 units).
Parkshore (152 units).
Pictures of :
Parkshore & Costa Rhu condos

3. Picture of:
Costa Rhu Condos Charonia block

4. Pebble Bay (510 units).
Layout plans. Type C2 for rent at $10,000. Facing Kallang River, Kallang Bay and downtown city skyline from the living and dining areas. Facing South 
China Sea from the Bedroom 2 
and 3 and part of master 
Studio, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms available for rent.

5.  The Makena and others
The Makena, East,
 (2 photos of sea views from balcony & kitchen).   Penthouses are available.
The Sovereign, East, sea fronting balconies. Costa Rhu, East, (2 photos) The Waterside, East.

Singapore East Coast.  D'Manor Townhouse, bright, breezy, $3,500
216. Jul 10 02. A bright 
D'Manor townhouse 
near Tanamera subway $3,500

Modena. Singapore 2002 condo 1 min walk to Simei subway & mall.
215. Jul 9 02. Modena - 
new, near Simei subway & malls.

Singapore freehold condo for sale : Newton 18, prime location

213. Jul 4 02. Newton 18-  foreign investors quickly contact asiahomes.com now

Mansion with private basement almost Olympic-sized lap pool $20,000
214. Jul 5 02 Unique 8-bedroom downtown new
bungalow $16,000

Singapore black & white bungalows for rent
209. Jun 17 02. Black & white bungalows $15,000 - 17,000.

Singapore - Cuscaden Residence 3 bedroom for rent or sale
208. Jun 3 02. Cuscaden 
Residence, upscale, 
downtown For Rent/Sale

Singapore upscale condo - The Loft, Nassim  Hill, For Rent
211. Jun 19 02. The Loft, Nassim Hill. $3,200 to $9,000 (penthouse)

Singapore,The Fortredale condos with sea views
207. Jun 2 02. The Fortredale
with seaviews, 
3-bedroom $3,300

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