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Date:   14 July, 2010  
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs & rabbits
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
First written: 16 Sep 2002
14 July, 2010 
Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129

"The dog bit me," said Groomer Ken with pride as he showed me a puncture wound in the fleshy part of his left hand. The 55-year old retired civil servant had set up a business of dog grooming and transport for the past 3 weeks.  All he needed was a van and grooming equipment.  Fortunately, the Singapore government had not got around to licensing dog groomers as licence fees cost money and many older people could not meet ends meet, having to pay for the high cost of vehicle ownership and being unable to compete with the younger ones in stamina and money.  

There was much to learn about dogs, but he had kept a Pomeranian and knew it all. 

He should not have been bitten at all. I taught him how to muzzle the dog but he did things his own way. Muzzling a dog indicated that the person was frightened of dogs and this was just not the right thing to impress the dog owner.  Not every dog needed to be muzzled as not every dog would bite. 

This dog, Joey had a swollen left ear pinnae and was wagging his tail as he was put onto the examination table.  Must be a happy and good dog, Ken must have thought. The blood vessels had ruptured inside and the red scratch marks on the inner side of the ear pinnae showed that the dog was unhappy with this burden.  Seven months ago, he had a similar condition called aural haematoma, with swelling of blood inside his right ear.  It was a case of aural haematoma.  What would be the cause of it?  Probably mosquito bites as the Sembawang area was near a busy condo construction site.  

Ken must have touched his sensitive area.  

The owners who were a busy young couple accompanied him to the surgery as they would do so for their own child, to comfort him. He was wagging his tail during preparation for surgery and the owner had to leave him alone, otherwise it would be difficult to continue!

10yearold_aural_haematoma of left ear. R ear haematoma operated 7 months ago. Cause unknown. Ken muzzled the dog and loop a nylon rope twice round his nose. This was not the universal procedure. As you could see, the muzzle was the wrong size.  He was bitten before he decided to put a loop of nylon rope round the muzzle.   

Many dog handlers are sure that the dog would not bite, especially when the Owners had told them.  Ken was one of them.  Can you teach old dogs new tricks?
Singapore dog. Aural haematoma 8 years ago. Singapore dog. Aural haematoma 8 years ago
This dog had 2 ears swollen, one after another, within 2 weeks. Cause unknown No more ear problem for the last 8 years

Aural haematoma in a small breed dog

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Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129

A large imposing house. A stately residence. 
Built in 1999. Detached with pool. 9+1 rooms. 10,000sf land. Large built-in areas of over
10,000 sq. ft. 3 levels. 2 attics. 2 roof terraces. 
UNIQUE. Basement pool provides
great privacy for swimmers. 
Can accommodate 2 families, big cars and big families. Near Shangri-la hotel, Stevens Road
and Orchard Road.

2 separate extensive roof terraces with green tree views.
2nd roof terrace with lots of space for plants and maybe entertainment of guests.
Level 3 with vast amount of greenery views.
Quiet, off main road location. 
Bright parquet-floor attic with attached bath. 3rd level.One attic room with spiral staircase. The other one with conventional
 staircase without gaps in between stairs. The layout
 seems to fit 2 families, with one half of the house for toddlers and the other one for adults & grown up children. 
Basement pool is almost as long as an Olympic-sized pool. Plenty of spaces for a sauna, private gym and games or snooker room. Or a guest room, store room or office. Plenty of natural daylight and brightness. Mansion with private basement almost Olympic-sized lap pool $20,000
Bright master bath with white long bath, bidet and good quality accessories.Master bath with quality bathroom accessories. Windows bring in sunlight making bathroom
bright. Other bedrooms have attached baths. 
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