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Best home-buying sites USA March 2002 


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Houses & Costa Rhu condos that take your breath away

Dressed to kill the NZ pathologist - June 1998 report for first-time Landlord.   

How to rent your suburban condo faster?

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What does the expat director expect for $12,000 rent?

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Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
2-4-bedroom colonial house $2,200 for romantic and young Caucasian expats. 5-min taxi ride & new subway to Suntec City. 

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6.1 "Be Kind to Pets" - Tips for a longer life for pets. A Community Education supported by Asiahomes Internet.

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Singapore The Colonnade has large balconies and is near downtown
Feb 29 02. 
186. The Colonnade renovated. Huge balconies & living areas from $9,000

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Focus:  We sell you affordable internet property ads

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Selling/Buying investment apartments.

TIPS FOR FIRST-TIME AGENTS - Selling to foreign investors.
A photograph of the brand new 99-year lease Costa Rhu Condo - Charonia Block.

Costa Rhu by Kallang River, Singapore
Photograph of Costa Rhu Charonia Block

Costa Rhu  condos entice Indonesian, Malaysian, Taiwanese & other investors and Caucasian tenants with a waterfront resort ambience. The shimmering green and clean waters of the Kallang River, the big ships and blue seas and a bright blue skies give an effect of resort, away from the rat race. 

Your client wants to buy either the 3rd floor (circle A ) or 13th floor (circle B) to rent out to expatriates fast. Which will you recommend?

The 3rd floor faces a T-road junction which is not a good characteristic to Chinese Buyers. The "13th" floor has better views but Caucasians believe that "13" is an unlucky number.  There are many considerations to advise the foreign investors.  Do read widely various property books and surf the internet for knowledge.

Several units for rent or sale
Tel: +65 9668 6468

Costa Rhu by Kallang River, Singapore Costa Rhu by Kallang River, Singapore
Costa Rhu Livonia block facing Suntec City across the Kallang River. Ritz Carlton Hotel, Millenia Towers, Centennial Towers and Conrad International Hotel
Costa Rhu by Kallang River, Singapore Costa Rhu by Kallang River, Singapore
Strolling or cycling beside Kallang River Walking the dog beside Kallang River
Costa Rhu by Kallang River, Singapore Costa Rhu by Kallang River, Singapore
Kallang River patrol boats Comfort taxis
Costa Rhu by Kallang River, Singapore
Four different taxi companies
Costa Rhu by Kallang River, Singapore Costa Rhu ground floor apartment unblocked views, Singapore
Ground floor 4-bedroom for rent $6,000. Unblocked river views. Patio and garden. Tel +65 9668 6468
Costa Rhu ground floor apartment unblocked views, Singapore
Costa Rhu ground floor apartment unblocked views, Singapore Costa Rhu ground floor apartment unblocked views, Singapore


Email, tel:+65 9668 6468, 6254 3326, 6254 2728, fax: 6256 0501.

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Singapore Ewart Park houses for sale
Contact: Ms Karen Chng, Mobile: 9672-5514
Details at:
Use this URL in your name card to impress prospects and they can also get more info easily. 

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Suits realtors who want a website with monthly updated listings at lowest cost, but not the hassles of maintenance or learning software. Use this URL in your name card to impress clients and they can also contact you easily.  

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This includes personalized training so that you can update your web pages anytime and make back up copies. The costs include  original software but not the domain name registration and hardware. Two months' support to guarantee that you will have no problems doing it yourself. 

For top 100 realtors in a company, it may be worthwhile to pay us to maintain your webpages twice per month at $300/month.  Please let us know.

This scheme suits highly motivated and successful realtors who want their own domain names and to update their own web pages daily/anytime or firms with >20 associates that want to set up websites and training as part of the benefits for associates.
You will save a lot of money as you self-update your webpage after training. Most web developers don't have time for you and many resign from the web hosting company soon or just disappear after you have engaged their services.

In any case,  unless you are a big spender or a big corporate client, you will can't afford their fees.  

This service is meant for the small firm or individual operator who wants useful information webpages without bells and whistles or award winning webpages.  

Your clients will be impressed with your updated webpages and you save money by not having to advertise in the newspapers so frequently. 

You can close faster as other agents co-broke with you on seeing what you have from your webpage, without the hassle of calling you or you faxing to them the details of your latest exclusive listings.

The advantage of engaging Asiahomes Internet is that we specialize in realty webpages and will be able to train you or your Secretary to maintain-it-yourself at affordable rates.   
An example of such a do-it-yourself self-maintained site is The webmaster provides anti-viral protection and CD backup.

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