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Properties shown in this report are for rent to expatriates.

Ballota Park 3-bedroom 1420 sq. ft $1,800. Condo shuttle to Tampines subway.

H J Heights
maisonette, 3+1 2230 sq. ft $3,000. Four bus stops to Bukit Batok subway. Suits expats who want space and garden.

Surfers interested in units facing waterfront and has small balconies,

call Asia USA Realty 9668 6468, 6254 2728 for viewing. 

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Can money buy happiness?

Rabbit sarcoptic mange mites attacking the face, paws and ears"A new rabbit at the pet shop costs only five dollars,' grumbled Mr Kam in a low voice as he creased his eyebrows.

He was the father of the little girl who brought her rabbit to see the veterinarian after much pestering by his seven-year-old daughter.  

"It is best to ask the vet to put the rabbit to sleep and go and buy another one," he continued after being told that the consultation and treatment was $20.00.   He still had to apply the smelly white cloudy insecticide wash on the affected areas daily and the skin mites would be killed.

"So troublesome, I don't have time."  He was a busy racehorse bookie, a tough sun burnt muscular man, eagle-eyed and rough. 

He might be a loan shark on the side but it would not be wise for me to antagonize him.

A sad looking rabbit harassed by continuous itch on its face and paws. This resulted in a thickened skin on the ears, eyes, nose and the paws.

The multiplication of the mites lead to thick skin crusts over its nose, eye lids, ear edge of both of its long ears and all the four paws. His groin area on both sides of the scrotal skin was also affected by the same type of rough crumbs.

Rabbit sarcoptic mange mites attacking the scrotal area.

Right scrotal area with skin crusts.
Rabbit sarcoptic mange mites attacking the scrotal area.Mites attacking the scrotal area are not commonly encountered in veterinary practice.  This was due to long-standing infestation.

Tears cascaded down the little girl's eyes as she knew that "to put to sleep" means to give the pet a lethal injection. That it was a killer injection to end the life of her constant companion.

Rabbits were cheap in the 1980's Singapore.  They were alternative pets to dogs as some parents did not want their young ones to keep dogs as companions. 

The method of treatment for this Sarcoptic Mange in the rabbit was the use of oily or liquid insecticide wash.

The little girl had fallen in love with this rabbit.  Now his life would be ended and she could do nothing. 

She did not say much, like most Asian children.  Her father had brought the rabbit to the vet after much nagging from her. Now, he did not want to treat it. 

"If you don't have time to treat it, Groomer Ken who operates a  boarding kennel operator can treat it." I suggested.

"That means more expenses. How much does the operator charge?"

"$10 per day including the nursing charges," answered Nurse Ann on behalf of the kennel operator. 

The total was estimated to be seventy dollars for 7 days excluding the veterinary bill.

"Nearly a hundred dollars for a rabbit!" Mr Kam opened his eyes wide.  "This amount could pay for 20 new bunnies."

Groomer Ken would not lower his fee saying he was not a charitable organization.  There was a limit to his generosity.

The rabbit had a curable condition of skin mange and there was no need to euthanase this rabbit.

"There is another method of treatment by injection of an insecticide but this has not been recommended by the drug manufacturer and there may be the risk of the rabbit dying from the injection,"  I said. "This will save all the messy task of applying washes on all parts of the body."

The little girl did not want to let go of the rabbit. She would not forgive the father for putting the rabbit to sleep, but she would not say the words but her eyes reflected her anger at the thought of euthanasia.

"Give the injection," commanded Mr Kam.1229rabbit_mange_18thday160.jpg (15365 bytes)

A small injection, usually given to cattle to eliminate worm infestations was given under the skin.  This was a strong rabbit. There was no adverse drug reaction.

Two dollars a day for nursing was all right with Mr Kam and Nurse Ann would care for the rabbit.

Within 4 days, the nose crust split into two. Healthy new skin grew and pushed away all the nasty flakes. The mites had stopped multiplying. 

All mites reproducing under the skin of the nose, eyes, ears and elsewhere were dead, permitting new healthy skin to grow.

Before 3 weeks were up, there was this new rabbit with the pink nose.  The joy of seeing the little girl's eyes lighten up was like bright sunlight in the midst of a thunderstorm.  A type of ecstatic feeling in seeing a new life for a red nosed rabbit. 

A feeling that money could not buy? 

Well, in this case, Mr Kam could buy happiness with his money if he could be persuaded to part with some of it. 

His daughter loved this particular rabbit and would not accept a brand new rabbit.  Children may love brand new cars but they seldom want replacement pets just because the incumbent was diseased.

Chinese fathers of the pre-war generation tend to be pragmatic. However, all fathers need to understand that the sensitive feelings of their young ones, especially daughters who tend to be more emotional. 

Rabbit recovered from rabbit sarcoptic mange.And busy fathers, please  be kinder to pets by taking some time off to seek early veterinary advices before the rabbit mange mites scatters to all over the body.

Time is money to busy fathers but spend some time with your children who may just need a few minutes of your time to consult a veterinarian for a little sick bunny early.  

In 2004, Toa Payoh Vets' veterinary surgeons treat rabbit sarcoptic mange using an anti-mite injection.  Early veterinary treatment and prevention of re-infestation are both important in the management of Sarcoptic Mange in rabbits in the pet shop.

Excellent chance of a complete recovery - 4 month old rabbit with early sarcoptic mange - front paws infestedIn this beautiful rabbit, costing around $300, the early signs of Sarcoptic Mange was detected by the pet shop owner and it was quickly brought to the veterinary surgeon for treatment.

Early treatment reduce the number of infested rabbits and the likelihood of more rabbits in the pet shop or breeding kennels being infested. 

An alert pet shop owner will need to inspect all rabbits daily to keep all rabbits free from infestation. It is hard to sell an infested rabbit.  See:  The vet did not know how to treat my rabbits' skin disease



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