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Off Dunearn Road, near Newton subway.

Completed: 1998.
144 units (136 apartments & 8 shop units).

In May 2004, the Chancery Court, previously a designated HUDC (Housing and Urban Development Corporation) estate is now privatised. 

Privatisation of HUDC estates, announced in 1995 meant that lessees can convert their leases to strata titles if at least 75 percent of the lessees support the exercise.  The units are individually owned white the common property is owned as tenants-in-common.

Units are available for lease. Very near Newton subway. Cold Storage supermarket nearby.


Chancery Esquire 3+1 1571sq.ft $4,200. 
Maisonette. 2 bedrooms on level 1, 1 attic room in 2002. 

Chancery Esquire loft bedroom 4th floor maisonette
Attic room above dining area.   You can look down into the living area.  Has a bathroom.

31 units. Completed in 1996. 3 bedrooms below 4th floor around 1216 sq. ft renting $3,000. The 4th floor is a maisonette. Plantar box in living area.  Light brown marble flooring. Parquet in bedrooms. Grey long bath.  No shower cubicle.

Chancery Esquire master bathroom
Grey master bathroom.

The master bedroom could not fit the wide headboard of a big master bed as one side of the wall had closets, limiting the length of the master bedroom.
31 units. Low rise. Small pool, basement car park and security guard. Cable connections. Great location. Great demand by expats. 5-min walk to Newton subway. Cold Storage supermarket at doorstep. 

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House Viewing on Tuesday Apr 3, 2001

Australian expat couple
No children
3-bedroom $4,500 Newer condos
Wants over 1600 sq. ft  

Meet at Nassim Woods.

Tanglin Park 3+1 1530 sq. ft $4,800. 
Blk 5D.
Ground floor with big grass plot of around 200 sq. ft.  Inside area will be 1330 sq. ft.
Serene. New kitchen counter. Bright kitchen. Breezy.  Facing bungalows. However the bath tubs and bathrooms look dated.
Full condo facilities.

Claremont, 6 months old, 3+1 1500 sq. ft $5,500 fully furnished. High quality furniture.  Near Somerset subway. Hot favourite of expats.  Small pool, gym, basement car park and security guard.

#.. -06 series have curved living and dining areas and a balcony.  

Claremont at cross roads: River Valley & Killiney Road
Claremont is at the junction of 2 roads but is in great demand.

Fell in love with this modern curved apartment with light brown marble flooring and light coloured closets and cabinets.  However,  the Owner wants to rent fully furnished.

To check a ground floor unit,  ...-04,  3+1 1367 sq. ft $3,800 tomorrow.   It has big tiled patio of around 150 sq. ft but faces a concrete wall of another building.

Langston Ville penthouse, 10th floor, around 5 months old maisonette. 4+1 1900 sq. ft $4,500. 
Around 30 units. Completed in 2000.
Light brown marble flooring in the living cum dining area. Parquet in bedrooms. Audio visual intercom.  Master bathroom has light orange long bath and fiberglass counter top but no shower stall. 

City views. Level 1 has 2 bedrooms, small kitchen which has a suspended dryer and a washer inside the kitchen area, store room.  White dual bowl sink, stainless steel hood and gas hob. No oven.   

Level 2 has master bedroom and 1 bedroom and store room. No maid's or utility room.   No balcony.

Near Robertson Quay. 10-min walk to Somerset subway. Small pool and basement car park only.
Cable connections to apartment expected in July 2001. Autogate. Did not appear to have manned security post.

Langston Ville is an 8-min walk to Somerset subway and Orchard Road
Blk 263 of Aspen Heights. Aspen Heights' balconies (left) attract Caucasian expats. Langston Ville (centre), completed in 2000 has only a small pool and basement car park, no gym or tennis court.  Riveria Point condo is to the right, behind shophomes). Somerset subway (right, not visible) is around 8-minute walk from Langston Ville.

The Bencoolen Residences 3+1 1200 sq. ft with balcony $5,500 fully furnished.  New.  5-min walk to Bugis subway.  Too small but great quality and has full condo facilities including pool, gym and tennis court.

The Bencoolen Residences: Pool and tennis court
The Bencoolen Residences has a big pool.

The Bencoolen Residences: Sundeck and BBQ pits near the pool.
The Bencoolen Residences' a big BBQ  and sunbathing areas next to the pool.

Palm Spring 4+1 1900 sq. ft $6,000 
Agent cancelled appointment.

Palm Spring 3+1 1582 sq. ft $5,000.
Agent cancelled appointment.  Liked the resort environment but there is 10-15 minute walk to get a bus to Orchard Road.

The Clayton 3+1 1800 sq.ft with big living/dining area and  bedrooms $5,000. See images.
10 units with private lift. Completed: Around 1995.
Pool, covered car park and security guard.  Liked the spaciousness of the apartment, the pool and entrance lobby. 

Chancery Esquire. See above.
Singapore real estate, The Bencoolen Residences, The Clayton, Chancery Esquire, Langston Ville educational stories for realtors, March 3, 2001. Excerpts from "The Internet Realtors, Singapore", sponsored by  AsiaHomes Internet.

The expatriate who had a very wide headboard.

This is a referral case but the prospect had seen Valley Park, Tanglin Park and Mutiara Crest earlier.  The Valley Park had a dark kitchen. Tanglin Park had dated bathrooms.   Mutiara Crest was brand new but small at 1300 sq. ft. It was the "ideal" apartment.  

She wanted a bigger and newer apartment with a balcony at $4,500.  She had a very wide master bed headboard.  Claremont was most suitable but there is a shortfall of units available.  The Clayton had no balcony but had the big master bedroom, lots of closets, spacious 2nd and 3rd bedrooms and a utility area but is located further away from Orchard Road. New condos have small master bedrooms. 

It is extremely tough to find a new 3-bedroom, over 1600 sq. ft apartment with at least a pool in the downtown Orchard Road area for $4,000 partially furnished.  $4,500 is a better budget. It is a great challenge to find a master bedroom large enough to accommodate a very wide master bed headboard plus two bedside tables.

Tips for first-time realtors.
Time is of the essence as the rental realtor will be competing against the other realtors.   Many older rental realtors give up as they find that they will not be able to close with no loyal clientele. You will have to decide when to cut loss too or you can take the viewing trip as an opportunity to qualify good rental properties and to know the various characteristics of such properties so that you can close faster with the next expatriate.   If you are not proactive, it will be difficult to recommend good properties.   If you are proactive, you may suffer losses of income handling promiscuous prospective expatriate tenants. All self employed business people will be in the same situation as you as the customer is always the king.
"Be Kind to Pets" - Tips for a longer life for pets. A Community Education supported by
Putrid Maltese, 19 hrs after dystocia, Caesarean Aluminium tray & 2-nozzle water bottle
Pom - 4 hrs, no puppy, Caesarean saved 2 pups. White Pom lives in a wooded area in Singapore
3rd birth, don't risk natural birth again. Elective Caesarean. Elective Caesarean. Small pelvis mum.
Mum not bathed for 1 month. Had body odour of vinegarsmell After Caesarean, waked up, Schnauzer vomited. Fed during delivery of lst pup.

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