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28 Jan 2004
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment

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Advert by Agent. Nov 1 - Feb 28 2004

1.  Ridgewood 3-bedroom, 1600 sq ft, Liholiho above 20th floor for sale $890,000 or rent $2,000. Agents welcome

2. Black & white bungalow
near American Club $18,000. Available in Dec 2003.  New tenant must buy over pool and air condo.  NO AGENTS.

Mount Pleasant 3+1 3,500 sq. ft built in, land 15,000 sq ft $10,000, pool.  Bigger unit at $25,000.  NO AGENTS.

3. Geylang heritage award bungalow
3 bedroom, security guard. Good for advertisement firm. Near mosque and temple. Available in March 2004.


4.1  THE ANSLEY penthouse, brand new, 4+1+roof terrace, 2 levels, sea views, 30th floor, $10,000. Available from Jan 2004. Near Novena subway. 

4.2  Large Penthouse
near Shangri-La Hotel  $15,000
4.3  6,000 sq ft old penthouse with pool, Scotts Road $9,000.
4.4  New Balestier Road penthouse
6,000 sq. ft $8,000.
4.5  Nassim upscale penthouse
6,000 sq ft with roof garden $18,000

NO AGENTS for penthouses.

5. Brand new East Coast Bungalow
, Telok Kurau. One storey 5+1, 3,500 sq ft built in, 4725 sq ft land, 3 bathrooms. $5,000. Leafy neighbourhood.

6. Bishan 5I - Blk 175, high floor, 5-min walk to subway. Approved. $1,500.

7.  Nov 1 03. Conservation shophome, modern, 4+1 for rent $8,000

Tel: +65 9668 6468. Email 

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House hunting July 4, 2000

American couple early 30s
No children
Wants new 3-bedroom condos near Raffles Place at $4,000.

Duchess Crest.
Around 2 years old.
3+1400 sq.ft. $4600. 
Coronet block (Blk 50)
04-01. Top floor.
Piped gas.
Living room faces other blocks and some open spaces.
Bright kitchen.  Quiet.
A large number of European families. 
Caucasian enclave.
Condo Shuttle bus goes to Newton subway but not to Raffles Place in the morning.


The Wilby Residence
Around 3 years old.
3+1 1786 sq. ft  $5,000. Blk 31, #04-06.  Faces roof of gym.
Impressed by big spacious bedrooms and ceramic tiled living area but felt stuffy as unit has been closed prior to viewing.  Worried about mildrew.  Full condo facilities and almost fully occupied by Caucasians.  Caucasian enclave.
Condo Shuttle bus goes to Raffles Place as well as Orchard Road.

Maplewoods ,
Around 3 years old.
Bauhinia Lobby 1 #04-19.
4+study (air conditioned) + maid 1776 sq.ft. $4800.  Facing Bukit Timah Road but excellent noise proofing.
Caucasian enclave.
As at July 4, 2000, Maplewoods has additional facilities like a cafe, hair dressing salon, gym, mini-market and the Bus Plus executive bus going into the condo to bring expats to Orchard Road and Raffles Place.


Villa Azura
Brand new.
3+1 1500sq.ft. $3,800.  One year old. Low density with 53 units.  Near Sixth Avenue and not far from Maplewoods.
Small pool, jogging green, multi-purpose hall, gym and karaoke. Cable TV points. 
Reddish maroon marble flooring. Master bedroom has shower stall. Audio-visual intercom.   

Deemed too dark.  Ground floor unit facing the pool, but elevated.

The Sterling
Brand new.
3+1  1300sq. ft $4,200
Near Maplewoods.
Brand new.  Deemed too small. Appointment cancelled.

1,45 pm
UE Sqaure
Around 3 years old.
4+1 1599 sq.ft $5,000
Riverwing, FF-71, below 5th floor. Corner unit. High windows bringing in light to bedrooms, living area.  Owner has offer of $5,200 with conditions of being fully furnished.
Caucasian enclave.
From July 1, 2000, the UE Square condos will have Cable TV facilities.  For the last 2 years, there were unhappiness from expat tenants that this modern condo was not cabled.   The developer did not provide cable in this condo, yet occupancy rate is above 90% owing to its proximity to Raffles Place/Suntec City and its full condo facilities. Its gym is large and has extremely high ceiling.   Big lap pool and 2 squash courts.   Located  next to the Shop N Save supermarket and UE Shopping Mall.   Shuttle bus to City Hall subway at Mall. 


As at July 4, 2000, it is very difficult to find a rental and new 3-bedroom 1600 sq. ft condo near Raffles Place at a rental budget of $4,000.   

There is a brand new Kim Yam Heights
Less than one year old)
maisonette 3+1, 1600 sq. ft at $4,000 rent but such offers are rare. 

The Kim Yam Road heritage houses (
Brand new. One storey with attic and air well, 2+1, 1600 sq. ft. 2 bedrooms upstairs) were appealing to this American lady but the rent starts from $6,000.

Burlington Residence, 
around 2 years old, .3+1 apartment with roof terrace around 1,700 sq. ft rents at $5,500 was an option for the American lady.  

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Rabbit - overgrown incisor teeth, Toa Payoh VetsBe Kind to Pets community education.

The Rabbit's front (incisor) teeth grow continuously. They are short as they are worn out daily when the the rabbit eats its feed. However, in some rabbits, the lower and upper teeth do not meet at the proper angle and overgrow.

Overgrown incisor teeth is one common complaint at the veterinary surgery in Singapore.

Owners need to use a bone or garden pruning cutter to trim the overgrown teeth regularly as the rabbit finds it difficult to eat and becomes thinner and thinner.  

The rabbit may need regular trimming of teeth by the veterinarian if you cannot do it yourself.   

Continued from:

Jan 27 2004 discussion.

The young polytechnic student with black rimmed glasses, in her twenties has bought a playpen from another pet shop after buying the Chihuahua puppy. The puppy is free to roam the 2-bedroom HDB apartment as confinement makes it whine and disturb other members of the family. It goes to her bedroom and relieves itself on a spot in her mattress which is placed on the floor (not elevated) when permitted to enter her bedroom. 

When confined to the playpen, it relieves itself on the newspaper and has been doing for the past 6 weeks. The newspapers cover 100% of the playpen. The feed and water bowls are placed there and that area is usually clean. The puppy has a cushion which it sleeps on but drag around and soil it.

When it is taken out of the playpen, it relieves itself anywhere and only on the newspaper for 3 times.  There was a lot of cleaning to be done for the past 6 weeks.  She wants the puppy to use the toilet (there is only one). What should she do?

Paper training seems to have failed.  What should be done now?

1. Supervise the puppy when it is out. When it shows signs of wanting to relieve itself, such as circling or whining, quickly rush it to the play pen. Say "Pooh" or any words you like.  The owner may need to do this 8 - 10 times a day but she has to work or study.

2.  The owner does place the playpen near the toilet. The playpen has no door and therefore the puppy cannot just play in the toilet area and run to the playpen's newspaper to relieve itself. This is the practical disadvantage of buying a play pen.

How to resolve this problem before the male hormones kick in around 6 months of age. It is much easier to train the 4-month-old puppy now, but the owner has no time to do so.

3.  The owner will need to spend the evenings to do training. The puppy is fed twice a day ( 7 am and 7 pm within 15 minutes.) This schedule is excellent. The puppy relieves itself after meals.  The training (say "Pooh" or other words and rewards)  will need to be done at this time since the owner has no other time.  However, at this age, it passes stools 3 to 4 times a day.

4.  Restrict water intake after 7 p.m so that the puppy does not need to go to the toilet so often. 

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