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FAQ via email by prospective tenants, landlords, investors and others in 1997-1999 have been categorised in separate folders. 

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1997/1998 FAQ

Case 4. 711237  Using OPM (other people's money) to increase your wealth?

Case 3. 711236 What is a reasonable selling price?

Case 2. 711234  Poor response to newspaper advertisements is common in 1997 and 1998. Great response in early 1999.

Case 1.  903033 CPF's interest rate is very low, therefore your savings will not have the same spending power many years later.


1997/1998 FAQ.
Case 3.  How you should furnish your small investment condo to rent to Caucasian tenants? 2 photo examples from Tanglin Regency Condo in:  Furnishing a small 2-bedroom condo

Case 2. 711242
Landlords. A wall mirror makes your small investment condo look more spacious and brighter.

Case 1. 711241 Proactive landlord contacts all agents and do not give exclusive marketing rights.


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1997/1998 FAQ

Case 2. Young Caucasian couple wants the right type of condo

Case 1.  Prompt closing if you get what the expat wants.   Easier said than done!



Waterfront units of the Livonia block of Costa Rhu are in great demand

Costa Rhu waterfront condo

Above picture shows a 4-bedroom waterfront Costa Rhu Livonia apartment.

Costa Rhu direct water fronting Livonia block.

You will feel close to nature as the sparkling  green Kallang River soothes away your stress.

Various units for rent:

4+1  $6,000 - $7,000

3+1 around $5,000

2+1 around $3,000

5-min drive to Suntec City,

Express shuttle buses in the mornings.

In the background, a glimpse of the more expensive rental condo:

Pebble Bay.

Upscale Singapore condos - Camelot by Kallang River

3+1 bedroom rents from $6,000.

4+1 from $6,500 - $9,000.

Description & more photos of  condos at:

Subdivision rentals
for condos or houses favoured by Caucasian expats.

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Camelot buildings by the Kallang River and off Rhu Cross Road
Camelot by Kallang River for rent from $9,000

Tips for Tenants

Latest cases are at:
Tips for relocating expats

1997/1998 cases, see below.

Case 26:  Jul 22 00:   Meaning of partially furnished (p/f) and PES

Case 25: Is there an excessive supply of housing in Singapore? Any difference if you get a housing allowance of $9,000 compared to $12,000?

Case 24.  3 months' security deposit, tax, maintenance fees and American-sized washing machine.  Hidden costs

Case 23.  811062 Rental deposits & realtor's agency commission.

Case 22.  801121 Introducing the new UE Square Condos.

Case 21. 901081 How far is the Frasers' Suites serviced apartment to the Singapore American School?

Case 20. 903156  5+1 bungalows. How much is the rent? Introducing Mera Gardens. Research report.

Case 19. 711261 How much is the rent for a 3-bedroom condo?

Case 18. 711259 What is a typical tenancy agreement?

Case 17. 711249  Renting 1 or 2 bedroom condo. Must have gym.

Case 16. 711245   Renting near the Airport and shopping malls.

Case 15. 711240 Rental for a 2-bedroom depends on where you want to live? Downtown or suburbia?

Case 14. 711239 Is Hongkong housing cheaper than Singapore?

Case 13. 711238  How much rent for a family with 2 dogs?

Case 12. 711231 $1,500 would not get you a decent private apartment in 1998, but as at April 2000, there are new private condos in Upper Bukit Timah Road renting at around $1,500.

Case 11. 711101 $1,500 - $1,800 rent for a HDB apartment.

Case 10. 710293  Startup business in a HDB apartment?

Case 9. 711091 Enquiries on cost of Singapore housing.

Case 8. 710292 Private one room may rent from $750.

Case 7. 711072  House with garden at S$8,000 available.

Case 6. 711071  2-bedroom, downtown, near subway available.

Case 5. 710164  What must the Tenant pay in rental of an apartment?

Case 4. 710191  Sea-fronting condos available in the East Coast.

Case 3. 710163  House with bedroom downstairs best for disabled family member.

Case 2. 710162  <$1,500 new private apartment is still difficult to find even in April 2000.

Case 1. 710161  $2,500-$3,000 fully furnished new condo near Raffles Place are rarely available even in April 2000.
Benjamin Sheares Bridge facing Ancilla block
A picturesque condo to retire and smell the roses.

Costa Rhu - Ancilla block units, less than 6 levels high in the     #...-06 series , have a fantastic Kallang River mouth and sea views just under the Benjamin Sheares bridge. Note the "horizontal bar" on top of window. This is the longest bridge in Singapore, the Benjamin Sheares bridge,  with busy traffic to and fro Suntec City and the Changi Airport.

Traffic noise is audible if you invest in units above the sixth floor in Ancilla #...-06 series. The master bedroom has a crystal clear view of the clean Kallang River. No problem getting a tenant if the Landlord is not asking a high rent as the unit is 990 sq. ft and will suit expats with less than $3,000 rental budget. It has no balcony and no private lift lobby but who cares when one sees tranquil nature daily?  
For more information on the rental apartments or to make appointments for a  FREE house-hunting for expats relocating to Singapore, email Judy Quek, tel: +65 9668 6468.

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