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Subject: Mera Gardens, West.
Case study: Singapore bungalows for S$4,500 rent?

Location: District 23.
Almond Crescent, Almond St, 5-10-minute walk to the Light Rapid Transit station (above ground railway linking to Chua Chu Kang subway), Bukit Panjang Shopping Mall. 15-minute walk to Upper Bukit Timah Road. Nearest international school is Canadian International School but this location is less than a 10-minute drive to the American School at Woodlands, the United World College & Tanglin Trust near Clementi and the German and Swiss Schools near Binjai Park.

Completed:  1998.  123 units.

414-589 sq. m  (built-up area).
550-1204 sq. m  (land area).

267 sq. m  (built-up area).
351, 403 sq. m  (land area).

257-303 sq. m  (built-up area).
150-284 sq. m  (land area).

Facilities: Playground.

Singapore Mera Gardens playground

MORE PICTURES at: Mera Gardens

Rentals in 1998/99

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Street Type Storey Rent Built-in Land Rooms
ALMOND AVE INT 3 4500 2,850 1,615 4+1
ALMOND ST BUN 2 9000 4,500 6,000 5
ALMOND CRES BUN 6000 4,700 7,800 5+2
ALMOND CRES BUN 3 8000 4,500 7,000 5+1
ALMOND CRES INT 3 2800 2,700 1,700 4+1
ALMOND AVE BUN 8500 4,700 6,300 5+1
ALMOND CRES BUN   11900 4,500 6,000 5+4
ALMOND CRES INT 3 2500 2,800 1,700 4+1
ALMOND CRES COR 3 2400 2,800 2,600 4+1
ALMOND CRES COR 3 3500 3,000 2,700 4+2
ALMOND ST BUN 8000 4,600 6,300 5+1
ALMOND CRES BUN 3 9500 4,500 6,200 5+1
ALMOND CRES BUN   9500 4,800 6,000 5+2
ALMOND ST BUN 2 8000 5,000 6,000 4+1
ALMOND CRES INT 3 3500 2,700 1,690 4+1


MERA GARDENS is a quiet new housing development which is near to the Bukit Panjang Shopping Mall and the new community library which has the latest books and magazines. It is within walking distance to the forthcoming Light Rail Transit (above ground rail) which will take you, if you don't drive, to the nearest subway.

The main complaint in March 1999 was that the German and Swiss School bus driver did not want to go the extra few km of 5 minutes from their last pick up point at the adjoining Dairy Farm Estate, to pick up the school children.

The other "disadvantage" is that there were  less than 5 Caucasian families and some expat wives just wanted to live in Caucasian enclaves which are usually in Districts 9, 10 and 11.

MERA GARDENS is off Upper Bukit Timah Road, in District 23, which is actually on the fringe of Districts 10 and 11 (within 5 minutes drive). The rents are much lower for brand new bungalows.  The rent is less than $8,000 in 2002 while in Districts 9, 10 and 11, it will be at least $10,000 per month.

Bungalows are either 2 or 3-storeys. They do have a small garden in front and at the back. The 3-storey bungalows have a basement garden. There is an interesting "store room" in front, next to the entrance to the living room. Most units are owner occupied presently. Therefore, do not expect a lot of Caucasians to be residing there.

There are semi-detached houses but few for rent. Intermediate terraces are value-for-money.

As at 2002, there is a great demand for bungalows with pool, with big gardens and without pool in the favoured expat enclave areas of Districts 9, 10 and 11. New bungalows in such districts rent from S$10,000 (without pool). Older cluster bungalows with communal pool rent for around $8,000 - $9,000 depending on the expatriate's housing package sometimes. New cluster bungalows such as Tudor 10 rent from $14,000 - $18,000. Old bungalows of more than 10 years old find ready tenants at $7,000 - $10,000 easily, due to the fact that demand exceeds supply in bungalow-scarce Singapore. Huge mansions rent from $20,000 to the US ambassador.

Case study:   Can you rent a Singapore bungalow
for S$4,500 per month?

The answer is "no" if you want a higher standard of living with modern or newer bathrooms and kitchens.

As at July 2001, there is a big demand for bungalows from expatriates, many of whom have had been living in high rises. The prospective tenants are Caucasian wives with young children.

They are fed up of living in high-density high rise condominiums. They prefer a garden and a pool and 4+1. This had resulted in bungalow+pool owners in favoured expat enclave areas asking from $10,000 - $15,000 monthly rent and they are getting the rent asked.

Cluster housing with bungalows and a communal pool rent from $10,000 - $15,000 too but these are a handful in numbers.

As the Caucasian husband is usually travelling round the region, he has to consider his wife's feelings of wanting to live close to the expat enclave areas, which are in Districts 9, 10 and 11. Since most wives want to live in these enclaves, the rental rates of bungalows, especially those with decent sized pools, have not dropped to below $8,000.

There are cheaper bungalows with pools outside such districts, but many wives are resistant to living "too far" from friendly faces. Where wives do not mind, they find that they can rent a bungalow for $5,000 fully furnished in other parts of Singapore.

Do email judy@asiahomes.com to get you the best rental package.  It is extremely unlikely that you can find a bungalow in Districts 9, 10 and 11 for below $6,000 rental.  In District 15, (East), you can find a decent newer bungalow for $7,000 rental.

Pictures of various types of housing including a bungalow in District 11, for $6,500 rental as at July 2001 are shown below.



Habitat II - High floor. Big balcony. Breezy.

Jul 18 01: 123. Habitat II maisonette near The
American Club $7,000

The Vantage: 8 units, at the doorstep of Orchard Road.  Pool only.
Jul 18 01: 122. 
The Vantage 5600 sq. ft
$15,000. Near Orchard Road.

Orchard Bel Air:  Big and circular living areas but great location
Jul 17 01:   121. Orchard Bel Air, big spacious, great downtown location from $8,000

A handful of River Place units have a patio.
Alfresco dining and barbecue by the Singapore River which is near the sea. Jul 17 01:  120. River Place, waterfronting, big patio $6,800

Kim Yam Road shophomes for single or couples. 3-bedroom.
Jul 13 01:   119. Kim Yam conservation shophomes $5,000 - $6,000

Townerville.  Pretty colonial 3-bedroom houses on May Road.
Jul 9 01: 118. Colonial townhouses $2,800 (3-bedroom); $2,500 (2-bedroom) for romantic expatriates

Bay windows from bedroom. Big pool for 47 families only.
Jul 8 01: 117. Ardmore Point, remodeled, low density one-bedroom, your choice of new furnishing $3,500

River Place, high floor, balcony and city, river views
Jul 7 01:  116. Waterfront, near Raffles Place, upscale River Place condos. One high floor, one ground floor unit $7,000.

Villa delle Rose upper maisonette, dining(background), living
Caucasian families' favourite
Jul 6 01: 115. Villa delle Rose maisonettes $6,500  - $9,000

New, large inground pool, leafy suburb, tranquil, near park
Jul 6 01: 114. Upscale new bungalow $28,000

Colonial single storey bungalow - 3-bedroom, 3000 sq. ft built in, 9000 sq. ft land. 6.5K rent.

Jul 6 01:   113. A colonial bungalow for romantic expats 4-bedroom, 3000/9000 sq. ft of land $6,500

Brentwood Villas: entrance and private car parking lot

Jul 6 01: 112. Brentwood Villas private tranquil townhouses near Somerset subway $8,500

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