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Last updated: 11 Aug 2001

around $10,000 rent.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2001 viewing.

4 p.m. 
Meet at Anson Road

Chancery Lane single-storey bungalow 4+1 20000/4000 sq. ft $11,500. Above ground pool.  Older house with sprawling garden.  5-min bus to Orchard Road.

Hua Guan Avenue Bungalow with an old looking  facade but value for money.2-storey bungalow 5+1 10000/4500 sq. ft $8,500.

0838tn_Bungalow_old_biggarden.jpg (20003 bytes)

Huge above ground pool, on hill top, roof garden and private.  Big garden.  Good for expats who hosts parties.

Sian Tian bungalow 4 years old. 4800/3800 sq. ft $10,000. No pool. 3-storey. Big bedrooms and family area and specially big living area.  A neat house.
0839tn_Bungalow_old_bigliving.jpg (30456 bytes)
Eng Neo Avenue. 2-storey bungalow. 5+1. 15,000/7000 sq.ft. Inground
pool. $9,800. Avail. Oct. Garage and 2 front rooms facing road but has a very deep length and big spacious backyard and pool.

Dunearn bungalow
5+1 7300/3200 sq. ft $12,000. A renovated
house with a small garden. Pool can be installed.

Lornie bungalow at cul-de-sac with above ground pool $10,000. Near Dutch Club. 

A small bungalow with a small above ground pool.

The bungalows described in this research report are for rent as at August 11, 2001.

Email judy@asiahomes.com or tel: +65 9668 6468.


Tips for newly arrived expatriates.

Case study. The Relocation Consultant wants a "construction clause".  

Newcomers looking for Singapore housing are usually impressed by expatriate colleagues saying that there's a big glut of housing in Singapore and therefore, the Landlords are desperate. 

There is a glut of apartments and condos and rentals have dropped significantly in 2001, but there is a dearth of good-sized bungalows with pools, renovated bathrooms and kitchens renting around $10,000. 

Very few landlords are desperate if they have a good sized bungalow in a high demand expat enclave as in District 9, 10 and 11. 

If you find a home you like and if your Company is the Tenant, you are known as the "Occupant" in the tenancy agreement.  You have to be pro-active and not let the human resource department or your relocation department do protracted negotiations if you are in a position to do so.

In one case of a corporate lease, the expatriate and his wife liked a bungalow of 10,000 sq. ft of land at $10,000 rent very much.  A new master bathroom and kitchen and a pool would be provided.

Modern suburban bungalow on 5000 sq. ft land rents around $15,000
2001 designer suburban bungalow with a big built up area and an indoor plunge pool over a small land area of 5000 sq. ft can fetch a rent of around $15,000 as there are not many for rent.

The relocation consultant advising the company rejected the Landlord's tenancy agreement, insisting on only the Tenant's Lease.  The consultant and the Occupant added more terms and conditions over the next few days. There was a "construction within 500 metres of the bungalow will terminate the lease".  Would the bathroom and kitchen be renovated to the Occupant's satisfaction?  Would there be a break clause if the renovation was unsatisfactory?  Could the Landlord be trusted to provide a good standard of renovation?  These advices worried the Occupant although he had seen the high standard of renovation in a house rented to his colleague by the same Landlord.   The consultant advised a "extractor fan" to be installed in the new bathroom.  The Occupant wanted an air conditioner in the kitchen and to remove some furniture but not to reinstate it at his own expense.
Black and white bungalows near downtown with over 50,000 sq. ft of land rents around $25,000
Black and white bungalow with sprawling grounds and land over 50,000 - 80000 sq. ft rent from $17,000 - $30,000 depending on quality of finishes.

It became emotional when more and more queries and terms and conditions were added on.   The Landlord perceived that the Tenant would be a difficult one.  I told the Occupant that he might as well reject the Landlord outright if he insisted on using the Tenant's lease.  

I conveyed his condition.  The Landlord just returned the good faith deposit immediately.   14 days were wasted.  

The Landlord was also changing the terms and conditions of the Letter of Intent since the tenancy agreement was not approved and signed within two days.  

Suburban newer bungalows of around 5000 sq. ft of land,
without a big garden and pool rents around $10,000

A nice suburban bungalow

The advices to insist on the Landlord using only the Company's lease and nothing else may be good for the "Tenant" which is the Company but not for the expatriate who is the "Occupant" as they may not be not practical in the real world of negotiations and bargaining for a home in big demand.  There will be other expatriates who are not restricted by the need to use the Company lease and they get what you want and much faster.  No hassles.

The bungalow is now available for rent as at August 11, 2001.  Expats interested and who are not bound to use the Company lease, do contact judy@asiahomes.com or tel: +65 9668 6468.  

Asiahomes Internet supports the community education to promote the welfare and care of companion animals by sponsoring the project: "Be Kind To Pets".

Shih Tzu - paw itchThe Shih Tzu with the itchy elbows

"I don't trust the youthful veterinarian at the other surgery," said Mrs Saunders as she sought a second opinion.  "Youthfulness" refers to new veterinary graduates. 

The Shih Tzu was around 2 years old and had a persistent itch around the muzzle and the back of the elbows, extending from the elbow joint to the paws.  "Some skin diseases in dogs caused by allergies of unknown causes are not easy to cure," I explained.  "The first veterinarian needs to have an opportunity to follow up with you and ... " 

"Are you thinking that I will be hopping to another veterinarian?" Mrs Saunders interrupted with a smile.

"Owners of skin diseased dogs which don't get cured after the first consultation tend to hop from one veterinarian to another and this is understandable." I continued.   Mrs Saunders shrugged her shoulders.

"The front paws are black," I said. "It would have been licking its front paws for several months to get them to change colour, a process called hyperpigmentation caused by continuous licking. The first vet must have given it some medication to reduce the itch as it is now greyish and not ulcerated and red"

Mrs Saunders agreed that her dog had the problem of paw pruritus or itchiness and had received some medication some time ago.  "What is the cause?" she asked.   I could not give a definite answer as allergies are caused by various factors.

Shih Tzu - itchy and ulcerated skin of elbows

However, this dog had an usual area of itch not seen in the vast majority of cases.   The back of its front legs, from the elbow joint to the paws were inflamed. Much more than redness and moistness, the area was badly infected too. 

"Where did it first start? Was the elbow area itchy first? " I asked.
Mrs Saunders could not tell.

"Could it be contact dermatitis owing to irritation from contact with the floor chemicals and wetness or carpet material?"  

Mrs Saunders could not ascertain the cause. Certainly it looked as if the lower part of the front leg had been in contact with something irritating.  Treatment was given.   "There is a need to follow up after 30 days," I said. It was a strange case of itchy elbows. 

Some skin diseases involving paw pruritus test the patience of Owners and are costly to treat as they don't resolve fast.  Would Mrs Saunders return for a follow up or go to the third veterinarian? Only time will tell.  


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