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Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes
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  Downtown Singapore.  Nassim Hill, Completed: 2002. 99 years leasehold. 77 units. 753 - 1,873 sq.ft generally. 

1-bedroom 66-72 sq m
2-bedroom 96-167 sq m
3-bedroom 133-190 sq m

Tree conservation features:  10 tembusu and jambu laut trees are conserved under the National Park rules. 7 of the trees are along the perimeter of the triangular 81,095 sq ft site. The other three are in the middle.   

The plot has a slope or gradient:  An 8 m difference in the level between the front of the site and the back. Therefore 5 four-storey blocks of low rise apartments are built along the borders of the plot and fit between the protected trees. Blocks are linked by bridges and terraces with frameless glass panels allow a clear view of the trees.

The longest block, Tembusu, sits on a 4.9m-high podium which conceals one level of the covered car park. The podium has a rugged granite wall facing the pool. To soften the appearance, a strip was cut out and filled with Kyoto grass which grows vertically as a strip on the wall. It has a built-in irrigation and drainage system.  10 willow trees in the courtyard and pool area and creepers growing up the block's aluminium louvres soften the angular lines of the condo. The use of sharp edges, glass and stainless steel together with the old trees gives a contract of elements between the shiny and smooth with the textured and the rustic.  

The visual appearance of this condo never fails to impress Caucasian expatriates. The lack of privacy may be the main complaint but this condo will be easy to rent, owing to its great location near Tanglin Mall and downtown Orchard Road.   

Penthouse (2-levels) 139 - 174 sq m. 2 bedrooms downstairs and 1 master bedroom upstairs. At the side of L-shaped balcony, there is a squarish area to put your outdoor furniture.

Facilities. Pool, 24-hour security, covered car park. The Loft offers broadband access in a resort ambience. Floor to ceiling glass windows bring in natural daylight. 
The Loft at Nassim Hill, Singapore condos 2002   The Loft at Nassim Hill, Singapore condos 2002
Floor to glass ceilings   Low density upscale downtown condo
The Loft at Nassim Hill, Singapore condos 2002   The Loft at Nassim Hill, Singapore condos 2002
Master bathroom in the penthouse   Penthouse kitchen
The Loft at Nassim Hill, Singapore condos 2002   The Loft at Nassim Hill, Singapore condos 2002
Modern resort ambience with high tech internet access.   Kitchen facing greenery

Appeals immensely to young expatriates, Caucasian and westernised expats. The finishes, the ambience and the high quality appliances are very impressive. The main complaint is the lack of privacy and no balconies, except for the maisonette penthouses.  Rentals of 2-bedroom vary from $4,500 and penthouses rent at $9,000. 

0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)Feb 25, 2011    For Rent
Advert by Realtor: The Loft @ Nassim 3+1 2013 sq ft  $11,000 p/f  
E-mail Tel: +65 9668 6468. 


New Yorkers may ask the realtor to rent loft apartments. The realtors may think they are looking for shophouses with an attic or attic-like space not partitioned into rooms,  immediately below the roof of the house. 

Actually such expats are interested in the upper stories of a warehouse or factory. In New York, these are trendy, attractive big spaces on one level and well designed. Old industrial buildings in some parts of the U.S  have been given a new lease of life by conversion to stylish loft apartments with lower rentals and more space, attracting yuppies and artists to set up home offices. There are no such equivalent style of housing in Singapore though. 

Usually young and looking to experience a unique home, the Caucasian expats want a conservation shophome with a garden, courtyard, bright rooms, air conditioning, clean new bathrooms and kitchen and large living and dining areas.  

In many shophomes, there is a problem of accommodating the washing machine and the dryer. The maid's room plus small utility area are used to accommodate the washing machine and dryer and there is little backyard or courtyard. Some owners put the washing machine under the kitchen counter and the dryer in the maid's room. Some put them on the second floor at the back if the shophome is longer.

A Singapore shophome with a big balcony on level 2
The conservation or heritage shophomes are intermediate terrace ("townhouses") and corner terrace houses.  The main complaint of the intermediate units is that the rooms are dark and there are no balconies.  

However, with good design like a balcony, skylights and high glass windows facing the airwell, natural daylight brightens the interior of the room. 

The airwell in some shophomes may be closed up by a clear glass pane skylight at the roof level.  These window panes can be opened electrically.  However, there's a lot of costly maintenance of the motors required.  It may be best to have a manual operation for the skylight or no skylight.

Singapore shophome. Air well brings in rain and breeze. Easy to maintain than those with electrical motor control.
An airwell with vertical window panes on the roof acting as a skylight. This permits ventilation and natural daylight to enter the house.  Rain does come in too. This structure is much easier to maintain. Plants can then be kept in the airwell. 

The 6 window panes in the loft or attic room which is above the master bedroom bring in bright daylight and may be too much for tenants who sleep late.  An electrically operated power blind has been proposed.

The open-concept kitchen is brighter than the conventional closed door kitchen.  This kitchen is located at the back of the house although there is one unit in which the kitchen is just behind the main door.

The Barbecue area is small, at the back next to the maid's room.

The Japanese ornamental carp or koi is believed by local Chinese businessmen to bring prosperity.  Good kois cost as much as S$30,000 to $100,000.  This unit has incorporated a fish pond in its air well.

This 2.5 storey 3+1 conservation, The Loft condos, shophome is well designed to attract the romantic single expatriate tenants.  It is around 3,500 sq. ft and not too big as bigger ones have built-in areas of 5,000 sq. ft. 
Open concept kitchen & hatch much appreciated by Caucasian expats
The kitchen hatch is much appreciated by many Caucasian expatriates.  It permits natural daylight to brighten the small kitchen.  A kitchen door prevents the leak of air conditioning cold air to the back yard.

The master bedroom is in front and therefore quiet compared to bedroom 2 which is near a car park of a shopping mall.  Up the loft, the star light of the tropical night sparkles through. 

This unit is extremely comfortable as it is fully air conditioned.  The one complaint was the leaking of the rainwater into bedroom 2 and 3.  It was said that the workmen forgot to close the windows.  On another visit, after a heavy rainfall, there were no spot of rain water seen. 

Romancing the history of the Peranakan with your beloved one in the heritage shophomes is a once in a life time unique experience for the hot blooded Caucasian expats who love the diversity of Asian cultures and living life to the fullest.        

As at 2002, the rentals of a well renovated 4-bedroom conservation, The Loft condos, shophomes range from $10,000 - $15,000.  3-bedrooms may rent for around $8,000 if well renovated. 2-bedrooms of 1600 sq. ft in Kim Yam Road rent around $5,000. A renovated Cairnhill shophome with two private car parking lots is asking $12,000.

1. October 2000 report on $5,000 conservation, The Loft condos, shophomes.
2. Judy's Property webpage.
3. Singapore's unique homes. 


2 sides of the attic or loft has glass windows bringing in natural daylight.  Electrically controlled power blinds? Fish pond filter pump installed.  Chinese businessmen believe koi fishes bring prosperity.  White-greyish marble flooring in living cum dining area brightened by daylight from covered airwell.  Skylight of airwell is glass panes electrically operated.
A loft above the master bedroom can be used as a study area. It is the attic room of a 2-storey terrace. The window panes can be shuttered by a motorized shade if the Tenant sleeps late. A pond for fish or water plants bring nature into the living area.  There is a display area on the side wall.

The electrically operated skylight shuts out the rain but brings in natural daylight. It usually has maintenance problems as it is seldom used.
The living and dining areas are separated by the fish pond.  The  white-grey marbled flooring make the shophome look more spacious.  Some owners do use elevated wooden stripped floors for the living area. 
Master bedroom with louvred and glass windows, wood everywhere and loft up a spiral staircase. Bedroom 2 has balcony. Can see cars going up shopping mall. Small bedroom 3 with natural daylight from air well
The master bedroom has wooden floor boards, a characteristic of heritage shophomes.
Plenty of closet spaces. 

If the air conditioner is not switched on, some tenants open the  the glass pane windows.  The air comes in from the louvers of the windows.
The bedroom 2 has a small balcony which may only be used to keep potted plants as it is too small for a table and two chairs. 

Many shophomes do not have much privacy as there will be a row of houses in front and at the back.

The bedroom 3 is small but can accommodate one single bed. It may be an attic room as some shophomes are 2-stories with a higher attic room.
Modern master bathroom includes shower cubicle, white bath and marble tiled walls.
The master bathroom is modern with marble clad walls and floors.

It has a separate shower stall as well as a long bath.  

In the early 1990s, master bathrooms do not have a separate shower stall but an attached shower hose above the bath tub. 
Loft above master bedroom can be a study room or see starlight with loved ones. The 3 panels of the wooden louvered windows of the master bedroom seen from the loft (a room below the  attic room). In some houses, the loft is closed up to become a guest room.
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