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Do you want to buy, rent or sell Singapore properties, apartments, 
condos, houses? can help you.

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05 Dec 2009   
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes
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Newly restored Geylang shophomes attract young & hot-blooded single expatsGEYLANG CONSERVATION SHOPHOMES
More affordable conservation shophomes for younger Caucasians than those in Emerald Hill and Cairnhill Road.

IN 2009
A 1-bedroom of about 700 sq ft has a monthly rental of S$3,900 and subject to GST and a 2 bedroom of about 1733 sq ft will be monthly rental of S$4,900 an subject to GST.  These units are all fully furnished, full maintenance service, twice a week maid service, limited utilities capped, free local calls, basic tier cable tv and wireless internet provided.

Brand new latest of all Singapore Geylang heritage conservation shophomes for rent Many young Caucasian couples or singles just love the renovated shophomes. A unique home once in a lifetime experience. 
Singapore new 2002 Geylang shophomes for rent from $2,000 Singapore new 2002 Geylang shophomes for rent from $2,000
Courtyard at back, Geylang heritage shophomes, Singapore Restored Geylang shophomes. 2-storey. Mainly one or two bedroom units. Very well designed and renovated. Great appeal to young Caucasian single males and females. No long bath tubs but extra large master bedroom and family  area. 
Upstairs. The large master bedroom is in front. One bathroom in the balcony area at the back. A family area which can be converted to bedroom 2 separates the master bedroom from the back balcony and bathroom. No long bath, shower stalls only.

Downstairs. The living and dining areas are huge, kitchen, court yard at the back most appreciate by Caucasians for entertainment. One bathroom. A big utility and storage tower. Split unit air conditioning of whole place. Track lights. 

Windows have glass panes which can be opened. The wooden louvres also can be opened. Excellent interior design attract single expats.  34 units. One bedroom units with large family area which can be made into another bedroom.

Vast majority of tenants are young Caucasians.  5-min walk to the Paya Lebar subway and 2 supermarkets (NTUC Fair price at Lion City Hotel, Shop N Save at Yokoso building). Hawker centre at Haig Road. Easy to get taxis from the main road.

1,830 - 2,271 sq. ft built in. Separate spacious living & dining areas. Bright and airy courtyards. Cable connections. Wooden windows with coloured glass highlights.  3-min walk to the Paya Lebar subway. 5-min taxi ride to Suntec City. 

Live in the history of the earlier immigrants who make Singapore modern and developed! Tel: +65 9668 6468 to view...........soon.

2. Geylang, known as a "red-light" district in Singapore, is a commercial  area historically. It is being gentrified, with many low rise condos replacing the old shophomes. 

Those streets (called lorongs) may have shophomes for rent to Caucasians expats.  The red-light district is restricted to a small area of Geylang, a vibrant area if you like to live in a neighbourhood with many trades and personalities. Some pictures of Geylang shophouses in 2002 are shown below: 
Geylang conservation shophomes, Singapore Restored Geylang conservation shophomes Singapore
Restored Geylang conservation shophomes Singapore Restored Geylang conservation shophomes Singapore
There are Caucasians who don't mind staying in Geylang to experience a new culture rather than staying where all Caucasians live. The red-light district represents 1% of the neighbourhood and is distant from Caucasian favoured shophomes.
3. FOR RENT. GEYLANG HERITAGE BUNGALOW. Heritage Award winning Conservation bungalow at Geylang, modern 3-bedroom 2300 sq ft. Five years old only in 2002.  2 attached bathrooms. One attached bathroom. Impressive facade and entrance. Side garden for barbecue and entertain friends. Parking lot. Security guard 24 hours. 
Two modern high-tech renovated ones with driveway is available for rent from $17,000 - $25,000. One 4-bedroom Cairnhill renovated bright shophome at $12,000
Emerald Hill upscale heritage shophome $20,000 rent
Emerald Hill shophome 4-bedroom $20,000. Roof top terrace garden and upscale finishes. Your own car park lot.

Lowest rental for the Emerald Hill shophomes is the 2-bedroom ones at around $5,000. One is opposite a pub and may be suitable for musician tenants!
Emerald Hill shophome: Indoor car garage $10,000 rent
Emerald Hill shophome $10,000.  Your own car park lot inside house. 3-min walk to Somerset subway & Centrepoint shopping mall and supermarket.

Sep 5 2001 pictures of Emerald Hill heritage shophomes

Reference: Unique homes, conservation shophomes

5. PHOTO-ADS NO. 206 - 217 condos for rent or sale Some units may be available in 2009 - 2010.
  CASE STUDY written in 2002
Tips for landlord/realtor

Getting one foot in the door strategy.

A plain grey-painted door gives the impression that this was one of the ordinary conservation shophomes at Everton Road. Probably a stuffy one in this hot humid Wednesday October 11, 2000 afternoon.

The expatriate was wearing long sleeves and must be enduring the sweating heat. He had slept for only 3 hours as he had so much work to do for this start up which was profitable from day one. He wanted a dream shophome but his budget was less than $5,000.  There was no point showing him the higher range of rentals as it would frustrate him.  I qualified all prospective landlords and tenants.

My administrator was told by the "Owner" of this this Everton shophome with the grey door that he would consider $5,000.

It had a plain grey door. Nothing inspiring. 

On entering, one's senses are knocked out by the beautiful matching of wood, ceramic tiles and lighting.  I knew this was not the $5,000 type of shophouse and we had been had.   It was too late as the expatriate had one foot in the door.  A roof terrace with rich maroon coloured tiles, was accessed via a small push up door present the possibility of a romantic star grazing option.

The wooden floor boarded master bedroom of over 400 sq. ft was large. It and the attic room have a spacious bathroom which contains a white long bath and shower stall. 

The bright skylight enclosed air well is below the living room level and has steps above a small pond. 

You could whisper to the koi fishes your aspirations and sorrows 
in a landscaped pond with cascading water falling down the stairs.

The kitchen is spacious, above the living room level and can accommodate a rectangular dining table favoured by most Caucasian expatriates. 

It has the dishwasher which is seldom designed for in many Singapore homes.

Totally enclosed by skylight windows and cool as the "agent/owner" has had air conditioned it, to make any expatriate feel very comfortable. Simply fell in love with this house. Wanted to close immediately.

It was not possible to extricate the expatriate from his intense appreciation of the finer things in life and this shophome was one. I could feel it myself and I had seen a countless number. 

One marketing  marketing strategy of agent/owners in Singapore was to show to all expatriates regardless of their low rental budget,  in the hope that the expatriate would fall in love with the house and up his offer. It works sometimes.
Now, I had to do the mission impossible and make a higher offer than the $5,000 but it was nowhere near the $9,500 asked.

In 2002, 3-bedroom shophomes renting around $5,000 per month are few and expatriates have to be decisive. They are usually found in Kim Yam Road, Spottiswood Park Road and Geylang neighbourhood.  Above article written in October 2000. Shophome rentals in Everton and Blair Roads have shot up. .
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Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
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