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10 Mar 2011   
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes
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  Wilby Road, off Bukit Timah Road, between 6th Avenue & Clementi Road. Completed: Around 1996. 181 modern units.

Interiors: Living/dining - homogeneous tiles. Bedrooms - parquet. Built-in wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, cooker hob & hood, air conditioning.

All 2-year olds love to climb balcony railings. The Wilby Blk 33 with pool & fountain viewsA large balcony in every apartment. Can accommodate a table and 2 chairs plus potted plants. Many residents love to install potted plants on the spacious balcony.

Pneumatic garbage disposal system which clears garbage automatically 4 times daily.  Bidet in master bathroom in addition to white long bath and shower stall.  Audio intercom system.

Swimming pool, children's pool,  spa pool, tennis court, good-sized gym.
Playground, exercise station, jogging track, barbecue areas, 24-hour security, private shuttle bus service to downtown, subway and shopping area.
Basement car parking. Car rental package. House keeping services.

Modern condo which provides daily maid's services if required, unlike the vast majority of private condos in the neighbourhood.
A Caucasian enclave with many European families.

Great location for families with children as it is a 5-minute drive to the Australian, French, German, Dutch and Canadian Schools. 10-minute drive to Tanglin Trust and United World College.

One-bedroom units available. There is a shortfall of new one-bedroom apartments in Singapore.  Housekeeping services and private shuttle bus to the downtown available.  

Near Holland Village - a favourite Caucasian expat meeting and dining place.  Cold Storage Supermarket in 11 King Albert Park building or Jelita, off 6th Avenue within 5-minute drive.

Big balcony and pastel colour decor.  A countryside tranquil feeling. Full condo facilities.

Location at least 30 minutes by bus from downtown and not near a subway. Its great advantage is the 5-minute drive to the Swiss and German/Dutch schools.

0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)FOR RENT - Wilby Bukit Timah
March 9, 2011.
  Sq. Ft Partially Furnished Fully Furnished House-Keeping
1-bedroom 906/954 Not Available $5,200 - $5,600 Two times
2-bedroom 906 Not Available $6,300 Two times
3-bedroom 1800/2000 Not Available $7,000 - $8,800 Two times
1-bedroom 906/954 Not Available $5,200 - $6,000 Three times
3-bedroom 1800/2000 Not Available $7,500 - $11,000 Three times
1-bedroom 906/954 Not Available $5,400 - $6,200 Three times
3-bedroom 1800/2000 Not Available $10,000 - $12,000 Three times
1-bedroom 906/954 Not Available $7,000 Five times
3-bedroom 1800/2000 Not Available $15,000 Five times
Above rates excludes the 7% GST and are subject to changes. *No house-keeping on Sundays & Public Holidays. Rentals also include complimentary selected cable TV channels, internet access, local calls, car park and shuttle services. It is not possible to update daily. It is best to e-mail or tel +65 9668-6468 for the latest rates. 
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Case Study:  Break lease. "Effective date on lst or any day of the month?"

Some Landlords think that notice of termination must commence from the first of the month and if the Tenant gives notice on the 15th of the month, for example, he must reside for the next half of the month or lose half the rental amount to be deducted from the security deposit. This is incorrect and wrong for the Landlord to do so.

In the premature termination of lease due to "diplomatic clause", the Tenant can give notice after the stated period of occupancy, usually 12 months by giving 2 months' notice or 2 months' rent in lieu. If the Tenant has stayed 14 months, he still has to give 2 months' notice or rent, not just say he has satisfied 14 months and therefore can go off.  Much depends on the tenancy contract's terms and conditions.

The date of notice NEED not be the first of the month. The 2 months' notice can commence from any day in the month. The e-mail below illustrates the common problem encountered by many Tenants.


Dear Sir,
I got your e-mail address from the web. I have got a bit of a dispute with my landlord. I would be thankful to you if you could tell me what is right and what is wrong under rental protocol in Singapore. I wouldn't take your advice as binding or obligatory, but only as a guidance. 

I rented an apartment at the beginning of August '97. On last 15th I informed my landlord that I will be vacating on the 15th of September. He is contending that I have to complete the month of September or forfeit half the deposit. In our contract, there are three relevant places that say:

a) 30 days notice is required should either party decide to cease this tenancy
b) the rent is $4000 per month.
c) rental is to be paid monthly.

Do any of these imply that it is not possible to pay half a months rent and occupy the place for half a month as long as 'a' is satisfied?

Thank you

Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 06:06:33 +0000
Organization: Asia USA Realty. AFFORDABLE Singapore homes for expats.
Subject: Seeking advice

You are correct in that you have to give 30 days' notice. The notice commences from the date you give notice (which the Landlord does not dispute) and is not from the first day of the calendar month (which the Landlord interpreted).

This happens to some Tenants too especially in the pre-mature termination of lease using the "diplomatic clause". Unless the tenancy agreement states "calendar month", the 30 days notice is interpreted by the industry's practice as 30 days from date of notice. 

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