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11 Mar 2011   
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes
Rent or Investment
  Queen Street, near Victoria Street. A 10-minute walk to the Bugis subway.

Fully featured gym, BBQ area, steam bath and outdoor jacuzzi.

Great location and a 10-minute walk to the Bugis subway and shopping malls. Newly refurbished in 2011. A 3-minute for a slow walk to Suntec City. Many taxis available and lots of action in this area.

No pool or tennis court. However, there is a complimentary shuttle bus service to Orchard Road/Newton/Holland Village. However the bus may shuttle tenants to
The Wilby Bukit Timah Residences which has the swimming pool and gym.
0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes) FOR RENT - Wilby Central Residences. Newly refurbished in 2011
March 11, 2011.
  Sq. Ft Monthly rent
1-bedroom deluxe 274 - 385 $6,400
1-bedroom premier 386 -441 $7,200
2-bedroom 666 $8,200
Above rates excludes the 7% GST and are subject to changes. House-keeping 3x/week except on Sundays & Public Holidays. Rentals also include complimentary selected cable TV channels, internet access and local calls. It is not possible to update daily. It is best to e-mail or tel +65 9668-6468 for the latest rates. 

More info about Singapore Serviced Apartments at:  Serviced apartments
The following tip is written in 2011 by Sing Kong Yuen 
Salesperson Name/Registration No.  Sing Kong Yuen/R030822Z


Your investment condo needs to generate revenue at full occupancy and to be successful, you must understand the Singapore housing agent rental system.

Many individual landlords do NOT realise that they need to be pro-active in marketing and to spend money on newspaper advertisements or give a management fee to their exclusive realtor to get the fastest rental done. They give "exclusive" to a realtor or an agency and wonder why the condo is not rented promptly or early.

Market your rental condo in the Straits Times 1-2 months before expiry of rental lease and insert the word "Owner" if you want to get a prospective Tenant fast. All agents try not to co-broke with other agents as they lose 50% of the income on success.

If you have your exclusive agent, ensure that he or she looks after your interest by doing a good job. I advise you pay for the Straits Times advertisement and your agent a management fee on success so that he or she does NOT "co-broke" as co-broking means that your agent will not be able to compete with "Owner" advertisements. This reduces your chances of success and time is money. If you can rent fast, your advertisement fee as "Owner" and "full commission" payment is well worth the management fee you pay to your agent to run around for you to show the condo to all prospects.

Obviously, you can't expect your exclusive agent to advertise and still not co-broke as he or she needs to earn a living, being self-employed. He or she may advertise 75% commission but why would a realtor with the prospective tenant bother to get 75% if he or she can get 100% from "Owner" advertisers?
The following tip is written in 2005 by Sing Kong Yuen. 3 cases were written in July 5, 2005 and are still useful for new housing agents in 2011. Bigger accounts are more difficult to close.  Smaller accounts are not worth the trouble.  Why are you then in the rental business?

Case 1. 
"You think I can't handle the $10,000 type of cases?" grumbled one new realtor when he was told to focus on the other lower budget cases.

Every realtor hopes to deal with the big account prospective tenants as his or her income is based on one month's rent per year lease.

However, you need to learn the ropes of the trade by closing lower budget cases and getting to know the characteristics of various rental housing.

Owners of bungalows and big penthouses seldom advertise and as you become good at your work, you will meet them or know where to find them. When you handle the bigger account cases, you really need to know where the units are in order to ensure a speedy decision and not lose out to your competitors.

Most expatriates with the $10,000 - $20,000 do not give you exclusive rights unless they find you competent. They are very busy people and dislike wasting time looking at "garbage" housing. They are very difficult to contact and most likely, they will have their company retained realtor servicing them.

For big accounts, you will think it is much worth your while in serving the expatriate who calls you from out of the blue.  Who will not want a $15,000 account? 

However, there are less good choices and you may find yourself not closing at all after several days of showing.  For the high accounts, the accommodation must be a dream home: new, perfect and the best money can rent. 

Dream homes tend to exceed the budget of most expatriates. 

Therefore, your chances of closing are practically nil as the expatriate will eventually settle for second best with one of the several realtors. 

This was probably the reason why one expatriate lady told me in March 2001 that she had emailed 15 realtors via the internet and only one responded to her.  That one was me. So far, she has had not been satisfied with any of the twenty houses or condos she saw.   There is always hope as long as she has not found any.

Case 2.
"It will be a waste of my time to handle $1,800 rental budget cases" said another new realtor when he was given a case.

If your heart is not in the rental business, you will not be good at handling any prospect because you have not picked up the skills. If you want only big-time clients from any Landlord, you need to have credibility and experience to compete with the top realtors in the industry.

If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, the Americans have this saying.

Expatriates satisfied with your service will always refer their friends to you and some do have much higher budgets. The first year is meant for you to learn all about Singapore rental housing, from all over the country and the smaller budget clientele will give you the in-depth knowledge of what this is all about. This is because there are more of such prospects than the big fishes. And a much larger variety of housing choices for the $1,800 - $3,000 rental budget cases than the $20,000 ones!

Case 3.
"The expatriate has so many agents serving him" commented one new realtor.
You are fortunate that the prospect contact you as he is probably not satisfied with the services of the other agents. Very few expatriates give exclusive marketing rights to you. Some human resource managers in large corporations may force the expatriate to stick to the company's retained realtors but strong-willed expatriates who want more choices are likely to contact other realtors.

If you are contacted, take this as an opportunity to compete with the best and pick up a few Owners or knowledge from the free house-hunting services you provide.

With a good attitude, the expatriate remembers you and will refer his colleagues relocating to Singapore to you. Some of them dislike too many agents phoning them and you may be hand-picked as one or two to represent them.

Many small realtors have great difficulty closing on stray expatriates who contacted them via email or telephone.  This is due to the fact that there are just too many choices of accommodation available in the newspapers and in the internet.   Many expatriates may see one hundred units with various realtors.  Therefore, the probability of success in closing is very low.
The following tip is written in 2001 by Sing Kong Yuen. 

Inside the apartment: A spacious living cum dining area made of glossy light brown homogeneous tiles. Although they are not marble, unlike most new condos, they look attractive and cool.

The bedrooms are spacious too compared to the newer 3-bedroom condo where the sq. ft of living area is usually 1,300 - 1,500 sq. ft compared to around 1,800 - 2,000 sq. ft for The Wilby Residence.

The bedrooms have  parquet flooring. There are built-in wardrobes, kitchen
cabinet, cooker hob & hood, split-unit air conditioning.  No microwave oven. Audio-intercom system.  Some Caucasian mention that the kitchen is dark, but there is a back door to the utility area and opening the door will bring in natural daylight.

A good-sized maid's room and utility area where a stacked up washing machine and dryer - European brand will be provided.

Quality accessories in the bathroom with the master bathroom having a bidet in addition to the shower stall and white long bath.

A large balcony in every apartment to enjoy the countryside ambience and plants. Cable-television points in every room. Pneumatic garbage disposal system which clears garbage automatically 4 times daily. 

Facilities: Swimming pool, wading pool, spa pool, tennis court x 1, good-sized gym, playground, exercise station, jogging track, barbecue areas, 24-hour security, private shuttle bus service to downtown, subway and shopping area. Car rental package. Covered car park at basement.

Ground floor units facing the pool do not have doors accessing the pool to ensure privacy for all since Tenants will have to enter by the other side away from the pool.

Blk 33 appears to be the best block, being further away from a condominium construction project on a piece of land between The Wilby Residence and Maplewoods Condo.

The living areas face south and do not receive the heat of the afternoon sun. House keeping services is charged extra $400/month for fully furnished package if the Tenant rents fully furnished is an extremely attractive incentive to sign on. Corporations usually pay the rent and this service is included in the rental package.

The reason for the house-keeping services not being available for Tenants who rent partially furnished is that the Landlord does not want to be liable for any damage to the Tenant's furniture caused by the house-keepers.

Characterised by low rise and low density living and very big balconies.All 2-year olds love to climb balcony railings. The Wilby Blk 33 with pool & fountain viewsGood quality finishes of the bathrooms, including a bidet in the master bath, bigger bedrooms than the usual new condos in the 3-bedroom units.
Mothers have to lock the sliding doors as 2-year olds (Dutch boy in photo) simply love climbing up the railings naturally. Click on thumbnail photo to view bigger images of the facilities including the sprouting dolphin fountain. The big gym facing the pool is in the background with the playground on the top left.
This unit in the photo is a 3-bedroom, 3rd floor and is available for rent at $6,800. The ground floor unit on the left may be available for rent.

The presence of a pool, wading pool, spa pool, tennis court, gym and playground is important for expatriates with small children. Around 5-minute drive to the Swiss/German/French school, near two The Wilby Residence has good landscaping. Dutch father scolded Martine for standing on flower bed!Cold Storage supermarkets (Sixth Avenue and King Albert Park), full condo facilities, free bus shuttle services to the downtown, the big balconies, the beautiful landscaping, the low rise low density (181 units only) and an impression of countryside tranquility, make this condo very popular with European families. The pink tiled road (see photo of flower bed on right) around the gym does not have car traffic so that children can cycle safely as there is a basement car park below the gym.

The Maplewoods Condo next door has been more popular with the Dutch and the Germans in 1998 but it is a massive high density condo and appears crowded by comparison.  It is extremely difficult to avoid new construction in this neighbourhood where new condos are being built over the past years. 

Ground floor units are in great demand as most Caucasian families have less than 5-year-old kids and there are not many of such units.  Do contact to book them early or tel: +65 9668 6468.

Ming Dynasty Military Officer, Singapore Asian Civilisation Museum, Toa Payoh VetsSubdivisions (condo & house details) 

Tel: +65 9668-6468, e-mail for viewings

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