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Downtown Singapore
  Singapore Jewel of Balmoral7C Balmoral Park. Completed: 2000. Near Orchard Road.  Hill top, breezy, exclusive 16 units in one block. 14 studio and 3-bedroom units and 2 penthouses.

746 sq ft to 2411 sq. ft 

Children's pool. Jacuzzi pool. BBQ, basement parking, security. No balcony.

The Jewel of Balmoral
maisonette penthouse. 3 bedrooms,  2411 sq. ft. The maisonette has a big private terrace of over 200 sq. feet commanding a panoramic unobstructed city views and capturing the equatorial breezes such that there is no need for air conditioning. 
  Jewel of Balmoral: master bedroom.
Jewel of Balmoral. Master bathroom, white jacuzzi tub. Jewel of Balmoral penthouse living-dining area. Over 200 sq. ft of big private terrace or balcony.
Fantastic unblocked city and green views from all rooms, including the master bedroom. Gentle breezes sweep through this hill top condo of 16 units.  Bright kitchen with unblocked views too.
The marble-tiled master bathroom has a small jacuzzi bath. The other 2 bedrooms have attached baths with one having a bigger white long bath.

15-min walk to Orchard Road. Many buses or taxis in this vicinity.
Low density. One corporate landlord. Great demand.
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Tel: +65 9668-6468 or e-mail for updates.

  Many new condos near Honolulu Tower
Honolulu Tower
just to the left of Wing on Life Gardens (tall white building on right) is over 15 years old, considered aged by Singapore standards.

Freehold. 30 units.
Completed 1985.
4-bedroom: Singapore Honolulu Tower, Wing On Life Garden condos541 sq. m
Penthouse: 958 sq. m.
Pool, tennis court, security, squash, covered car park, games room, playground, barbecue area.


0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)Honolulu Tower Penthouse
4+1, 10,300 sq ft with roof top terrace, private pool, lounge & sauna

Tel: +65 9668-6468 or e-mail for updates.
  Singapore Wing On Life Garden, Palm Springs condo335 Bukit Timah Road.  Freehold.  81 units. Completed 1982.  Big balconies much loved by Caucasian expatriate tenants. Next to Honolulu Tower.

4-bedroom. 301-359 sq. m
Penthouse: 643, 655, 707 sq. m

FACILITIES.  Pool, tennis court, security, squash, covered car park, games room, playground, barbecue area.
0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)Wing On Life Garden is in great demand by large Caucasian expatriate families. Usually fully occupied. Tel: +65 9668-6468 or e-mail for updates.

Read between the lines when you get "no" for an answer. Case written in 2002.

He was not your typical American Caucasian expatriate relocating to Singapore and tasked with the Asia Pacific responsibilities of a major institution. 

Towering over all Singaporean realtors at over six and a half feet tall.  Blond hair indicating a Scandinavian ancestry.  Good looking and fairer in complexion than the Chinese Teochew ladies in Singapore.

He said he would be known as "kwai low" in Hongkong, a term in Cantonese dialect.  

Well, in Singapore, the term was not so derogatory as Caucasian may be "ang more" in the Hokkien dialect. It means literally "red-haired". 

Why was he not the typical Caucasian expatriate?  He thrives on "no" as you will see later.

He did lots of research including info on the internet.  He sure passed my test when he could tell me that the blue domed building at the Bukit Timah/Stevens Road junction was the latest Raffles Town Club (CLICK image below to see bigger picture of Raffles Town Club).

He arrived in Singapore and rented a Mercedes cab the next morning to visit all the 20 internet short-listed condos traversing River Valley Road, Mohd Sultan pub area and downtown Orchard Road umpteen times.  Only at one condo was the security tight and he was denied entry to see the grounds. 

The Mercedes taxi reached my office early. He had seen the real things and had corresponded with numerous internet realtors from Singapore.

We now had a recapitulation to know what he wanted to buy. The castle-like Hampton Court was impressive but it was not for sale.

I recommended him a beautiful condo by the Singapore River and had made an appointment with the Developer's marketing agent at 3.30 p.m. the day before. 

The Developer had a one-bedroom show flat but this was not the appropriate category.  

His marketing agent with whom I made a prior was not around.  When contacted by the show flat agent, she said I should have confirmed in the morning as many agents do not turn up.  She denied she had been contacted in the morning. 

The show flat agent said I was to contact her again as he did not want to interfere in her clientele.

He had 40 units and he could not be expected to show all 40 units to this expatriate.   Just take the brochure and come back after study.

He was not listening.  I had specified a 3 or 4-bedroom maisonette with the roof terrace and jacuzzi.  Any one would do.  

The Developer's head office manager was contacted.  He said the marketing agent was on leave. Yet the show flat agent denied that.

If we wanted to view a roof terrace, the show flat agent obliged.  It was a one-bedroom maisonette with a roof terrace.  No, he did not have any keys to show the 3-bedroom maisonette today. Would the Developer not anticipate that there might be prospective Buyers of the $4 million condos? 

He said there were 2 three-bedroom maisonettes with very big terraces.  This kindled the interest of the expatriate. This was his kind of condo.

But as the units were undergoing rectifying works and he did not know how to contact the contractors, a prospective buyer was turned away to the competitors. The units could have been locked up even if we wanted to see them.

How can the Developer sell the $4 million units when his employees kept saying "No, no, no" or were not available at appointments?

This was not the typical American expat.  He would not take "no" for an answer .  And there were so many "no"  this case.   We went up the lift to see the appropriate unit. It had the biggest roof terrace and a private jacuzzi bath.  There should be 4 steps up to the jacuzzi bath platform but the 3rd step was missing at the upper end.  It must be meant for the tall American as he climbed up easily while shorties had great difficulty. 

We made an appointment with the show flat agent for the next day and I suggested 10 a.m.   The agent said he started work at 9 a.m. and the expat said we would come at 9 a.m.  

"But this was breakfast time."  This was another "no.......".

The heat took its tool on the expatriate. He needed a beer.
The Grand Hyatt pub had no sign board but we managed to locate it.  While downing a most cooling Singapore beer, he showed me the 3 fingers pointing upwards when anybody said "no!"

"Read between the lines," he would tell the person.  I was perplexed.   Could this be the rude gesture of the irate Singapore road bully?  What does it mean? 

He flexed the forefinger and the 4th finger.  With only the middle finger up, I was reading between the lines. 

Times have changed.  The internet has changed the rules of competition.

New kids, like Parc Stevens, brand new, in white and condos around the Bukit Timah Road

flyover (top) are being sold in greater numbers.  The Equatorial (crane seen, top left) is a new one being marketed. There are a few hundred new condos near the Honolulu Tower area for sale.

Developer-employed realtors must also be on their toes even though they have a regular income as there is always a possibility of retrenchment.  They have to sell.

The competition is so stiff and the buyer is so fussy nowadays. 

The Developer may have to empower their show flat agent and to mould a team so that the show flat agent can be motivated to help the marketing agent to make money for the company.

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Mandarin Gardens has various units for rent.

Sea breezes, Mandarin Gardens, Singapore.
Mandarin Gardens near East Coast Park suits younger expatriates who like cycling and jogging by the beach
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