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The toy Fox Terrier had a blood-red belly

"The vet was too young (and therefore inexperienced)," Mr Wang said. "She prescribed an anti-flea mediation to be given to this dog at doses recommended for the bigger dog. And also this cream which was not effective."  

He had flown in from Taiwan to care for his five-year-old toy Fox Terrier which had intense itchiness in the lower part of his body. I seldom see "blood red" skin on the inguinal area of the dog. Usually the colour is less intense and more pinkish. Not only that, the skin was rough indicating that the inflammation had lasted a few weeks. The skin pores oozed out a wet liquid or it could be the saliva from the dog's continuous licking. The more the dog licked, the itchier the skin became and this caused the dog to lick more.   

"Some skin diseases are not so easy to cure with just one or two veterinary visits," I replied. Mr Wang had retired in Taiwan and had entrusted his dog to a pet-sitter. Eczema creams for hot spots had been applied without success. I did not ask further who had applied what cream as Mr Wang was greatly agitated. In any case, pet owners used various over-the-counter medication sold by over 140 pet shops and supermarket shelves in Singapore.  And also Chinese oily and smelly skin medicine as well. 

The treatment would last several weeks if not months before the first veterinarian gets consulted and then insulted for incompetence!  It happened to me and I am sure to all vets and therefore it was not something to get upset about.    

Mr Wang just could not import the dog into Taiwan as the Chief Veterinary Officer said that Singapore had nipah virus and therefore no dogs are allowed. 

"The government website with all its regulations on dog import was dated in 1999," Mr Wang said. "I phoned the Chief Vet and he said that the prohibition of dog imports still applies now." I asked him to persevere. It was three years ago and Singapore does not have nipah viruses in its pigs imported from overseas. Also, there are blood tests for nipah viruses in the dog if the Chief Vet could be persuaded to let the tests be done. 

"Would it be better if I give my dog to the Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals so that they can find a home for him?" Mr Wang asked as he did not want the dog to be confined in a cage in boarding kennels. The pet-sitter was the taxi-driver he met before flying back to Taiwan several months ago, but something happened in the apartment to cause such itchiness.

"No," I said. "The SPCA has around 10,000 abandoned pets a year and yours would probably be euthansed within seven days if there was no adoption as there was just insufficient kennels for so many pets."   

Mr Wang said in a stoic voice hiding tears, as grown up man do not cry, "I prefer that I get the dog euthansed and not at the SPCA."  He was over sixty years old and Singapore was not the place to do manufacturing business now. The salaries of Singaporean workers price them out of employment as the ones in Malaysia, Indonesia and China would be paid ten times less and with less bureaucracy and red tape. 

"I guess the vet would have recommended a head collar to prevent the dog from biting its skin," I asked Mr Wang. He nodded and said, "It is too uncomfortable and no, I would not permit it."

What more could a veterinarian recommend? It was the correct procedure but the owner was not adopting it. Therefore, the dog kept attacking its inguinal skin daily until it became too itchy and infected to be able to regrow normal cells to replace the inflamed ones.

I gave the dog the anti-inflammatory and antibiotics injection and told Mr Wang to come back in two week's time to review. With his personal and full-time attention, the dog would recover. In many cases of skin diseases which do not resolve instantly, the first vet gets the blame and if this vet has just graduated, the owner tends to associate him or her with inexperience and therefore incompetent. 

Veterinarians in private practice are not immune to the demand for prompt resolution of the problems of the pet owner.

In this case, the veterinarian is like any service provider. He or she must produce the results or the bottom line would be adversely affected. Eventually the clinic must close down as the Singaporean employees' pay, investment in equipment and rentals are very high in Singapore and revenue generated could not cover the operating costs.   

Singapore  5-year-old toy Fox Terrier inguinal area inflamed Singapore. 5-year-old Fox Terrier inguinal area inflamed

The Fox Terrier with an eye ulcer

The best Christmas present for the Pekinese


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