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Date:   11 August, 2010  
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs & rabbits
1999 - 2000 CASES
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
First written: 1 November, 2001
11 August, 2010 
Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
Equine preputial normally is not swollen. Singapore horse Star tortoise with egg being extracted,Singapore
Aug 8 02. The cherry-eyed spaniel going for a song?

Aug 7 02. Is money everything?

Aug 5 02. Star tortoise's skin peels off
Singapore pony with "colic" 3rd day Dog ear canal - lateral (outer side) wall resected away
Aug 4 02. The sleeping sickness pony loved the Chief Executive Officer Jul 24 02. Will the daughters put the stable hand to pasture? Jul 20 02. Is Image Everything?
Singapore stray kitten - kitten flu
Singapore stray kitten - kitten flu Singapore pugs with shoulder sores
Jul 19 02. Will cats be banned forever in the HDB flats? Jul 14 02. The stray kitten has a hoarse meow for days - fish bone in throat? Jul 10 02. The pug has sore shoulders again.
Singapore dog - recovering from anaesthetic Singapore cat. 2 hours after extraction. Tongue hanging out. Singapore hamster - swollen cheek pouch

Jul 4 02. Communication before extraction!

Jul 1 02. The cat loses its "meow." Jun 24 02. The hamster had an eating binge?
Cat flu in newly purchased kitten from a cattery, Singapore Singapore hamster discovers the joy of being able to drink easily Horse tranquilised with xylazine to get the penis to prolapse
Jun 19 02. The kitten sneezes, has a green runny nose and watery eyes. Jun 10 02. Was the hamster dying of old age? Jun 6 02. The horse is bleeding at the penis. 
Singapore cat scalded by oil when he ran into the kitchen Young castrated plump Jack Russell, Singapore Singapore. Tranquilised cat. Loose molar extracted easily.
Jun 3 02. The cat has a lateral line, just like a fish. May 24 02. You ought to slim your dog, the Groomer's wife said.

May 1 02. The cat had 7 lives after seeing a vet



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1999 - 2002 Veterinary Cases

Cross-bred, over 10 years old. Small tumour above nose.Case 10. Male, Cross-bred, 11 years old.   Tears flowed continuously from its right eye.  "Doc, why is he crying nowadays?" Mr Tan said. "He has food and water and plenty of exercise." And plenty of tender loving care for the past 11 years.   Follow up: Nose tumour

Case 9.   Deep ulcerative keratitis in the Pekinese. Eye ulcers treated within 24 hours of injury have a higher probability of success rate.  Much still depends on excellent nursing care.

Case 8.  Can a sterilised bitch be producing milk although she was not mated?  Pseudo-pregnancy in the bitch.

Case 7.  Sakura. A Japanese expatriate who was pregnant was worried about toxoplasmosis infection from this Bishan cat now in Hongkong in 1999. Blood was tested by the University and was negative for toxoplasmosis.

Case 6.  908311 Advices regarding imported puppies.

Case 5.  807013 Australian puppies dying in June 1998. Diarrhoea & coughing.  Advices to buyers, new veterinarians and pet dealers. Photos of real cases. 2-month old pup import now prohibited.

Case 4.  804171 Declawing, neutering, feeding dog food to cat, renting house to cat owners.

Case 3.  804211  Must we get rid of the cat if we have an asthmatic father?

Case 2.  804201 A retained testicle tends to become cancerous.  A similar situation is reported in human medicine too. Other medical conditions of the dogs. Photos.

Case 1.  803031 Who’s to blame? Sudden death of dog at a boarding kennel.
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Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
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