Date:   23 July, 2012  

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Skin disease cases seen in 1999  
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
First written: 29 Oct 1999
23 July, 2012  
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Skin diseases and vomiting are common complaints in imported dogs as well as local-bred dogs. It will be wise to seek veterinary advices before the condition deteriorates. 3 examples are illustrated below.

Westie, note different colour on back and sides of tail.  More brown than white.Long coated imported dogs or local bred ones do suffer from skin diseases.

Most Singapore pet owners do not like the idea of shaving off the beautiful long coat, but if there is widespread of skin infections, it is best to remove as much of the infected hairs as possible. Some dogs, like the Westie, just will not stand still for you to clipWestie clipped revealed lots of rashes and dried scabs. its coat. Discoloured areas of the white coat indicate some underlying skin infections.

The Westie was tranquilised. When clipped, you can see the whole body with widespread rashes and scabs.

Click on the thumbnail pictures to see the discoloured coat on the back, left and right sides of the tail and rashes all over the body when the Westie is clipped.

Clipping removes infected hair and you can bathe it and track your progress of the recovery.

If you find difficulty in clipping the coat, your veterinarian can tranquilise it and get it clipped.

For rabbits, it is more difficult to clip its coat. In the rabbit shown here, the problem was caused by Rabbit mange can be cured by one or two veterinary mites. Your veterinary surgeon will have an effective injection to kill the mites.

The rabbit's crusted skin will drop off from the face, ears and paws and recovery should be seen around 30 days after the veterinary injection.

Big sized very protective of its mistress Pekinese from the USA.  Bites others when healthy. Some dogs cannot miss its regular meal times as they will develop "gastric" problems like persistent vomiting as in this case in the early hours of the morning.

The cause of sudden onset vomiting associated with delay in meal or change of diet is not well documented. This family had another Pekinese, a black and white which was prone to developing lots of gastric gas resulting in vomiting if the diet formula is changed.

Westie's predisposed to malassezia dermatitits,hereditary craniomandibular osteopathy, toapayohvets, singaporeUPDATE IN 2012. Skin diseases are still the top 3 complaints in dogs in Singapore.
A Westie with skin diseases. Many causes, one of them is said to be yeast infections of the skin. Westie's inherited disease - craniomandibular osteopathy

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