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19 Aug 2002
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Houses near the Singapore American School

Ashwood Grove, Beechwood Grove, Cedarwood Grove, Pinewood Grove, Woodgrove Avenue, Oakwood Grove, Century Woods are houses near American School .  

No. of units: Over 200 houses near American School but over 90% have tenants. Generally 4-8 bedrooms for houses near American School. Private apartments will be the usual 2-4 bedrooms but not many are available.

This report deals mainly with houses near American School (landed property) with garden within 15-minute walk to the Singapore American School.

Living/dining - marble flooring. Some houses near American School have balconies in all rooms, some in master bedroom. Number of rooms vary from 4 - 8. 2 or 3-storey high ceiling houses near American School are characteristic of Woodlands' houses near American School, built apparently to cater to American families. Some have basement for storage.

Some have no maid's room outside the living area but just a study or guest room with or without attached bathroom inside the living area. Some have powder rooms, some don't.

Singapore garbage truck Facilities: Detached may have or may not have a swimming pool (above ground or inground), long driveway to park 2 or 3 cars. Terraces generally have a small car porch sufficient to park one car and a similar small plot of garden to the side. The estate is well maintained. The garbage truck comes at around 9 a.m daily.  


1. There is a greater demand for houses near American School. There are around 3,000 students in the Singapore American School. Assuming 2 children/family, it is estimated that there are 1,500 American families with children studying at the American School. Therefore, the supply of houses near American School within the vicinity of the American School will not be sufficient to meet the demands.

2. 2-15 minute walk to the American School. Cycling. Since the School has storage for the children's books, unlike most Singapore schools, there is no need for the student to carry a heavy school bag. They could cycle to school and the mother has no need to drive them and their heavy school bags to school.

The Singapore education authorities should adopt this system but unfortunately, there is some lack of leadership in this area and Singapore's mothers always worry that the heavy school bags may break their children's back or cause the spine to grow curved.

3. School buses to the American School if the parents want them.

4. Woodlands is a self-contained new town with supermarkets, shopping malls and all the amenities for the family.

5. The Marsiling subway is a 10-minute walk from the American School.


1. Construction and more construction of houses near American School. Every vacant piece of land is a potential housing project! Dust and noises inevitable if you live next to a construction site.

2. Burglars will be always around whenever there is an on-going construction project. Many families have foreign domestic workers. Crime rate not high.

3. Units facing the construction are not popular but still they are rented as American mums prefer the children to live near the school and the supply is so limited.

4. Astronomical air conditioning bills over $1,000 per month, if you want the whole house with high ceilings air conditioned 24 hours a day as this is a practice for many Americans. Many have quality wooden ornaments or paintings to be protected from the hot and humid climate. Best to get the Company to pay the bills during your negotiations.

Case study: What type of houses near American School do American families like?

A detached house.

Expatriate community, brand new, spacious living areas, many closets or wardrobe spaces, big store room, modern air-conditioning, big balconies, big gardens. A big patio to appreciate the sunset.

Of course, a big inground swimming pool. An above-ground pool is better than nothing if you have small kids.

Rent to be less than $10,000 since housing allowances have been slashed. Presently, detached houses near American School with pool in the Woodlands area, near the American School rent from $13,000 onwards. 


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Photo Ads
Ashwood Grove houses near American School are a 2-minute walk to the SAS, passing the Century Woods development to the entrance of the Singapore American School (SAS) in 1999.
Ashwood Grove houses near American School are seldom vacant. Very near SAS.
Singapore American School entrance, next to Century Woods house construction.
Entrance to the Singapore American School (SAS). On the left are the Century Woods houses near American School under construction in 1999 but fully occupied in 2002. 
Terrace houses near American School or townhouses near American School have very small parking lots and garden. Rent from $5,000 for some of these Woodgrove Avenue terraces. A corner Pinewood Grove terrace may ask $6,000.
 Woodgrove Ave terraces have smaller gardens & living areas.
A Woodgrove Avenue detached with a above-ground pool, driveway to park 3 cars. Garden not big.Woodgrove detached with small above-ground shallow pool, good for small kids only. Woodgrove Ave detached, no pool and small garden only asking rent of $11,500/month. Woodgrove Avenue detached without a pool asking for $11,500 rent as at August 26, 1999. 5 bedrooms plus a maid's room. 6200 sq ft of land and 4,800 sq ft built up area.

Woodgrove Avenue is a 5-10 minute walk. To the right of the photo, the road goes to the Ashwood Grove and Century Grove houses near American School.
Woodgrove detached with no pool, but has basement for storage/as a games room
Gigantic 3-storey Woodgrove Avenue detached with 6 bedrooms.
No pool but a big basement.

No maid's room outside the living area. There is a guest or computer room inside the house. The maid is best accommodated on 3rd level.
Beechwood Grove.
6 bedrooms plus a maid's room. Land area is 7,000 sq ft. Built up area 5,000 sq. ft. Around 5-minute walk to the SAS.
Beechwood detached with no pool asking $13,500 rent/month
Cedarwood semi-detached is around a 10-minute walk to the SAS. It has black granite marble flooring which may be too dark for the Caucasians. A narrow 6-10-foot wide side garden is common in the new houses near American School. 

Singapore houses near American School

Beechwood Grove houses near American School can be large. Roads do not have much traffic as the estate is isolated from the main roads.

Singapore houses near American School

Huge Woodgrove Avenue Bungalow

Singapore houses near American School

Large Beechwood Grove semi-detached houses near American School with small garden. Don't expect large gardens in big houses in this neighbourhood.  

Singapore houses near American School

Large Beechwood Grove semi-detached houses near American School with small gardens.

Singapore houses near American School

Tel: +65 9668 6468, 6254 3326, 6254 2728, 9668 6469, 
9760 6466.  email judy@asiahomes.com now!

Asia USA Realty (Singapore) asiahomes.com 
Pte Ltd.  Website:  asiahomes.com
House Agent's Licence No. AD041-07306B

Blk 1002, Toa Payoh Lor 8, #01-1477,
Singapore 319074, Republic of Singapore

Mobile Tel: +65 9668 6468, 9668 6469 
Tel: +65 6254 3326, 6254 2728
Fax: +65 6256 0501, 64545 843
Email: judy@asiahomes.com

Asia USA Realty 

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Thursday, Feb 24, 2000

American family 1.
Grown up boy to study in  the American School.  Huge house with pool in Indonesia of over 5000 sq. ft built in areas. Plenty of furniture. 

Big houses and condos over 3500sf.   Lots of furniture.

Friday, Feb 25, 2000

American family with pre-kindergarten 3-year-old.
Big houses near the American School.  Son will be in the kindergarten of the American School.

Review of houses near the  American School.

8.45 am Meet at The Carlton Hotel.  Then Far East Plaza Serviced Apartments. Tel: +65 9668 6468

Thursday, Feb 24, 2000

Meet at Far East Plaza Serviced Apartments. 

D11.  Balmoral Gardens,
5+1 4800sf $6,500. 
Upper maisonette walk up.
11B Balmoral Road.
8 units of maisonettes with assigned car park lot, security guard post and playground.   No pool, gym or other condo facilities. 

Upper maisonette or duplex is from level 3 and 4.  You will have to walk up, there being no elevator.

Plenty of storage spaces. 
Very big living/dining areas,
bedrooms and maid's room. 
Private terraces.  Storage rack
and clothes drying area.
Suits expats who have lots of
furniture. Not brand new. 

Unbelievable amount of space in an apartment 5-min bus ride to Orchard Road. 

D9.  Regency Park, 4+1 3647sf
$12,800.  Biggest unit.  Big balconies. 14th floor. Blk 9.
Very well renovated. 

Well renovated and knocked her socks off.

D11.  The Arcadia
4+1 3800sf  $10,000. 
Blk B, 3rd floor.
Renovated.  Big living/dining areas with big balcony facing green trees.  Big bedrooms, 2 on each side of the living area, with big balconies.  Expat enclave.
Tranquil as this unit is located
away from the PIE (Pan Island

Like this unit very much. Very impressed with spacious built in spaces, new bathrooms, kitchen, balconies and greenery.

D10.  Holland Grove View subdivision
Semi-detached 4+1+basement  3500/2800sf land $9,000.  Basement can accommodate pool table.

No doubt a very beautiful house.
Rooms too small.  Living and dining areas cannot accommodate furniture.

D10.  Moonbeam Terrace 4+1 2600/4200sf land  $7,000.

2600sq. ft of built-up space means rooms are too small.  Big garden.

D10.  Coronation Road West new semi-detached  3800sf built in, jacuzzi pool 4+1+1   $10,500.

Biggest of 12 units.  Separate dining area and family area on 2nd level. Bigger backyards. 

Rated very highly.  Husband will like the jacuzzi pool on wooden slatted deck and the study room next to the air well to smoke.  Needs a car.

Friday, Feb 25, 2000
9.30 am 
D25.  Woodgrove Ave bungalow, no pool 6+1 4000/6000sf land. $10,000.   3 levels.  3 bedrooms on level 2 and 2 on level 3.  Big guest room, maid's room and kitchen on level 1.   Available May 2000.

Woodgrove Ave detached with no pool.  $10,000

D25.  Pinewood Grove intermediate terrace 6+1  3863/1937sf land
$7,000.  Light brown marble tiled flooring.   On level 2, there is a very big family area as there is no central atrium or void unlike Cedarwood terrace below.   Light coloured kitchen cabinets and quality marble tiled bathrooms.

Pinewood terrace, marble-flooring living and dining area

Pinewood Grove terrace house with, modern bright kitchen.

A typical modern marble-tiled bathroom

D25.  Cedarwood Grove intermediate terrace
6+1  $6,500.  Photo shows level 2 with central atrium.  Small family area on right and behind (not seen in photo).  Black granite flooring.

Cedarwood Grove terrace with high ceiling but small family area.

D25. Woodgrove Ave intermediate terr. Big bedrooms.  Flooring is light brown marble tiles.  $7,500. 


D25.  Cedarwood Grove bungalow+pool, 8+1  $17,000.
Long driveway to the left.  Entry foyer goes to living room, then dining room, dry kitchen, wet kitchen cum utility area.  Central courtyard or open atrium bring natural light to all these areas.  Small pool at the back.

On 2nd level, big master bedroom with adjoining study or infant room, big family area and then 3 other rooms and a pantry.

On 3rd level, 4 bigger bedrooms.  
Cedarwood Grove biggest house 8+1+pool in Woodlands.

D25.  Woodgrove Ave corner terrace 6+1  3700/2700sf  $8,500.

D25.  Woodgrove Ave bungalow 5+1 6500/4800sf land. $10,000

Less than 2 year old detached with pool and basement

D11. Trevose Crescent detached + basement + pool $15,000.  

2 years old.

Extremely high demand but supply of newer detached with pool in District 11 is very low.
Modern 2-storey detached with pool near Orchard Road.

Trevose Crescent is a   5-min drive to Orchard Road and less than 15-minute drive to the major international schools.
For more Information on FREE house-hunting for expats relocating to Singapore, and to rent above houses, email Judy, tel: +65 9668 6468, 6254 2728, 6254 3326.

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